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What do we mean by radio?

Electromagnetic radiation with lower frequencies and longer wavelengths than those of microwaves, having frequencies lower than 300 megahertz and wavelengths longer than 1 meter. noun

The transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves within this range, especially when convertible to audible sounds. noun

A device, such as a walkie-talkie, that transmits or receives such signals. noun

The system or industry that broadcasts programs of audio content to the public or subscribers by means of radio waves. noun

Audio content, especially short programs or sets of songs, created for or distributed through such a system. noun

An electronic device for listening to radio programming, consisting of a tuner and speakers. noun

To transmit by radio. intransitive verb

To transmit a message to by radio. intransitive verb

To transmit messages or a message by radio. intransitive verb

The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves. noun

A device that can capture (receive) the signal sent over radio waves and render the modulated signal as sound. noun

A device that can transmit radio signals. noun

The continuous broadcasting of sound recordings via the Internet in the style of traditional radio. noun

To use two-way radio to transmit (a message) (to another radio or other radio operator). verb

To order or assist (to a location), using telecommunications. verb

The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves.

A device that can capture (receive) the signal sent over radio waves and render the modulated signal as sound.

On-board entertainment system in a car, usually including a radio receiver as well as the capability to play audio from recorded media.

A device that can transmit radio signals.

The continuous broadcasting of sound via the Internet in the style of traditional radio.

1) A form of wireless communications in which the output of the transmitter takes the form of dissipating electromagnetic radiation which spreads outward from the antenna through free space. The signal strength drops off as the square of the distance from the source of radiation. Distant radio receivers have to be very sensitive to detect signals that can measure only a few microvolts per meter in strength. 2) A communications device allowing the wireless transmission through space of audible signals encoded in electromagnetic waves in the approximate frequency range from 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz. 3) (maratime definition) An instrument that uses electromagnetic waves to communicate with other vessels. VHF radios are common for marine use, but are limited in range. HF-SSB (single sideband) radios have longer ranges. 4) an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals 5) Radio is a system for the distribution of advertisement, chiefly brand advertisement for package-goods, and advertisement for recorded music sold by BigCos. To describe radio as a system for the diffusion of news, or of music, or as a technology, would be not only inaccurate but actually misleading. Radio is a creature of the advertising business, as its child, TV. television 6) Transmit messages via radio waves, usally on a set wavelength, or frequency.  Urban Dictionary

1. A device that uses crystals and wire to pick up a signal sent through packs of waves through the air to produce sound 2.a box that plays shitty music  Urban Dictionary

1)See "payola". 2)Doesn't care about putting out great music anymore. Only cares about making money. 3)Deceives its listeners into believing that they play the most requested songs. In reality, radio plays "THE RIGHT PRICE" (i.e. the song that the record label paid them the most to play.) 4) See number 1. 5) See number 1 again and again!!  Urban Dictionary

A thing that old people listen to or a hobby that old people do when they're bored.  Urban Dictionary

There are many different types of radio receiving circuits: -Crystal (see above) -Regenerative -Tuned Radio Frequency (TRF) -Superheterodyne  Urban Dictionary

Term used in the Los Angeles County Jail to tell inmates to shut up so the Deputy can hear his police radio while walking on the row. Usually "radio" will be yelled by a shot caller in the module or a trustee. If the tier or row is too loud and the deputy gets pissed off, there is a high probability that the duputy will shut off the phones, search cells, or find other ways to cause suffering to the inmates.  Urban Dictionary

Another way of expressing how amazing something is.  Urban Dictionary

The act of performing anal sex with a girl, then putting the same unwashed penis in her mouth, and then making out with her...still unwashed.  Urban Dictionary

A completely ridiculous person, often incapable of thought  Urban Dictionary

Adj. A really ugly woman (comes from the term 'A face for radio').  Urban Dictionary

The word "radio" in example sentences

How to use radio in a sentence? Example sentences with the radio, a sentence example for radio, and how to make radio in sample sentence, how do I use the word radio in a sentence? How do you spell radio in a sentence?

While the White House can count on the Right’s vertically integrated media machine – from cable TV to talk radio, from newspapers and magazines to book publishing and the Internet – the opposition has mostly scattered voices on the Internet and in fledgling “progressive talk radio” to make its case.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

Why lah they must use the radio channel to boast which club they went to last night, how they dance lah, yadda yadda yadda bla bla bla. * turn off radio*   ❋ Unknown (2009)

A: The only thing a contract's worth in radio is how much they're going to pay you when they fire you.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

Payola in radio is illegal when a song is played due to a payment but that fact is not disclosed.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

I love the internet, but it's no more a book than a TV or the radio is a book (and weren't those supposed to replace books, too?).   ❋ Roger Sutton (2009)

Plus, the radio is another pound in the pack and, along with GPS and the locator beacon, one more electronic crutch that hunters can lean on to substitute for the sound legs of basic survival and navigational skills.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And there's no way that listening to a radio is as distracting as talking on a handheld cellphone.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Writing about these stations makes me think about how much more passive the act of listening to the radio is these days.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

A few months ago, I Googled an article on some blog about how my voice on the radio is the voice of a "neuter ... educated and acculturated out of ... any gender at all."   ❋ Unknown (2006)

You guessed it; even the radio is a source of eardrum-puncturing danger.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

And next to the radio is a copy of the two-book Meta Given's cookbook.   ❋ Unknown (2006)

Music on the radio is absoloutly evil, corrupt and rotten.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

I think he is uniquely qualified to engage in radio, which is ‘theatre of the mind.’   ❋ Unknown (2005)

The die-size for a radio is about 1/8th a Pentium.   ❋ Unknown (2003)

It has had a great revival in the United States in the last presidential election and, incidentally, the radio is an agency that strengthens democracy and at the same time tends to counteract what we call pressure politics.   ❋ Unknown (1936)

I have touched on the legitimate and the motion picture, and vaudeville, and the radio is the fourth point of amusement.   ❋ Unknown (1935)

In radio-active elements, such as uranium for example, the element is breaking down; in what we call radio-activity we have a manifestation of the spontaneous change of elements.   ❋ J. Arthur Thomson (1897)

SAKS works with community radio, but views itself as part of the network of popular radio, which he defines as radio in the struggle to transform society.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

There are many differant types of radio-frequency modulation, these include AM and FM. ❋ IrishRepublicanArmy (2003)

1. in electronics class we had to make a radio 2. that cd sounds just like the radio ❋ Norbert (2003)

The overwhelming majority of songs that you hear on today's commercial radio are played because the radio station got PAID to play those songs. ❋ United Against Payola (2006)

I like to listen to the radio 24/7 ❋ GageTheDictionaryGeek (2017)

Modern radios are superheterodyne. The superheterodyne circuit replaced the TRF and regenerative circuits by the 1930's, and crystal sets were nearly dead until solid state radio emerged. ❋ BlastMaster (2003)

"Hey baker row. Radio!! Deputy walking front to back!" ❋ Coocoo (2007)

dude, that strobe light is mad radio. or wow, this kid is wicked radio. ❋ Georgie Schezz. (2008)

Dude i gave erin a Radio last night, and i still cant get the taste out of my mouth. ❋ Jman247365 (2005)

My friend saw chris o'donnell at a basketball game. 'really, you saw radio?' ❋ Ryan (2005)

That one chick is pretty hot, but her friend is radio. ❋ Rendvermin (2006)

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