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Definitions of "radius"

  • noun
  • A line segment that joins the center of a circle with any point on its circumference. noun
  • A line segment that joins the center of a sphere with any point on its surface. noun
  • A line segment that joins the center of a regular polygon with any of its vertices. noun
  • The length of any such line segment. noun
  • A circular area measured by a given radius. noun
  • A bounded range of effective activity or influence. noun
  • A radial part or structure, such as a mechanically pivoted arm or the spoke of a wheel. noun
  • noun
  • A long, prismatic, slightly curved bone in humans, the shorter and thicker of the two forearm bones, located on the lateral side of the ulna. noun
  • A similar bone in many other vertebrates. noun
  • One of the principal longitudinal veins in an insect's wing, between the subcosta and the præmedia. It is vein III of Comstock's system. noun
  • In mathematics, one of a number of lines proceeding from a center; a ray; especially, a line drawn from the center to the periphery of a circle or sphere; also, the measure of the semidiameter. noun
  • In anatomy and zoology, the outer one of the two bones of the forearm, or corresponding part of the fore leg; the bone on the thumb side of the forearm, extending from the humerus to the carpus, and bearing upon its distal end the manus or hand: so called from its revolving, somewhat like a spoke, about the ulna, as in man and other mammals whose fore limb exhibits the motions called pronation and supination. noun
  • In ichthyology, a bone of the pectoral arch, wrongly identified by some naturalists with the radius of higher vertebrates. The one so called by Cuvier is the hypercoracoid, and that of Owen is the hypocoracoid. noun
  • In entomology, a vein of the wing of some insects, extending from the pterostigma to the tip of the wing. noun
  • In conchology, a genus of Ovulidæ. R. volra is the shuttle-shell or weaver-shell. noun
  • plural In ornithology, the barbs of the main shaft of a feather; the rays of the first order of the rachis. noun
  • In arachnology, one of the radiating lines of a geometrical spider's web, which are connected by a single spiral line. noun

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