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Definitions of "railroader"

  • One who works for a railroad company. noun
  • One who railroads people. noun
  • A person engaged in the management or operation of a railroad or railroads; one employed in or about the running of railroad-trains or the general business of a railroad. noun
  • an employee of a railroad noun

The word "railroader" in example sentences

Pop was also a railroader which may have had something to do with the TO's decision, I'll never know!. [A Little Bit of History]

Ironically, his father doesn't want him to be a railroader.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

Fortunately, as a model railroader, I had an answer.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Science Project Idea: Electro-Magnetic Propulsion]

It was a logical present given that I have always been a model railroader myself, though with smaller scale trains (HO and now N) and a different approach (for example, I fabricated my own track rather than buying it).. [Coyote Blog » 2009 » January]

I never expected him to be a model railroader, especially modeling US prototypes.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Coolest Stuff I Have Worked With In A While]

As a fellow model railroader I am into O guage and when my father passed away I inherited his collection.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » I Beat the Market]

"How the heck did you find my little boy on this big beach?" asked Alex's grandpa, a retired Illinois railroader.. [James Mulvaney: Surfing with Autism]

He had been a soldier, a railroader, a state archivist, a union organizer, founder of a homeless shelter and homeless himself.. [Utah Phillips, 1935-2008 | clusterflock]

Eric was a friend via my father, who was also a railroader.. [Philocrites: Eric Parkman Smith, Concord's Concordian.]

Explained to me by a person in the know, to belong to a railroader.. [grouse Diary Entry]

Thank you!!! dcr pc10 ntsc corvett klingon fbrl yoga studio and magazine organized living small aircraft with red carpet a40 canon driver powershot marburn how to replace a side mirror on a cheverolet astro van shutter speed polsucher canon eos 350d digital slr camera 18 55mm lens vehix model railroader magazine issue august 2005 issue astro man jimi hendrix la blue girl live action images. [Popularity in the 21st Century]

A rather vicious wife of a railroader, who would take her boyfriends up on top of the knob in her husband's van.. [grouse Diary Entry]

Today, still on the sunny side of 60, the plump blond woman with her cheery smile tells graphically the story of how her husband was killed, and how Wallace Saunders composed the original air and words that later swept the country for years as the epic ballad of the railroader.. [Casey Jones]

A fellow railroader, George W. Abel, grew fond of him and introduced him to his daughter, Alleta, whom the young man married in 1914.. [Left to Die]

As Michael opened a second-floor oak door, he said to me, in a voice intended to be heard by everybody, "I figured your father's talents as a model railroader might have translatable applications into our world here ...". [Microserfs]

J.P. thought about Jimmie Rodgers, a railroader from Meridian, Mississippi, who was the finest country guitarist of his time, and who had to quit railroading and make a living by singing when he contracted tuberculosis.. [Half of Paradise]

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Organic Traffics

Eric Trump is suggesting that a golf writer is fabricating anti-Trump stories. Can Model Railroader be far behind?


@thedoll48 LOL he looks like a model railroader I know on youtube! lmao


@coachbrose74 You have been a perfect piece in this puzzle to help this program move into the right direction!! We…


Come on out to DeKalb high school tomorrow night and support the Garrett railroader play DeKalb barons!!!! The theme is pink out


@RailroaderBall: We want you there Railroader Nation!!

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