Word RAM
Character 3
Hyphenation ram
Pronunciations /ɹæm/

Definitions and meanings of "Ram"

What do we mean by ram?

A male sheep. noun

Any of several devices used to drive, batter, or crush by forceful impact, especially. noun

A battering ram. noun

The weight that drops in a pile driver or steam hammer. noun

The plunger or piston of a force pump or hydraulic press. noun

A hydraulic ram. noun

A projection on the prow of a warship, used to batter or cut into enemy vessels. noun

A ship having such a projection. noun

To strike or drive against with a heavy impact; butt. transitive verb

To force or press into place. transitive verb

To cram; stuff. transitive verb

To force passage or acceptance of. transitive verb

The male of the sheep, Ovis aries, and other ovine quadrupeds; a tup. See cuts under Ovis and quadricornous. noun

Strong; as a prefix, very: used as a prefix in ramshackle, rambustious, etc.

Strong-scented; stinking: as, ram as a fox.

To strike with a ram; drive a ram or similar object against; batter: as, the two vessels tried to ram each other.

To force in; drive down or together: as, to ram down a cartridge; to ram a charge; to ram piles into the earth.

To fill or compact by pounding or driving.

A male sheep, typically uncastrated

A battering ram; a heavy object used for breaking through doors.

A warship intended to sink other ships by ramming them.

A piston powered by hydraulic pressure.

A weight which strikes a blow, in a ramming device such as a pile driver, a steam hammer, a stamp mill.

Beyond making love, having sex, and fucking. To have forcefull relations with someone, without much regard to their pleasure. When you fuck someone like you hate them, with the idea being to acheive your orgasm and leave them wanting more. Urban Dictionary

Yorkshire talk enit Yorkshire slang?? Yorkshire lingo?? (Yorkshire, England) something disgusting or gross or rank or vile Urban Dictionary

Ram originates from North East yorkshire, in a small town called Bridlington. The word is used to describe something that is Disgusting or Foul, or possibly ugly. Either way 'ram' is used negativly. Urban Dictionary

1. An animal, much like that of a sheep, but with curled horns 2. Another word for "screw" or "mate" or "fuck" 3. Word used to imply force Urban Dictionary

Term comes from professional basketball player Ramon Sessions, guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. A session (sesh) is when a bunch of buddies get together and smoke a bunch of weed, resulting in everybody getting really baked. Ram is just a synonym for sesh, just another way of saying it. Urban Dictionary

A slang term for making out. Used mostly by high school students. Urban Dictionary

Beyond making love, having sex, and fucking. To have forcefull relations with someone, without much concern for their pleasure. When you bang someone like you hate them, with the point being to acheive your orgasm and leave your partner wanting more. Urban Dictionary

A curse word commonly found among students at River City High School. It refers to the mascot of the hated Dixon High School. It is extremely offensive and replaces most curse words. Urban Dictionary

A mutual agreement made by two parties in which one party "flops" on the agreement. The other party is informed by another individual/group and not the party that was part of the agreement. Urban Dictionary

Big, fat, american cargo ship on wheels. Takes up most of the road. Does about 1/4 of a mile per gallon. Americans think that they are big so they must be built to break the land speed record. Urban Dictionary

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The word "ram" in example sentences

I bet FOX "news" and See Nearly Nothing don't use the phrase "ram it down our throats" to describe this measure. ❋ Karoli (2011)

She killed a huge, full-curl mountain ram a couple years back. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The sight of a Dall sheep ram is enough to haunt a hunter: It conjures visions of the long, grueling stalks ahead of you. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The ram is generally a conventional double acting cylinder for positioning purposes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Most do-it-yourself hunters operating on a limited budget, however, will agree that any legal ram is a trophy. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Say a 4 Socket Opteron server with 64GB/128GB of ram is pretty cheap now (under 10K). ❋ Unknown (2008)

My GOH liaison, the lovely Laura, came to the con with a cage of bats, which was pretty cool as well, and I met a couple of readers from Bulgaria who told me that in my Bulgarian editions, "battering ram" is translated with the word for a male sheep. ❋ Grrm (2007)

My database will soon pass 100GB and no doubt 500GB by the end of next year … I need to keep as much of it in ram as possible and also spread it out over other machines. ❋ Unknown (2006)

That is because the main ram and video ram are linked together so it can be allocated to whatever needs it more. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Heck … not even the system ram is perhaps correct. ❋ Unknown (2006)

A gigantic ram is also to be constructed; and, lastly above two millions and a half of money are to be expended on a fleet of ordinary iron ships. ❋ Unknown (1862)

This server does serve 10’s of millions of image requestsdirectly, but most of those images are in ram so its not much of a load. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Google stores stuff in ram, but the problem is you can’t store a database in ram. ❋ Unknown (2006)

When I used this word with a neighbor who was looking to buy one of my lambs, he corrected me and explained that a female sheep is a "borrega", just as a ram is a "borrego". ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'd make [love to] [my wife], have sex with my girlfriend, fuck my misstress, but I'd [ram that] chick over there. ❋ Helljin (2005)

'dude I just ate a mushed strawberry off the floor' 'what the hell man that's ram' 'have u seen how much makeup that [slag's] gotten on' 'I know it's ram' 'this tuna and [Nutella sandwich] is [ram it's] killing my tastebuds' ❋ Htmlpineapple (2014)

Oh my god, [Kelly] that is [Ram], I can't believe you [farted]. He is Ram Your Ram ❋ TWIIIIIICE (2005)

1. "Holy Shit, dude, did you just hit a fuckin ram??!?!?!" 2. eeewww. [Kasun] rammed Jack 3. My foot wouldn't fit up Mr Hayes' [tight arse] so i had to [ram it] in with full force. ❋ Caesar Pavlivs "Big O" Xabbunius (2004)

"Hey man, you wanna ram [after school]?" "Just finished my [calculus] exam, [and boy] do i ever need to ram hard" ❋ GuitarHero2 (2009)

[Yeah], man. We [rammed] [hard core]. ❋ Rammaster (2011)

I'd [make love] to my wife, have sex with my girlfriend, fuck my misstress, but I'd [ram that] broad [over yonder]. ❋ Helljin (2005)

[This is] so ram [stupid] ❋ Nickjonaszgurl (2010)

A: Your comign to [Amy's] Party? R: Yes most definitely wouldnt miss it for the world [2 days] later A: I heard your [flopping] on the party R: Yeah i have some work to do A: You just pulled a ram ❋ Ramgumar123 (2010)

'If that [big fat] [4x4] isn't built for [sheer] speed, I aint an American.' ❋ Snack88 (2005)

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