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Rare Rare, a particular temperature of meat Something infrequent or scarce, see Scarcity.Rare species, a conservation category in biology designating the scarcity of an organism and implying a threat to its viabilityRare or RARE may also refer to:.

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Definitions of "rare"

  • Infrequently occurring; uncommon: a rare event; a plant that is rare in this region. adjective
  • Excellent; extraordinary: a rare sense of honor. adjective
  • Thin in density: rarefied: rare air. adjective
  • Cooked just a short time so as to retain juice and redness: a rare steak. adjective
  • Cooked very lightly, so the meat is still red (in the case of steak or beef in the general sense). adjective
  • Very uncommon; scarce. adjective
  • thin; of low density adjective
  • To rear, rise up, start backwards. verb
  • To rear, bring up, raise. verb
  • Early. adjective
  • Nearly raw; partially cooked; not thoroughly cooked; underdone. adjective
  • Not frequent; seldom met with or occurring; unusual. adjective
  • Of an uncommon nature; unusually excellent; valuable to a degree seldom found. adjective
  • Thinly scattered; dispersed. adjective
  • Characterized by wide separation of parts; of loose texture; not thick or dense; thin. adjective
  • Thin; porous; not dense; of slight consistence; rarefied; having relatively little matter in a given volume: as, a rare substance; the rare atmosphere of high mountains.
  • Thinly scattered; coming or occurring at wide intervals; sparse; dispersed.
  • Very uncommon or infrequent; seldom occurring or to be found; hardly ever met with.
  • Hence Remarkable from uncommonness; especially, uncommonly good, excellent, valuable, fine, or the like; of an excellence seldom met with.

The word "rare" in example sentences

It's not that those rare new classics or rare new breakthrough works can't happen, it's that they are _rare_.. [Downhill Fast]

"Well," announced he, as he put down the box and pulled his adikey over his head, "I were seein 'Santa Claus th' day an 'givin' he a rare scoldin 'for passin' my maid by these two year -- a _rare_ scoldin '-- an'. [Ungava Bob A Winter's Tale]

In his own thoroughly strange 1946 novel Life Comes to Seathorpe, Neil Bell appropriates the term "rare books" to designate members of a new, dissident literary canon.. [The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction]

But many people are puzzled by the term "rare earth.". [Rare Earth Elements Becoming Hot Commodity]

If you think about it, even the term rare coins connotes scarcity, which is an important attribute of all successful products, whether they be collectibles or everyday consumer items.. [Creating Wealth]

NOTE TO EDITORS: Scientists use the term rare-earth elements to describe 17 elements, including: scandium and yttrium, plus the 15 so-called lanthanides.. [EurekAlert! - Breaking News]

Today, rare earths are a global story-and a global investment opportunity-even if the term rare earth is somewhat misleading.. [Company Poised to Cash In on Global Demand for Metals - CNBC]

Mexico's government says the program was aimed at raising public awareness of what it calls a rare success in Mexico, creating an honest police force.. [Mexican Ministry Paid for Cop Show]

When the Songwriters Hall of Fame honored Taylor Swift in June, her colleague John Mayer presented the award, comparing the 20-year-old country-pop starlet (and himself, incidentally) to a "black swan" which he defined as a rare species which both writes and performs hit songs.. [A Pop Follow-Up; Back to the Wall]

The government says it will not tolerate what it terms rare cases of illegal production and exports.. [CNN Transcript Aug 15, 2007]

HALPERIN: No. Glenn, you and I are in what we call rare agreement.. [CNN Transcript Oct 25, 2006]

He specividally stated that suggested or hypnotic orgasms are well nigh impossible as there may be what he refers to as rare individuals who can achieve orgasm through fantasy alone that they are significantly very rare and that the only folks who will achieve orgasm via hypnosis are of that type so the hypnotic orgasm is unlikely.. [Hypnotic Orgasms]

Although only two weeks have passed since she came to us, she has almost filled her room with specimens of what she calls rare plants.. [The Eagle Cliff]

"That's what I call a rare turn-out," said Baby, who enjoyed the proceeding amazingly.. [Charles O'Malley — Volume 2]

I tease him about using the word 'rare' and 'unusual' in all his plant descriptions, but in most cases it's apposite.. [Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

"This is the nucleus of what we call our rare-books collection," Eldred said.. [Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local]

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TurkishRare English to Turkish Translate
(s.) nadir, az bulunur, nadide değerli; yoğun olmayan (hava). rareearth metal nadir toprak elementi. rarely (z.) nadiren, seyrek olarak. rareness (i.) nadirlik.(s.) nadir, az bulunur, nadide değerli; yoğun olmayan (hava). rareearth metal nadir toprak elementi. rarely (z.) nadiren, seyrek olarak. rareness (i.) nadirlik.

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