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Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents. Species of rats are found throughout the order Rodentia, but stereotypical rats are found in the genus Rattus. Other rat genera include Neotoma (pack rats), Bandicota (bandicoot rats) and Dipodomys (kangaroo rats). Rats are typically distinguished from mice by their size. Generally, when someone discovers a large muroid rodent, its common name includes the term rat, while if it is smaller, its name includes the term mouse. The common terms rat and mouse are not taxonomically specific. In other words, rat is not a scientific term; if it were, all rats would belong to the genus Rattus..

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Definitions of "rats"

  • Plural form of rat. noun
  • Expression of annoyance; damn, darn. interjection
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rat. verb

The word "rats" in example sentences

The reason assigned for invoking the rats on these occasions was that rats’ teeth were the strongest known to the natives.. [Chapter 3. Sympathetic Magic. § 3. Contagious Magic]

Development of type 2 diabetes following intrauterine growth retardation in rats is associated with progressive epigenetic silencing of Pdx1.. [Recent Neonatal Research Publications]

The neonatal stage of development in rats is comparable to the latter stages of pregnancy for humans, Patisaul says.. [New Study Shows Compounds From Soy Affect Brain and Reproductive Development « Isegoria]

The word rats immediately formed in her mind, and she retreated up several stairs.. [The Blackstone Key]

Perhaps it subliminally evoked the split-second use of the word rats in a GOP television spot.. [The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time]

In a defiant message broadcast on Thursday, Gaddafi said he was still in Libya to lead the fight against what he called "rats" and "stray dogs" who had taken over the capital.. [Reuters: Top News]

In a defiant message broadcast on Thursday, though, he said he was still in Libya to lead the fight against what he called "rats" and "stray dogs" who had taken over the capital.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

Studies of depression in rats show that the 5HT1A receptor is involved in supplying neurons with the fuel they need to fire, as well as preventing them from breaking down.. [Boing Boing]

Bob had learned that another Harvard researcher, Shields Warren, had generated an adrenal tumor (pheochromocytoma) in rats that only made norepinephrine.. [Martin Chalfie - Autobiography]

For example, while one may show sperm count of the rats is down, prostate weight is up, testis weight is up, and male fertility is unaffected, another study shows just the opposite on all counts.. [Jon Entine: With the European Union and a Slew of New Studies Reaffirming the Safety of BPA, At What Point Will the Science Prevail?]

Whitey's Rolling on the River was infested with rats from the river.. [West Aurora School District 129 Scores Slip for 2009]

It's pretty uncommon in rats, because of their size.. [The mysteries of rabies Boing Boing]

On the program, rebels are often accused of pillaging towns and raping women while rebels and opposition figures are described as "rats" that must be "exterminated"—terms invoked by Col.. [Gadhafi Gets the Word Out]

"High-fructose corn syrup causes characteristics of obesity in rats: Increased body weight, body fat and triglyceride levels", published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, doi: 10.1016/j. pbb.2010.02.012:. [Archive 2010-03-01]

It's been successfully tested in rats and ultimately she hopes that the method can be used in humans.. [Hina Chaudhry: Interesting Science from a Lab-Worn Doctor-Lady]

A new drug-free therapy wipes away fearful memories in rats and humans.. [Tew's Day!]

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