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Definitions of "ray"

  • noun
  • A narrow stream of radiant energy, especially visible light, traveling in a straight or nearly straight line. noun
  • A narrow stream of particles such as protons traveling in a straight or nearly straight line. noun
  • A rapidly moving particle traveling in a straight or nearly straight line. noun
  • Sunshine. noun
  • A small amount; a trace. noun
  • A straight line extending from a point. noun
  • A structure or part having the form of a straight line extending from a point, such as. noun
  • Any of the bright streaks that are seen radiating from some craters on the moon. noun
  • A ray flower or the strap-shaped portion of the corolla of a ray flower. noun
  • A branch of an umbel. noun
  • One of the bony spines supporting the membrane of a fish's fin. noun
  • One of the arms of a starfish or other radiate animal. noun
  • To send out as rays; emit. transitive verb
  • To supply with rays or radiating lines. transitive verb
  • To cast rays on; irradiate. transitive verb
  • Any of various cartilaginous fishes of the superorder Batoidea, having ventral gill slits, enlarged pelvic fins that are fused to the sides of the head, and a flattened body, and including the stingrays, skates, and guitarfishes. noun
  • Any of various members of this superorder having a whiplike tail usually with a stinging spine, such as a stingray, considered in contrast to a guitarfish, sawfish, or skate. noun
  • To mark with long lines; form rays of or in.

The word "ray" in example sentences

"The term ray is a misnomer, as cosmic particles arrive individually, not in the form of a ray or beam of particles.". [Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz]

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Enlarge+The technologist will ask why the x-ray is being performed and explain the procedure to both you and your child.. [General Radiography (X-ray)]

The patient may be discharged with observation at home if asymptomatic throughout and X-ray is negative.. [Hydrocarbon Ingestion]

Not had much use for it with friends round, blu-ray is still too expensive for barely noticeable quality and the controllers feel uncomfortable.. [So, PS3 Slim Is Officially Here...]

The Blu-ray is beautiful with the film in widescreen (2.35: 1) and in 5.1 DTS-HD and in original mono.. [THE MEL BROOKS COLLECTION Blu-ray Review – Collider.com]

In most cases, an X-ray is needed to determine the location of the object.. [Foreign Objects]

The Blu-ray is gorgeous though, in widescreen (1.78: 1) and in DTS 5.1 HD, along with the original Dolby surround.. [THE MEL BROOKS COLLECTION Blu-ray Review – Collider.com]

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A neck X-ray is done to make sure that your baby does not have other problems below the voice box (in the subglottis, trachea or chest).. [Laryngomalacia]

When the condensed ray is reflected downward by the building's space-age windows, the result is the laser-like beam that has made the Vdara pool the hottest spot in town.. [Inder Sidhu: Profiles in Doing Both: When Hot Isn't Cool in Las Vegas]

And unlike DVDs, where sometime, a change in the DVD resulted in being out of luck, firmware upgrades for blu-ray is easy and painless.. [Avatar Blu-Ray DVD Sets Record, Annoys Users » DVDs Worth Watching]

Part of the blame for the "death ray" is the building's unusual design -- the concave, southern wall, in particular.. [Inder Sidhu: Profiles in Doing Both: When Hot Isn't Cool in Las Vegas]

To Be or Not to Be on Blu-ray is widescreen (1.85: 1) with both DTS-HD 5.1 and the original 2.0 stereo audio.. [THE MEL BROOKS COLLECTION Blu-ray Review – Collider.com]

The Blu-ray is in widescreen (2.35: 1) and in 5.1 Dolby Digital TrueHD.. [BOOGIE NIGHTS and MAGNOLIA Blu-ray Reviews – Collider.com]

Exclusive to Blu-ray is Loren's look at the real-life Cinecitta Studios.. [New on DVD: 'Nine,' 'Tooth Fairy,' Tetro,' 'Rock 'N' Roll']

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