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Definitions of "rays"

  • Plural form of ray. noun

The word "rays" in example sentences

A white-uniformed attendant offered champagne, and Teddy's companion, Sandra Seligman of Detroit, reached for a fluted glass as she schmoozed with passersby and soaked in rays from the subtropical sun.. [September 2006]

On the other hand, if the direction of the rays is the same as that of the field, then the intensity of those components which lie on the side towards the longer wavelengths increases.. [Johannes Stark - Nobel Lecture]

An excellent instrument for the investigation of the nature of the rays is the Wilson chamber, which consists of a closed vessel filled with supersaturated steam.. [Nobel Prize in Physics 1936 - Presentation Speech]

'We're in a market that is hungry for what I call rays of sunshine or glimmers of hopes on company fundamentals and economics,' said Fred Dickson, market strategist and director of retail research at D.A. Davidson&Co in Lake Oswego, Oregon.. [FinanzNachrichten.de: Aktuelle Nachrichten]

"We're in a market that is hungry for what I call rays of sunshine or glimmers of hopes on company fundamentals and economics," said Fred Dickson, market strategist and director of retail research at D.A. Davidson & Co in Lake Oswego, Oregon.. [Top Stories - Google News]

I love how the Voodoo Vampress has bionic tranformation powers, and fang rays from the “War of the Worlds” Martian machines.. [The Super Friends in Voodoo Vampire - The Retroist]

The ultra-violet rays, and other high-velocity and invisible rays from the upper end of the spectrum, rip and tear through their tissues, just as the X-ray ripped and tore through the tissues of so many experimenters before they learned the danger.. [Chapter 32]

Gone are the arguments that a "base" tan stops you from burning, or that exposure to UVA/UVB rays is good for your health.. [Verena von Pfetten: Tan Is The New Tacky]

Your child will not feel the x-rays from the CT scan, but sometimes holding still for a long time can be uncomfortable.. [Computed Tomography (CT)]

I moved through wind-swept groves of limber backs,; across sunny glades, lighted by the beaming rays from a thousand obsequious eyes; and when I tired of this, basked on the greensward of popular approval.. [The Dignity of Dollars]

It had fish-like scales, as well as fish-like fin rays and jaw and mouth elements, but it had a shortened skull roof and mobile neck to catch prey, an ear that could hear in both land and water, and a wrist joint that is like those seen in land animals.. [Too much to post, not enough time]

An eruption of cosmic energy rays from the black hole would occur in 1992, helping to create sun spots and bring increasingly hotter temperatures to Earth.. [Maya Doomsday]

Even if it were a fully electric (via fusion, fission, wave power, solar rays from the Kuiper Belt, whatever), there would be a high demand for various elements to build components.. [Planet-x.com.au » Video Game Discussion: The World of Fallout, part 2 | LightWP]

The Texan takes a sip of his agua fresca and moves a little under his palapa to avoid the breathless rays from the flaming beast above.. [Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche]

Vitamin D is different from other vitamins because though the body stores it, it needs ultraviolet B rays from the sun to activate it, says James Dowd, professor of medicine at Michigan State University and author of The Vitamin D Cure.. [Lack of vitamin D rampant in infants, teens]

Undiluted, guilty pleasure of the vintage pulp adventure ... full of dark (somber and even macabre) tones, bathed in rays of soaring, brittle light - a heady brew, an experience not unlike a pint of complex English stout (paired with an aged cheese), enjoyed on the stepstones of a looming cathedral, not far away from an ancient cemetery, watching the purple haze and glorious golden-lined clouds of a dying sunset.. [Rare Pulp Science Fiction, Issue 3]

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