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  • Present participle of re-encode. verb

The word "re-encoding" in example sentences

That's why, with so much encoding and decoding and re-encoding going on, the challenge of communication across many cultural time zones is downright monumental.. [Brian D. McLaren: Will 'Love Wins' Win? We're Early In The First Inning ...]

Mpeg-VCR is awesome for clipping out commercials or what-not because you can customize a clip without re-encoding.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Movie Editing Software Recommendation]

I tried re-encoding one of your MP3 files as 8 kbps mono AAC using iTunes and I got a pretty decent quality at 1/4th the size.. [mp3's and lectures, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

How did you get the xbox to run at 720p, from all I have read, the xbox is not able to show 720p, are you re-encoding?. [XBMC Installer Deluxe Makes The Most Of Your Modded Xbox | Lifehacker Australia]

The online video destination will make the update live this week, with YouTube working on re-encoding the current set of 720p HD videos to the new format.. [Shelly Palmer: YouTube's HD Gets Better : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer November 16, 2009]

I'd ask the people responsible for the file to consider re-encoding it in a more sane format - if they're worried about MP3's legality (patents&c) there's always the Ogg Vorbis format.. [Balkinization]

So I decided to revisit my problem of re-encoding the videos in a format that the DVD player can handle.. [DivX Converter « Become A Robot]

On one humiliating occasion I broke an indecipherable, made a mistake in re-encoding and sent Duke Street an indecipherable of my own.. [between silk and cyanide]

To take the AC3 core of a TrueHD second audio stream from the second title of a Blu-ray disc you've already ripped to your hard drive without re-encoding or downmixing:. [Doom9's Forum]

There doesn't seem to be a way to merge the two without re-encoding, or a way to switch around the channels, or even to keep the integrity of the DTS in tact when ripping a channel.. [Doom9's Forum]

Doom9's Forum, THE in-place to be for everyone interested in DVD conversion. how to split/convert mkv file without re-encoding. [Doom9's Forum]

The MPEG Optimizer analyzes the bit rates of all clips on the Timeline and suggests MPEG encoding settings that ensure the least re-rendering and re-encoding while maintaining the highest quality for a video project.. []

· Supports speedy re-encoding using the Elgato Turbo. 264.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

When a video receives X amount of requests, it gets flagged for re-encoding.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Digg]

Since I'm merely adding subtitles with no re-encoding, I would've have thought the the audio/video would be in sync.. [ Forum]

This technology is capable of accurately detecting video content with that was created with such editing operations as analog capturing (* 3), re-encoding (* 4) and caption overlay. [Latest News - Yahoo!7 News]

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@DJSnM @robertoblake @CaseyNeistat @YouTube I use FFMPEG for all media re-encoding. It's best.


@djauspex If you’re handy with the command-line, youtube-dl ( ) is honest and open source— it…


@worrydream: @stephtwang @ctbeiser @nwilliams030 at least, hutchins is claiming that the cognitive evolution of culture proceeds in this…


@stephtwang @ctbeiser @nwilliams030 at least, hutchins is claiming that the cognitive evolution of culture proceeds…


Re-encoding .MOV Apple stops selling massive…

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