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Hyphenation read
Pronunciations /ɹiːd/

Definitions and meanings of "Read"

What do we mean by read?

To examine and grasp the meaning of (written or printed characters, words, or sentences). intransitive verb

To utter or render aloud (written or printed material). intransitive verb

To have the ability to examine and grasp the meaning of (written or printed material in a given language or notation). intransitive verb

To examine and grasp the meaning of (language in a form other than written or printed characters, words, or sentences). intransitive verb

To examine and grasp the meaning of (a graphic representation). intransitive verb

To discern and interpret the nature or significance of through close examination or sensitive observation. intransitive verb

To discern or anticipate through examination or observation; descry. intransitive verb

To determine the intent or mood of. intransitive verb

To attribute a certain interpretation or meaning to. intransitive verb

To consider (something written or printed) as having a particular meaning or significance. intransitive verb

To foretell or predict (the future). intransitive verb

To receive or comprehend (a radio message, for example). intransitive verb

To study or make a study of. intransitive verb

To learn or get knowledge of from something written or printed. intransitive verb

To proofread. intransitive verb

To have or use as a preferred reading in a particular passage. intransitive verb

To indicate, register, or show. intransitive verb

A reading or an act of reading, especially an actor's part of a play.

(in combination) Something to be read; a written work.

A person's interpretation or impression of something.

An instance of reading.

An attack on one's credibility Urban Dictionary

When someone does not get a text back, most commonly from a girl or boy the person likes. Urban Dictionary

In competitive Smash Bros and possibly other fighting games, a read is a term used to describe when a player predicts their opponents actions and takes advantage of them - usually leading to a KO Urban Dictionary

What you are probably doing right now. Urban Dictionary

Read (v.) to translate written text into meaningful ideas within one's own mind. People usually read to gain knowledge or to awaken their imagination. Sadly, the act of reading seems to have been "bred out" of the human race. People these days would much rather desensetize themselves with stupid rap noise and violent, pornographic, and otherwise unintelligent forms of media. If you are in junior high and find it hard to read, do yourself a favor and get help. No offense! Reading is a great and powerful thing, and only by fully taking advantage of it can one open his or her mind to the possibilities of his or her own future. Urban Dictionary

Something that people don't do enough of these days Urban Dictionary

To tell someone you are reading is the code for wanking. this is appropriate as no one really reads anymore, so it's unlikely to get mistaken. Urban Dictionary

When you find a cha ray and she hooks up with you and sucks the dick Urban Dictionary

One that ruins a joke, repeats a joke continual times Urban Dictionary

An instance in which 2 people read (drag, roast, insult) each other for filth. Urban Dictionary

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The word "read" in example sentences

 Larry later read& line-edited all the novels; we heard read aloud every chap. 1 at semester's end. ❋ Unknown (2010) his username phonectically and then read his comment... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Folks…I just read this on it if you want to feel better and a tad more hopeful about the press and holding GW to account. ❋ Unknown (2007)

As a middle school teacher actively *trying* to get kids out there to read science fiction and fantasy heck, getting kids to *read*, period! ❋ Unknown (2007)

He was indeed a prodigious Scholar; he had learn'd the_ Alcoran, _and was well initiated into Human Learning before he was Ten years old; then he studied Logick and Arithmetick, and read over Euclid without any help, only his Master show'd him how to demonstrate the first five or six Propositions; Then he read_ Ptolemy's Almagest, ❋ Ibn Tufail (N/A)

In short, I hope the reader who is now looking at this preface will carefully read every word in the following pages; and not only _read_, but _remember_, the lessons there taught, and thereby become wiser and better. ❋ Various (N/A)

If you wanted to educate a child, would you teach him to read one play of Shakespeare, or would you teach him to _read_? ❋ Walter Lippmann (1931)

I was also forbidden to read the only one of Ouida's books which I wished to read— "Under Two Flags." ❋ Unknown (1913)

Now, at this very moment a child's voice from the neighbouring house began repeating in a kind of chant: "_Take and read, take and read_." ❋ Louis Bertrand (1903)

For the text which refers to the man 'who has read the Veda' enjoins works on him who has merely _read_ the texts, and _reading_ there means nothing more than the apprehension of the aggregate of syllables called ❋ George Thibaut (1881)

VI. should be read in all parish churches, with the Lessons: _if the curates are able to read_: if not, then by any qualified parishioner. ❋ Andrew Lang (1878)

To effect this, it was necessary that I should write a book which should be universally read -- not merely by the highly educated portion of the community, for they are able to judge for themselves; but _read by every tradesman and mechanic_; pored over even by milliners 'girls, and boys behind the counter, and thumbed to pieces in every petty circulating library. ❋ Frederick Marryat (1820)

We have heard it so insisted on, no such long while past, by members of the most learned institutions, at the same moment that they expressed more than a doubt of the prudence of enabling the common people to read, literally to _read_, the Bible. ❋ John Foster (1806)

When I am very ill indeed, I can read Scott's novels, and they are almost the only books I can then _read_. ❋ Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1803)

The latter, while in the family of a royal Duke, had learned that it was proper to read prayers, already made, and printed to their hands; but Simon said, he should make but few converts if he _read_ his prayers. ❋ Benjamin Waterhouse (1800)

Previously #read returned 1 if a node was read, 0 if a node was not read and -1 for an error. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you read this project add * read* to your comment. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It’s a good read my favorite line item - communications with sea more ❋ Unknown (2009)

As in the case where a doctor tried to testify to the contents of an article he’d read, the objection “hearsay” was made, and the doctor angrily sputtered, “It’s NOT hearsay — I *read* it!” ❋ Unknown (2009)

✒A final note on the Sonys – the excitement of the winners on hearing their name read out was nothing compared with their relief when they opened their goodie bag to discover it didn't contain a PlayStation 3. ❋ Unknown (2011)

[Ooh], that was [a read]! ❋ Robert Dean (2005)

[Boy]* hey can we [meetup] [sometime]? Girl he likes* "read 2:30pm" ❋ Purewaterdrinking (2019)

*[Player 2] - *rolls around the stage* Player 1: *forward smashes [player 2] in the opposite direction and [KO's] Player 2 "That read made every English teacher in America happy." ❋ Ill2-l (2015)

[I want] to read [something].... ❋ ‮ekil Skool Ti Tahw T'nsi SihT (2022)

[Ranting] is fun. [Go read a book]. No, your porno [magazing] doesn't count. ❋ BLARG Man (2004)

By the [age] of 3 I could read([no kidding]) ❋ Holmesgurl (2003)

([msn]) dude1: hey man, what's up? dude2: [fuck off] i'm reading! dude1: [awh] dude! ❋ George_midd (2008)

I [got] the read from [linnea] [last night] ❋ Chris Uhlig (2006)

"A [curtis] read" ❋ Johnathan Nicolichuk (2004)

[girlll], wanna do [a read] for read? i'll read you to [filth]. ❋ Verymuchgivingdictionary (2020)

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