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Definitions of "reader"

  • A person who reads, especially. noun
  • A person who regularly reads certain material. noun
  • noun
  • A person employed by a publisher to read and evaluate manuscripts. noun
  • One who corrects printers' proofs; a proofreader. noun
  • A teaching assistant who reads and grades examination papers. noun
  • A university teacher, especially one ranking next below a professor. noun
  • noun
  • A textbook of reading exercises. noun
  • An anthology, especially a literary anthology. noun
  • Any of various devices that read or retrieve data from a storage device or credit card. noun
  • noun
  • One who counsels; a counselor; an adviser. noun
  • One who interprets; one who acquires knowledge from observation or impression; an interpreter: as, a reader of weather-signs or of probabilities. See mind-reader. noun
  • One who reads; a person who peruses, studies, or utters aloud that which is written or printed. noun
  • Specifically— One who reads for examination or criticism; an examiner of that which is offered or proposed for publication: as, an editorial or a publisher's reader. noun
  • One who is employed to read for correction for the press; a proof-reader. noun
  • One who recites before an audience anything written: as, an elocutionary reader. Particularly noun
  • One whose office it is to read before an audience; an officer appointed to read for a particular purpose; a lector; a lecturer. noun

The word "reader" in example sentences

Mophie, a renowned retailer of Apple iPhone and iPod accessories, will be revealing their new iPhone credit card reader, dubbed the "Credit Card reader&# .... [Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now]

Mophie, a renowned retailer of Apple iPhone and iPod accessories, will be revealing their new iPhone credit card reader, dubbed the "Credit Card reader&# .... [Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now]

In the last few months I have become quite the label reader when it comes to my three dog's nutrition.. [Epinions Recent Content for Home]

No matter what you do, the reader is going to bring their own experiences, perceptions, emotions and beliefs to your story — I often say the reader is a co-creator of the story, they finish the story and complete the circuit by reading it.. [Fiction as Dark Alchemy «]

I rarely look at the Zuda comics, and the reader is the chief reason why.. [What Is Zuda Looking For? » Comics Worth Reading]

What I find absorbing and rewarding as a reader is the perturbation of a status quo that a crisis, such as a crime, creates.. [Reading]

Ideally, the reader is asked to scrutinze his/her assumptions and to conclude that perhaps the innovative device or practice might make its own kind of sense as a variation on established devices and practices.. [November 2009]

What you will find as a reader is a flaccid boredom, produced via the most dour sour outgrowth of the MFA Aristocracy, the metastasizing tumor otherwise known as Dual MFA Holders.. [mark terrill | part II germany « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground]

In this case, the reader is asked to suspend the "normal" expectations one might have of fiction -- which might be brought together through the notion of "transparency," transparency of language, character, event, setting, etc. -- and to make new sense of the challenges to literary experience the work's deviations represent.. [November 2009]

If the reader is among those seriously intending to make Mexico their permanent home as are we, we have just seen a semi-documentary with fictional imbellishments that we believe is an essential learning tool if one wishes to begin to understand their intended adopted homeland:. [A Must-See Movie]

Assuming that the reader is applying the same standards, (because they led to a positive reading and are therefore self-evidently appropriate,) what the reviewer is likely to make grand proclamations about is the end result of any contrary analysis.. [More on Critique]

Over the course of the book, the reader is able to develop a well-rounded picture of Miyazaki, both the man and the animator.. [Hayao Miyazaki’s Starting Point: 1979-1996 » Comics Worth Reading]

But the reader is also awesome, and as more titles become available without DRM (I hope), a larger and larger proportion of my reading will shift to ebooks.. [a consumer’s take on why ebook readers still have a long way to go «]

Throughout most of the book, the reader is asked to follow five narratives at once: the four larger stories plus a shorter myth.. [Some New Kind of Slaughter » Comics Worth Reading]

My biggest as a reader is an unhealthy obsession with electronic publishing … I love my physical books, but I ache a little bit inside when I think about the amount of energy that goes into producing them.. [Writing neurotica «]

I think it matters a lot who the reader is and what she brings to the series.. [What a Wonderful World! Books 1 and 2 » Manga Worth Reading]

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