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Definitions of "readers"

  • Plural form of reader. noun

The word "readers" in example sentences

* grin* the second i grinned, i immediately wondered about our panty bandit ... panty bandit, where are you?? my readers did not hear about black thong day ... what a shame. * consoling readers*. [vampishone Diary Entry]

For example, one of the easiest ways to hook in readers is to introduce a likable character with an urgent, high-stakes goal.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » A Vast List of Storytelling Blunders]

Another title readers might find of interest is The Lions of al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay.. [Sunday Book Review: Scoundrel's Kiss]

Of interest, particularly, to our readers is the discrete but very evident presence of a modified traditional Roman altar arrangement of a cross between two candlesticks, of the sort increasingly called the "Benedictine" arrangement because of its promotion in The Spirit of the Liturgy.. [The Benedictine Altar Arrangement Reaches Antarctica]

Feedback from your readers is always important to us!. [Think You Can Work for a Tech Company? Take this Quiz]

Meeting the readers is a total joy, someone paid over twenty bucks for your book and wants you to sign it ....... how terrific is that for me, hanging with mystery writers is the best company and family I know. [Conventional Behaviour]

I know it'd be a good idea to send on a consistent basis, but the promise I make to readers is to ONLY send when I've got something of real interest for them ... and for me.. [Extra! Extra! Read all about it!]

My indispensible team of beta readers is about to tear into the draft manuscript of Do No Harm and rip it to shreds, I hope, leading to an end result of a Much Better Book.. [Odds and sods]

He posts several items a day and for his readers is a running on the minute news source.. [I Link therefore I am]

One of my best beta readers is a counseling psychologist and very creative in her own right.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » INTERVIEW: Jeri Smith-Ready, Part 1]

The comment about my relationship to my readers is the most challenging of her note (and the one with which * I* take most issue.). [My Bad Mother, Keeping Me On My Toes | Her Bad Mother]

But if consumers – who are now big time label readers – refuse to buy products containing HFCS, then the makers of these products may either drop the HFCS or switch back to sugar despite its higher cost.. [High-fructose corn syrup fights back | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.]

As an online publisher, having those new long-term readers is a wonderful thing.. [Oh, The Joy of Being Slashdotted and Dugg « Lorelle on WordPress]

Maybe one of our readers is a drummer from Scotland .... [It's A Gift to Myself (Music (For Robots))]

Assuming that Jeff speaks for every one of his readers is a bad assertion.. [Dell not answering « BuzzMachine]

Equally well known to our readers is the most important conclusion of that committee.. [Dooley, James E.]

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