Character 5
Hyphenation read y
Pronunciations /ˈɹɛdi/

Definitions and meanings of "Ready"

What do we mean by ready?

Prepared or available for service, action, or progress. adjective

Mentally disposed; willing. adjective

Likely or about to do something. adjective

Prompt in apprehending or reacting. adjective

Available. adjective

To cause to be ready. transitive verb

(at the ready) Available for immediate use. idiom

(make ready) To make preparations. idiom

To make ready; put into proper condition or order; dispose; arrange; prepare.

To direct.

Completely prepared, as for immediate action or use, or for present requirement; suitably equipped, ordered, or arranged; in proper trim or condition.


Suitably disposed in mind; mentally prepared; willing; inclined; not reluctant.

Prepared by what has gone before; brought to a fit state or condition; not unlikely; immediately liable: with an infinitive.

Already prepared or provided; available for present use or requirement; immediately at hand or within reach; opportune: as, a ready means of escape; a ready way.

Prompt in action or movement; expert; dexterous; facile.

Prompt; quick; offhand: as, a ready reply or retort; a ready admission; a ready welcome.

Present; at hand; here: used in answering a call.

Ready is much used in compounds, with participles and sometimes nouns, or in combinations that are properly compounds; as, ready-made; ready-cooked, etc.

To dress.

Ready money; cash

Synonyms and Antonyms for Ready

The word "ready" in example sentences

” In other words, having taken the king's ready money, he was thenceforth, during the king's pleasure, “ready” for the king's service. ❋ Unknown (2005)

At length, all being ready, I rap with a handsome paper _bâton_ on the leader's desk the five or six beats of the "_Make ready_." ❋ William Cleaver Wilkinson (N/A)

Those who are ready _fully to co-operate with us_ in supporting the freedom of speech and the press, the right of petition, &c, may be estimated at _double_, if not _treble_, the joint numbers of those who _already are members_, and those who are _ready to become members_. ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

All being ready, the seconds took their stations immediately behind them, each armed with a sword, and gave the words: "_ready -- bind your weapons -- loose! ❋ Bayard Taylor (1851)

I start to hit the word ready on my board, but I decide to concentrate on the contest instead. ❋ SHARON M. DRAPER (2010)

He said the term ready so many times and talked about that tone that it was almost like he was trying to convince himself. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I hope you have a name ready for your yacht, Wong. ❋ John S. Drew (2005)

I write the word ready to duck the rotten tomatoes and old Fiske Guides being hurled my way. ❋ By JACQUES STEINBERG (2011)

Having a weapon at the ready is always a good idea-though you have to make sure not to use it hastily and kill the policeman who has come to save you. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ed here: I already have my title ready if the mobile novel people ever contact me. ❋ Ed Gorman (2007)

Have the title ready, and registration and smog test updated. ❋ Jeff Wuorio (2003)

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