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A realm is a community or territory over which a sovereign rules. The term is commonly used to describe a kingdom or other monarchical or dynastic state. A realm may also be a subdivision within an empire, if it has its own monarch, e.g. the German Empire. The Old French word reaume, modern French royaume, was the word first adopted in English; the fixed modern spelling does not appear until the beginning of the 17th century. The word supposedly derives from medieval Latin regalimen, from regalis, of or belonging to a rex (king). The word rex itself is derived from the Latin verb regere, which means "to rule". Thus the literal meaning of the word realm is the territory of a ruler, traditionally a monarch (emperor, king, grand duke, prince, etc.). "Realm" is particularly used for those states whose name includes the word kingdom (for example, the United Kingdom), as elegant variation, to avoid clumsy repetition of the word in a sentence (for example, "The Queen's realm, the United Kingdom..."). It is also useful to describe those countries whose monarchs are called something other than "king" or "queen"; for example, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a realm but not a kingdom, since its monarch holds the title Grand Duke rather than King. The term may commonly also be used to describe any one of the "Commonwealth realms", which are kingdoms in their own right and share the same person as monarch, though they are fully independent of each other. More broadly, a "realm" may encompass territories that are subject to a monarch, yet are not a physical part of his or her "kingdom"; for example, the Cook Islands and Niue are considered parts of the Realm of New Zealand, although they are not part of New Zealand proper. Realm may also be used metaphorically to refer to an area of knowledge, expertise or habitat within which an individual or denizen is pre-eminent or dominant, e.g., "Shakespeare's realm was English drama," or "A lion's realm is the jungle"..

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Definitions of "realm"

  • A community or territory over which a sovereign rules; a kingdom. noun
  • A field, sphere, or province: the realm of science. See Synonyms at field. noun
  • An abstract sphere of influence, real or imagined. noun
  • The domain of a certain abstraction. noun
  • A territory or state, as ruled by a specific power, and particularly those territories ruled by a king. noun
  • A royal jurisdiction or domain; a region which is under the dominion of a king; a kingdom. noun
  • Hence, in general, province; region; country; domain; department; division. noun
  • A royal jurisdiction or extent of government; a king's dominions; a kingdom. noun
  • Figuratively, a jurisdiction or domain in general; a sphere of power, influence, or operation; province; arena. noun
  • In zoögeog., a prime division of the earth's surface; a faunal area of the largest extent; a zoölogical region of the first order. noun
  • a domain in which something is dominant noun
  • the domain ruled by a king or queen noun
  • a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about noun

The word "realm" in example sentences

It is the realm of _psychical life_; and, still more decidedly and more evidently, the _realm of mind_.. [The Theories of Darwin and Their Relation to Philosophy, Religion, and Morality]

A series of recent mind-bending laboratory experiments has given scientists an unprecedented peek behind the quantum veil, confirming that this realm is as mysterious as imagined.. [Thor's Day]

The subconscious never sleeps and this realm is a vast resource for a writer.. [Hypnosis for Writer’s Block « Write Anything]

In one, the seams are sealed so tight that they are imperceptible; the realm is a closed system, without portals or rifts; it has no contact with any other realms; there is no crosshatching between alternative (i.e. temporal) elsewhens or palimpsesting of alterior (i.e. nomological) elsewhens; everything takes place within that realm.. [Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams]

And in his pursuit of truth, he ventured beyond science and religion to what he called the realm of mysticism.. [Savage Peace]

And to actually go to what we call a realm, because the queen is head of state of New Zealand and to undertake engagements on behalf of her is the first step in his grooming for kingship.. [CNN Transcript Jun 21, 2005]

These four adjectives, cosmic, universal, material, and infinite are almost interchangeable, and apply, as we see, to that realm of the non-individual existence which we call the realm of the substantial death.. [Fantasia of the Unconscious]

This in itself bespeaks a measure of human control, since it implies that that world is separate and somewhat unusual: most of the time things do not belong to the occult realm, which is to say, most of the time things are normal.. [In the Valley of the Shadow]

Mike, another tally that should be made in the double dipping realm is the number of past PDC employees and their consulting amounts after they leave PDC.. [Top dog at Metro: $197K (and on the outs) (Jack Bog's Blog)]

What makes him unusual within the speaking realm is that he's not self-serving.. [The Self-Made Man Behind the Marvel]

The slow disappearance of 'middle of the road' CNN between the opposing power of rightist-Fox and leftist-MSNBC in the broadcast realm is testimony to the ascendance of adversarial journalism.. [Charles H. Green: Stewart's and Colbert's Joke is On the Media]

But as faeries fall to a mysterious illness, Tania must race to save her beloved immortal realm from a dangerous mortal threat.. [WEEKLY BOOK RELEASES FOR JANUARY 24TH | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews]

So Vivenna secretly flees their small mountain realm to follow her sister.. [KINGS Preview in WARBREAKER Paperback Out Today + I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER]

The CIA's realm is limited by law to operating only outside of the Umited States.. [Former CIA chiefs call on Obama to stop interrogation probe]

Angel Perez, Logan’s fellow Knight, has risked her life to aid the elvish race, whose peaceful, hidden realm is marked for extermination by the forces of the Void.. [The Gypsy Morph (The Genesis of Shannara, Book 3) by Terry Brooks: Book summary]

Incidentally and perfectly related, the only way that Ra can traverse this mystical realm is by taking the form of the snake!. [Name Stargate | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

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(i.) üIke; krallık; memleket; diyar; (zool.) bölge. the realm of fancy hayal âlemi.(i.) üIke; krallık; memleket; diyar; (zool.) bölge. the realm of fancy hayal âlemi.

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