Character 10
Hyphenation rea son a ble
Pronunciations /ˈɹiː.zən.ə.bəl/

Definitions and meanings of "Reasonable"

What do we mean by reasonable?

Capable of reasoning; rational. adjective

Governed by or being in accordance with reason or sound thinking. adjective

Being within the bounds of common sense. adjective

Not excessive or extreme; fair. adjective


Having the faculty of reason; endowed with reason; rational, as opposed to brute.

Characterized by the use of reason; amenable to reason or sound sense; not senseless, foolish, or extravagant in thought or action.

Conformable to or required by reason; due to or resulting from good judgment; rationally sound, sensible, natural, etc.

Not exceeding the bounds of reason or common sense; moderate; tolerable.

Moderate in amount or price; not high or dear: as, reasonable charges or prices; reasonable goods.

In law, befitting a person of reason or sound sense; such as a prudent man would exercise or act upon in his own affairs: as, reasonable care; reasonable diligence; reasonable cause.

Calculable; computable; hence, detailed; itemized.

Talkative; ready in conversation.

Synonyms Rational, Reasonable. See rational.

Having the faculty of reason; endued with reason; rational. adjective

Governed by reason; being under the influence of reason; thinking, speaking or acting rationally, or according to the dictates of reason; agreeable to reason; just; rational. adjective

Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper. adjective

Reasonably; tolerably. adverb

Just; fair; agreeable to reason. adjective

Not expensive; fairly priced. adjective

Having the faculty of reason; rational, reasoning.

Just; fair; agreeable to reason.

Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper.

Not expensive; fairly priced.


Used to express indifference when confronted with something very expensive. Comes from the restaurant scene in American Psycho: "And speaking of reasonable...(He shows McDermott the bill for the meal) only $470!" Urban Dictionary

A justification to yourself for a bad decision. Urban Dictionary

Used as an explanation as to why you are requesting something when you don't want the people to know why. The more sinister your statement sounds in context, the better. Urban Dictionary

Used to describe the frustrating or baffling result of a procedure when you aren't sure or confident that you have a valid explanation. Urban Dictionary

To get together and exchange ideas; a conversation between two cool souls. Urban Dictionary

The process by which people find out what is the truth. The opposite of faith. Urban Dictionary

A meeting of rastas to speak spiritually and smoke some special herbs. Before the splif is lit the leader says a prayer. Urban Dictionary

\`rea'son`ing\ n. 1. Logical thinking 2. A word not many devout religious followers are comfortable with (no offense). (3. Sign of the "anti-christ"?) Urban Dictionary

A song that was good until it got overplayed. Urban Dictionary

What you say when you don't want to give the real reason. Urban Dictionary

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The word "reasonable" in example sentences

The conversation at first consisted of mutual declarations of disposition to reasonable accommodations, but I suppose each party had its own ideas of what should be meant by _reasonable_. ❋ Benjamin Franklin (1748)

In case you're wondering, according to the bill, "The term 'reasonable profit' means the amount determined by the Reasonable Profits Board to be a reasonable profit on the sale." ❋ Christopher Helman (2012)

They have no concept of what the term reasonable means. ❋ Catpewk (2004)

Troy Davis' case will be used in law school as the textbook definition of the phrase "reasonable doubt," yet it was somehow beyond our collective will to spare his life. ❋ Mychal Denzel Smith (2011)

The analysts credited what they called a "reasonable" valuation and stronger signs in the home-improvement sector. ❋ Brendan Conway (2011)

GOP leaders say Democrats are sabotaging the deal while planning to blame Republicans by refusing to accept what they call reasonable funding ideas, such as an increase in Medicare premiums for some wealthy beneficiaries. ❋ Naftali Bendavid (2012)

In March, the company disclosed an estimated $3.4 billion for what it calls "reasonable" and "upper end" legal losses from the pending cases—or just about under half of the company's net income in 2010. ❋ Unknown (2011)

And those weak links are what we call reasonable doubt. ❋ Unknown (2009)

LAWRENCE: And that balance, according to the president, credit card companies are able to make what he called reasonable profit, and consumers don't end up in a bad situation -- Wolf. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Despite lowering his forecast, he kept a buy recommendation on the stock, citing what he called reasonable valuation. ❋ Steve Hulett (2008)

DOUGHERTY: As New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani supported public funding of abortion, now he says he hates abortion and wants what he calls reasonable restrictions on it. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Now they are allowed by U.S. statute to be held for what they call a reasonable amount of time before they either give depositions or sworn testimony. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And he has proposed a bipartisan plan to what they call reasonable caps on carbon emissions. ❋ Unknown (2008)

PILGRIM: Now Missouri is following the Supreme Court ruling and what it called a reasonable requirement to vote. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It's only asking for what it calls reasonable access to federal tools that are already available -- Kitty? ❋ Unknown (2007)

It's only asking for what it calls reasonable access to federal tools that are already available -- Lou. ❋ Unknown (2007)

QUIJANO: Now, the bottom line President Bush thinks his offer amounts to what he calls a reasonable way forward, but Democrats continue to insist they don't think much of the offer at all and they can't understand why the administration will not allow transcripts, a written record, of any interviews with White House aides to be -- to take place. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Now, for other ballots, the board uses what it calls a reasonable certainty to determine what a voter had in mind, for example, if the ballot has a dimple mark. ❋ Unknown (2000)

-Coming out this [evening]? -I can't...I had a seriously reasonable night yesterday. -How much did you [drop]? -About a [grand]. -Reasonable! -Indeed. ❋ Moistyn Toyler (2008)

I want to get [blackout] [on a Tuesday] but I'll need a [reason] first. . . ❋ BillieJeanIsNotMyLover (2018)

What is that [cute girl's] name on [the left] of [the picture]? I want to know for reasons... ❋ Mec (2015)

The client decided they wanted me to completely [overhaul] [the project] [because reasons]. ❋ DeadFish42 (2015)

...[yeah man], we [gotta] reason [sometimes]. ❋ Life+Love=Lessons Learned (2008)

[Einstein] discovered how [relativity] worked by using reason and [thinking about it]. ❋ 3standarddevs (2011)

The [herbalist] is going to the reasoning tonight to [enhance] his [spiritual] ways ❋ Bloodbruv (2010)

1. With simple reasoning and logic, Michael figured out the lateral [thinking problem]. 2. The atheist/[disbeliever] pissed off the priest (or rabbi, cleric, etc) by using logic and reasoning to question the Bible ([torah], quran, etc). ❋ The Light Of Reason (2005)

"[All right], The Reason is on, [I love this song]!" [2 days] later: "Oh shit, not The Reason again!" ❋ Mike The Ekim (2006)

Who's that? Oh, [just a friend]; why do you ask? [No reason]. (secretly insecure, jealous, [sizing] the other person up) ❋ SuposedlyKnowledgeable (2021)

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