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To scold, blame, or criticize in a sharp way. To reprimand. Urban Dictionary

When u give a sharp dissaproval of some thing or demanding something to go away Urban Dictionary

(n.) A mass excorcism where an obese pastor shouts out random biblic references while a bunch of local vagrants fake a demon inside them in front of the cameras, and throw up all over the church. Good television. Urban Dictionary

To give a bitch the cold shoulder when she wants some booty. Usually to get her back for something, or just for fun. Urban Dictionary

To express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprove; reprimand in the name of something gay af and non-religious because Jesus was a charlatan and Christians currently/still suck. Can be used to rebuke any person, place, thing, etc. Urban Dictionary

To Put a stop to something until further notice or to stop something intangible that you do not agree with. Urban Dictionary

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The word "rebuker" in example sentences

And the revolters are profound to make slaughter, though I have been a rebuker of them all. ❋ Unknown (1999)

Having Maxine for a friend, a supporter, and an occasional rebuker has been one of the more interesting experiences of my life. ❋ ITY National Archives (1999)

In biblical times the courts of law were located at the city gates, and a 'rebuker at the gates' was a person who defended the rights of the oppressed. ❋ Margalit, Avishai (1993)

According to the judges, the prize was awarded to him partly because he has been a 'rebuker at the gates.' ❋ Margalit, Avishai (1993)

This lover of liberty, this gentle rebuker of kings, was of the free-thinkers, at least in the sympathy of political thought. ❋ William Cleaver Wilkinson (N/A)

'Look yo' here, Amos, 'said Deborah, raising the child in her arms so that her rebuker might look into its little features, ruddy and reposeful -- features where God's fresh touch still lingered;' luk yo 'here. ❋ Marshall Mather (N/A)

Isaiah, who saw unspeakable things, cut asunder with a saw; of Israel led away captive; of John the rebuker of adultery, beheaded; of ❋ Unknown (1895)

_Le R.P. Colomban_ is, according to M. Fabre's habit, a sort of double-edged affair -- a severe but just rebuke of the "popular preacher," and a good-humoured touch at the rebuker, M.nseigneur Onésime de la Boissière, Evêque de Saint-P.ns, who incidentally proposes to submit _L'Abbé Tigrane_ to the Holy Congregation of the Index. ❋ George Saintsbury (1889)

As the clasp between the Old Testament and the New -- the close of the one and the beginning of the other; as among the greatest of those born of women; as the porter who opened the door to the True Shepherd; as the fearless rebuker of royal and shameless sin -- the Baptist must ever compel the homage and admiration of mankind. ❋ Unknown (1888)

To come neither eating nor drinking; to be stern, reserved, and lonely; to live apart from the homes of men, to be the severe and unflinching rebuker of other men's sins -- this was not the loftiest pattern of human character. ❋ Unknown (1888)

Majestical rebuker of the waste of lives, rebuker of a country which invites all lives into it and wastes lives most ruthlessly -- lives which it stands there to shelter and to foster and to save. ❋ James Lane Allen (1887)

The weak and erring found in her a frank but pitying rebuker; the earnest and good, ❋ Birney, Catherine H. (1885)

In philosophy he was not very accurate, but he was a notable rebuker of vice. ❋ Charles Thomas Cruttwell (1879)

One instant he resents John's boldness, and significantly exclaims, 'If I command to kill, they kill;' the next he trembles before his rebuker, and promises to amend his life. ❋ Unknown (1876)

The stains discernible on the masterpiece of Congreve are trivial and conventional; the mere conception of the other man's work displays a mind so prurient and leprous, uncovers such an unfathomable and unimaginable beastliness of imagination, that in the present age at least he would probably have figured as a virtuous journalist and professional rebuker of poetic vice or artistic aberration. ❋ Algernon Charles Swinburne (1873)

I how ... not hid from me -- notwithstanding their supposed profound cunning (Ho 5: 2; Re 2: 2, 9, 13, 19). now -- "though I have been a rebuker of all them" (Ho 5: 2) who commit such spiritual whoredoms, thou art now continuing in them. ❋ Unknown (1871)

And by another odd inconsistency, Lovelace is described as being all the time a steady believer in eternal punishment and a rebuker of sceptics -- Richardson being apparently of opinion that infidelity would be too bad to be introduced upon the stage, though a vice might be described in detail. ❋ Leslie Stephen (1868)

The ball ended, Bigot leads Madame de Pean to her vehicle, when she tumbles over an object which, when torches are brought, was found to be the corpse of the suppliant rebuker of a few hours previous, alongside of which lay the unconscious form of his daughter, half buried in the drifting snow. ❋ Unknown (1868)

In both cases we have the weak ruler, the beautiful she-devil at his side, inspiring him for all evil, and the stern prophet, the rebuker and the incarnate conscience for them both. ❋ Alexander Maclaren (1868)

His desert life and contempt for ease and luxury spoke of a strength of character and purpose which fascinated commoner men, and make the next point the more striking -- namely, the utter humility with which this strong, self-reliant, fiery rebuker of sin, and despiser of rank and official dignities, flings himself at the feet of the coming One. ❋ Alexander Maclaren (1868)

As for those who [persist] in [sin], rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may [stand in] fear. ❋ SereneKimchi (2015)

[Ie]. "I [REBUKE] U IN THE NAME OF [JESUS]" ❋ Gvidman6 (2019)

[Puke and rebuke], unlike [catholic] excorcisms, is [applied] to anyone who wants to be seen to be excorcised on tv. ❋ Gumba Gumba (2004)

She was [beggin'] for it last night, so it was fun to [rebuke the frost pie] and watch her [squirm]. ❋ Butterballs (2006)

Person 1: Does this [brown belt] go with my black crocs? Person 2, probably a gay: No, baby, no, and [I rebuke you in the name of our Lordt and Slayvior]. Person 1: You wanna go get Chic-Fil-A? Person 2: I will never give them my money to continue squandering on the oppression of LGBT+ rights and I rebuke them in the name of our [Lordt] and Slayvior. ❋ Therealtylercodero (2022)

I [rebuke] [lies]. I rebuke [cheaters]. ❋ UnoYoko (2022)

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