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Definitions of "receptor"

  • A specialized cell or group of nerve endings that responds to sensory stimuli. noun
  • A molecular structure or site on the surface or interior of a cell that binds with substances such as hormones, antigens, drugs, or neurotransmitters. noun
  • A molecular complex of a cell through the union with which alien cell-products or cell-constituents can produce, their specific effects upon the coll. These same receptors, owing to the presence of which the cell is open to attack, when cast off from the cell constitute its most effective defenses. Also called side-chain. See immunity, 5. noun
  • In wireless telegraphy, a receiver. noun
  • The terminal expansion in skin or mucous membranes of a sensory nerve. noun
  • A protein on a cell wall that binds with specific molecules so that they can be absorbed into the cell in order to control certain functions. noun
  • Any specialized cell or structure that responds to sensory stimuli. noun
  • a cellular structure that is postulated to exist in order to mediate between a chemical agent that acts on nervous tissue and the physiological response noun
  • an organ having nerve endings (in the skin or viscera or eye or ear or nose or mouth) that respond to stimulation noun

The word "receptor" in example sentences

Indeed, the capsaicin receptor is a heat-activated ion channel in the pain pathway (Caterina et al. 1997).. [Archive 2005-06-01]

As importantly, these data provided indirect evidence that the insulin receptor is located on the surface of fat cells.. [Martin Rodbell - Autobiography]

In a paper published this week in the New England Medical Journal, Jerry Greenfield and colleagues from the University of Cambridge (UK) present evidence suggesting that this receptor is also critical for blood pressure regulation and may help explain in part why obesity is commonly (but not always) associated with high blood pressure.. [Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Melanocortin Linked to Blood Pressure Control]

A classic example of a receptor tyrosine kinase receptor is the insulin receptor.. [2008 June - Telic Thoughts]

This receptor is then used in high-speed robotic tests to rapidly evaluate thousands of chemical compounds.. [The Impact of Biotechnology on the Health-Care Industry]

The first module, which we call the receptor module, detects changes in environmental conditions to generate an intracellular signal.. [Naturejobs - All Jobs]

When the benzodiazepine receptor is stimulated, the sensitivity of the GABA receptor complex for GABA is increased and prolonged.. [Flumanazil]

Meanwhile, my co-workers showed the tropism of the virus for CD4T cells and identified the CD4 surface molecule as the main receptor to the virus.. [Luc Montagnier - Autobiography]

Studies of depression in rats show that the 5HT1A receptor is involved in supplying neurons with the fuel they need to fire, as well as preventing them from breaking down.. [Boing Boing]

These important processes allow depressive rumination to continue uninterrupted with minimal neuronal damage, which may explain why the 5HT1A receptor is so evolutionarily important.. [Boing Boing]

Look beyond the placebo information to the fact that the MRI found the location of the pain receptor for the left forearm!. [Placebo Effect Caught on MRI » E-Mail]

Look beyond the placebo information to the fact that the MRI found the location of the pain receptor for the left forearm!. [Placebo Effect Caught on MRI]

Arena Pharmaceuticals of San Diego, CA developed APD-356 (Lorcaserin), which selectively stimulates the 5-HT2C serotonin receptor, located in the hypothalamus (an appetite control center of the brain) [7].. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1066]

It is not clear exactly how multiple copies of IMl33t affect expression of the verbopressin receptor, and our most confused syntax.. [A Bland and Deadly Courtesy]

Medicines include diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers and, maybe, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.. [Colonoscopy prep pills carry kidney risk]

One of my students is coming from another lab, where she had a really hard time with a project trying to study cannibinoid-related serotonin receptor stuff.. [Your Biology isn't Safe]

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