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Definitions of "recipient"

  • Functioning as a receiver; receptive. adjective
  • One that receives or is receptive. noun
  • One who receives blood, tissue, or an organ from a donor. noun
  • One who receives, such as one who receives money or goods. noun
  • An individual receiving donor organs or tissues. noun
  • The portion of an alembic or other still in which the distilled liquid is collected. noun
  • Receiving; receptive. adjective
  • A receiver; the person or thing that receives; one to whom, or that to which, anything is given or communicated; specifically, the receiver of a still. noun
  • Receiving; receptive; acting or serving as a receiver; capable of receiving or taking in.
  • A receiver or taker; especially, one who receives or accepts something given or communicated; a taker of that which is offered or bestowed: as, recipients of charity or of public education; the recipients of the eucharist. noun
  • That which receives; formerly, the receiver in an apparatus or instrument. noun
  • a person who receives something noun
  • the semantic role of the animate entity that is passively involved in the happening denoted by the verb in the clause noun

The word "recipient" in example sentences

Behind the smile on the face of the recipient is the brain thinking "Its true, Americans ARE clueless, what a dope.". [Cost of Domestic Help]

This morning, the 'fearless reporter' who is of course John Humphries, visited a London Hospital, which he described as the recipient of many millions of the cash donated by the taxpayer to the N.H.S., courtesy of the Labour Government.. [A Tangled Web]

Could a Hawaii "gambler" claim their expense instead as a gift, if the recipient is governmental or a non-profit?. [Heads you win, and they do, too (Jack Bog's Blog)]

The recipient is selected by the Motionless Picture Association of America in consultation with its owners, Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney.. [Late MPAA boss Valenti a ‘humanitarian’]

If someone slaps another, the recipient is often motivated to respond with greater force.. [On Domestic Violence And Guns]

He did miss the second part where you then point at the mess and the recipient is unclean.. [Think Progress » Bush wipes his hand on Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with Haitian residents.]

So, the man passing El Segundo on to El Mayor has to make sure the recipient is well-prepared.. [Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat]

EVERY entitlement program has a section entitled "Qualifications" that details how a recipient is to qualify for the program.. [CNN Truth Squad: Will health bill pay for illegal immigrants?]

PCH also agreed to stop sending communications from a “Board of Judges,” which, the states alleged, suggests the recipient is close to winning.. [States settle Publishers Clearing House "deceptive" trade practices]

Simply claiming to be a Medal of Honor recipient is one thing.. [Media Coverage JULY 2009]

Pfaff, a MacArther Fellowship recipient, is best known for her large-scale installations, which she's been recognized for since the 1970s.. [Cherie Louise Turner: Judy Pfaff at Braunstein/Quay Gallery: Boxed Installations Present Complex Journeys]

The article I saw said something about him planning to retire later that year ... so the date of the article saying he was a Medal of Honor recipient is probably dated the year of his retirement.. [James Braddock aka Col]

"To have someone (falsely) say they're a Medal of Honor recipient is just a disgrace.". [P 3 - Q]

Woodson, the 1997 Heisman Trophy recipient, is the first cornerback chosen top defensive player since Deion Sanders in 1994.. [Packers' Charles Woodson wins Defensive Player of Year award]

Our first guy gear recipient is "Jamesti" -- one of the many men we're happy to welcome to the blog since the Web redesign.. [And The Gear Goes To...]

I slow down my speech, remembering that my recipient is likely writing down the information.. [Why I still hate voicemail « The Book Publicity Blog]

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TurkishRecipient English to Turkish Translate
(s.), (i.) verilen şeyi alan (kimse), alıcı.(s.), (i.) verilen şeyi alan (kimse), alıcı.

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Recipient Meaning
Donor's family meets recipient
Donor's family meets recipient
DKMS donor meets his recipient on Hallmark's Home and Family
DKMS donor meets his recipient on Hallmark's Home and Family

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Recipient Word Data

  • Pronunciations(rĭ-sĭpˈē-ənt)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation re cip i ent


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