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Definitions of "reciprocating"

  • Present participle of reciprocate. verb
  • That moves backwards and forwards. adjective

The word "reciprocating" in example sentences

That's what I call reciprocating a man's affection. ". [The Spoilers]

a main reciprocating steam engine, and direct steam driven pumps and auxiliary machinery; a paradise of mechanics.. [Martin L. Perl - Autobiography]

Now I realize that Sawzall ™ is a brand name of the Milwaukee Corporation, and that this tool is properly called a reciprocating saw, but I'm here to tell you, whether your reciprocating saw is made by DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, or whoever, you will still call it a sawzall.. [The Berkeley Daily Planet, The East Bay's Independent Newspaper]

It is fair to say that we see this law at work: as online gatherings get more focused on a particular subject, or broadened geographically, they diminish the chances of enabling the kind of reciprocating community – the kind of neighborhood – which is most naturally found when geography is focused and interests broadened.. [Canoes and Online Communities: Front Porch Forum]

He eventually partnered with the practical Matthew Boulton, who helped him to develop the "reciprocating" engine that would soon power textile mills all over England.. [Mind, Money and Machine]

Lower-power systems can use positive displacement configurations (designs) such as reciprocating (piston) or vane-type expanders.. [Chapter 15]

What little was left caused blocks of metal to thump foolishly back-and-forth (hence the name 'reciprocating') and thence through a linkage to cause a shaft and flywheel to spin around.. [The Rolling Stones]

These are two links that are made independently of each other simply because you, and the "reciprocating" site find each other's content valuable.. [Search Engine Guide : Small Business Search Marketing]

By not "reciprocating," non-followers are showing they. [Traffick]

"I don't think we're going to get there unless there's a sense that the Cuban government is willing to give some kind of reciprocating gesture," said Susan Purcell, director of the Center for Hemispheric Policy at the. [South Florida Business News - Local South Florida News | The South Florida Business Journal]

Giant reciprocating engines, as a commenter has mentioned, have heat rates comparable to that of combined cycle gas turbines, especially in hot, dry conditions and at high elevation.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » More on Wind]

As far as natural gas as a backup, there are reciprocating (giant “diesel engines”) that have a heat rate of 8300 (maybe as low as 7300) which is similar to combined cycle systems.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » More on Wind]

And I love you for being strong in the face of people saying horrible, hurtful things, and I love you for writing this with such a level-head, and without reciprocating the animosity that was flung at you in the first place.. [They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don’t They? | Her Bad Mother]

The crew member, wielding a reciprocating saw, cut through the live wire at the top of the wall.. [Al Norman: Life & a Cheap Death at Wal-Mart]

The Jordanian Monarch criticized the Israelis for their expansionist policies and for not reciprocating the Palestinians' peaceful overtures.. [Daoud Kuttab: The King of Jordan and Palestine]

I feel obliged to start reciprocating all the joy by adding folks to some of my new pages, such as.... [Fahad Faruqui: Log Off And Live Life]

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@Iadyspikers: Somehow i guess? Esp right now we're trying our very best to give them our 100% support. But it is as if they're not recip…


Somehow i guess? Esp right now we're trying our very best to give them our 100% support. But it is as if they're no…


He sighed, sipping his beer, as thoughts of the other not reciprocating his feelings ran in his mind. He kind of ac…


@Mutape88: @KMutisi Reprocity - only 2 prezos have visited Zw after inauguration - when is Putin Belarus Kazak Azebaij UAE Angola Ethiop…


People swear that you reciprocating their energy is you treating them like shit... I’m just giving what I’m getting though ✌🏽

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