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Definitions of "record"

  • To set down for preservation in writing or other permanent form. verb-transitive
  • To register or indicate: The clerk recorded the votes. verb-transitive
  • To register (sound or images) in permanent form by mechanical or electrical means for reproduction. verb-transitive
  • To register the words, sound, appearance, or performance of by such means: recorded the oldest townspeople on tape; recorded the violin concerto. verb-transitive
  • To record something. verb-intransitive
  • An account, as of information or facts, set down especially in writing as a means of preserving knowledge. noun
  • Something on which such an account is based. noun
  • Something that records: a fossil record. noun
  • Information or data on a particular subject collected and preserved: the coldest day on record. noun
  • The known history of performance, activities, or achievement: your academic record; hampered by a police record. noun
  • An unsurpassed measurement: a world record in weightlifting; a record for cold weather. noun
  • Computer Science A collection of related, often adjacent items of data, treated as a unit. noun
  • Law An account officially written and preserved as evidence or testimony. noun
  • Law An account of judicial or legislative proceedings written and preserved as evidence. noun
  • Law The documents or volumes containing such evidence. noun
  • A disk designed to be played on a phonograph. noun
  • Something, such as magnetic tape, on which sound or visual images have been recorded. noun
  • go on record To embrace a certain position publicly: go on record in favor of the mayor's reelection. idiom
  • off the record Not for publication: The senator told the reporters that his remarks were strictly off the record. idiom

The word "record" in example sentences

Were some parts of it omitted, and false statements rectified, it might not do any harm; and perhaps it might be found advisable to adopt some plan of that kind, making a careful _record of the omissions_ to insert any future _misrepresentations_, and a like record of such _additions_ or _alterations_.. [Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete]

I say, if you want to know where jazz is going, listen to a Bugge Wesseltoft record (it used to be _listen to a Miles Davis record_ but he's in heaven with Dizzy and the Duke). 5 solid stars.. [Latest reviews @, the ultimate progressive rock music website]

There are three methods I needed to create to get the basic behavior I wanted; Click here to jump to the video: ProjectViewUI renderActionsOn: html | record | super renderActionsOn: html. html button class: #record; callback: (record: = Record new. (self .... [Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now]

For good measure, he also played a key role, a few years later, in designing the original packaging for the long-playing 33·-r.p.m. discs that re­defined the term "record album.". [NYT > Home Page]

The term "record earnings" tends to enhance the mood of all who hear it.. [ -- Top News]

Cname record is short for conical name record, it's a type of resource record in the DNS (domain name system) that tells you the the domain name is just another name for another conical domain name.. []

"Australian aboriginals threw a hardwood spear 110 meters or more (the current world javelin record is 98.48)". [Anthropologist Argues that Modern Humans Are Wimps]

* Australian aboriginals threw a hardwood spear 110 meters or more (the current world javelin record is 98.48).. [Uncategorized Blog Posts]

As soon as the true discourse about the McCain record is allowed to begin in earnest, you will see that lead increase.. [Poll: Obama has edge over McCain]

Bear in mind that the term record or document should be interpreted liberally by the information officer to include paper copies, emails, data files, etc., as long as they are captured in your request.. [Measuring Precipitation on Willis' Boots « Climate Audit]

Given his legal expertise, he decided he'd search the title record himself to avoid paying the title premium.. [Summit Daily News - Top Stories]

Also, the term record to include not only paper acknowledgements, but include electronic communications as records that provide just as much evidence of the transaction as the old paper form.. [Purchasing - Top Stories]

As far as I know, the only evidence in the record is a single lunch room conversation, followed by a single email.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Be Careful. Trust No-One. Shut Up.]

And if his record is an indicator, I guess I'd have to opt for his ending.. [Dodd released from hospital after surgery]

Mr. Bezos, the creator and holder of the record is also the founder of the Penny Pyramid Project, a non-profit child philanthropy educational program that uses its signature world record penny pyramid in fundraisers used to support other charitable organizations in the greater Miami area.. [Neatorama Penny Pyramid]

Sure, they're going to have a rocking line-up of speakers, if their record is anything to go by.. [Archive 2009-03-01]

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