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Hyphenation re demp tive
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Redemptive"

What do we mean by redemptive?

Causing, or relating to, redemption or saving; redeeming.

Since there was no definition am doing this myself for a special person. Hope o know her well enough to write this. Redempter is a girl who does what makes her happy and stresses her less. If she's bored she doesn't wait for someone to come to her rescue she finds a way to be happy. When she smiles she's the envy of other girls because she was created with more beauty than most. She is innocent but has another side of her which she doesn't always show. All the guys keep chasing after her with out her calling them. She a walking magnet.She combine both cuteness and hotness. Urban Dictionary

The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed. Urban Dictionary

Acception; welcoming; acception of a concept or idea. Urban Dictionary

Redempt (ɹɪˈdɛmpt) Verb Compensate for the faults. Getting saved from sin, error, or evil. A return to the pure state of soul, mind, augustness or morale. Urban Dictionary

1. to reclaim what was taken 2. best served through a belt-fed weapon or the serrated edge of a unused hunting knife to one's esophagus 3. to cleanse another of their sins Urban Dictionary

Along With The others.. but is allso a tight controlled brotherhood of surenos living in england founded in Salisbury with leads all the way up to Teeside. Urban Dictionary

Deep down, with every inch of me, i pure hate you... but god damnit do I respect you. Urban Dictionary

Kick ass song by the thrash metal band Shadows Fall. Was nominated for a grammy for Best Metal Performance. Urban Dictionary

When girls named Rachel bail on you and your friends to go camping with bae instead of eating mikes chicken Urban Dictionary

After losing a game of beer pong you before you have to drink all the rest of the beers you say redemption and you get one last chance to make the ball in a cup for them to drink and one less cup for you to drink Urban Dictionary

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The word "redemptive" in example sentences

"There's not what you call a redemptive arc—and Americans love their redemptive arc—but it isn't absolutely without hope, either." ❋ Lizzie Simon (2011)

Writing this book made me feel that I was using my own difficulty to make things easier for other people, and there was a certain redemptive value in that. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Mine, The Bible is a record of the important events in redemptive history the creation of man is at the very beginning of this history what happened before is merely prologue. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I don't know if I could necessarily call it redemptive. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Christ Himself in His actual influence over this body and over each of its members; hence it is only occasionally that he recalls the redemptive power of Christ's Death. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Dr. Jackson's book is structured as a response to another theological work, Is God a White Racist? by William Jones, which argues that traditional black theodicy overprivileges the idea of redemptive suffering, and that by implication they create the idea that God favors whites. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The products are gorgeous, the prices are fantastic, and the business is committed to what I'd call redemptive engagement with the Indian communities and businesses it purchases from. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In my spiritual journey into Catholic spirituality, I had come to understand the notion of redemptive suffering. ❋ Unknown (2009)

“So us being on the roof is some kind of redemptive state.” ❋ Unknown (2010)

This isn't the kind of redemptive novel suited for one of those brisk publisher appendices entitled "Questions for Book Group Discussion." ❋ Unknown (2010)

When redemption became a term of power, "redemptive liberalism" was born -- a new activist liberalism that gave itself a "redemptive" profile by focusing on social engineering rather than liberalism's classic focus on individual freedom. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Though the opening of the village health clinic functions as a kind of redemptive climax, Mr. Kidder makes clear the ambiguities of the project. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Conversely born-again Huckabee grabbed hold of his version of "redemptive" "biblical" incoherence by carrying his religious theories of redemption to a crazy level and thus pardoning just about anyone his Southern Baptist fellow pastor cronies recommended. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But Bialik is paying way too much attention to Jewish physicality, as if some kind of redemptive path lies that way. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Calderone saidhewants to bring a more "redemptive" feel to the network's reality programming. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then these militants would pursue "redemptive" violence for the ends of internal cleansing and external expansion without legal or ethical restraints, like, oh, crashing planes into skyscrapers, with the promise that those engaged in the act would automatically gain admittance to Paradise. ❋ Ann Althouse (2007)

There's nothing too new about Kunkel's criticism; such commentary often provokes a counter-cry from those who choose to focus on the "redemptive" or "inspirational" aspects of such stories rather than their substance, or "facts." ❋ Erika D. (2006)

[That girl] is [so hot] and [cute] at the same time. She must be a Redempter. ❋ Latimox (2019)

Here's your [last chance] for redemtion. Make it [worth it]! I'll do [my best] ❋ Whoopthereitis (2005)

he was [relieved] when he got the [letter] of redemption into [Princeton]. ❋ Melanie Falko (2009)

"I have [redempt] my funny." "[The king] redempt himself to be worthy of wearing [the crown] again" "He was no longer trustworthy but he has redempt himself" ❋ Aki.senpai4.0 (2023)

The man gasped for breath through a puddle of mucus and blood as his [redeemer] sat on top of him grinning The man screamed to his god as his redeemer cleansed him of his sins The man begged for forgiveness as he felt his life seeping through his [redeemers] veins The helpless victim finally found redemption through reclaiming the life of his [tormentor] ❋ Davis Leang (2011)

Redemption [will] [sort] your [problem] out. ❋ Rodriguez Hermandez (2009)

[today] we [spell] redemption... R-O-N ❋ Scott The Fuck Tit Motorboater (2008)

[Youtube] [Shadows Fall's] Redemption, [damnit]! ❋ Silent Fuckin' Bob (2008)

[Rachel] will get [redemption] for next weeks [chicken party] ❋ The Chicken Commish (2020)

[thats it] [bitch drink] up . wait i call redemption give me the ball back so i [get one] more try ❋ Heyimaidiot (2006)

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