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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ɹɪˈdjuːst/

Definitions and meanings of "Reduced"

What do we mean by reduced?

To bring down the size, quantity, quality, value or intensity of something; to diminish, to lower.

To lose weight.

To bring to an inferior rank; to degrade, to demote.

To humble; to conquer; to subdue; to capture.

To bring to an inferior state or condition.

To decrease the liquid content of food by boiling much of its water off.

To add electrons / hydrogen or to remove oxygen.

To produce metal from ore by removing nonmetallic elements in a smelter.

To simplify an equation or formula without changing its value.

To express the solution of a problem in terms of another (known) algorithm.

To convert a syllogism to a clearer or simpler form

To convert to written form. (Usage note: this verb almost always appears as "reduce to writing".)

To perform a reduction; to restore a fracture or dislocation to the correct alignment.

To reform a line or column from (a square).

To strike off the payroll.

To annul by legal means.

To translate (a book, document, etc.).

The horrid degradation of ones life due to unfortunate circumstances that changes life altogether. Urban Dictionary

Someone who is of lesser inteligence or has a tendency to do stupid things. A more politicaly correct alternative to the word retarded. Urban Dictionary

Football term, by where a player (usually of lesser ability) will attempt to tackle an opposition player (usually of superior abiliy) in a grossly unfair and extremely violent manner, so as to let the opposition player know that if he values his family jewels then today might be a good day to have an "off day". The reducer is often aimed at knee height of the opposition player (or in extreme cases, the testicles), and will usually take place in the first few minutes of the game. Urban Dictionary

To lessen something rather it be an action or emotion or etc. Urban Dictionary

V. on a diet; losing weight. A term heard in the deep south. Urban Dictionary

A word on Urban Dictionary that hasn't been defined yet-- nevermind. To remove content from something by an action. Urban Dictionary

Increase Urban Dictionary

Baseball cap, worn sideways or backwards. Instantly giving the impression of the wearer being even less intelligent than they might look if they weren't wearing it. Often in Burberry check pattern. Urban Dictionary

A song about keeping punk rock music underground. Written by The Dead Boys. When someone is a sonic reducer, he is a musician who keeps his music from the mainstream, It could also mean an Undergroung musician who dosent care about being famous. Urban Dictionary

A funny way to call a teacher, instructor, or professor. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Reduced

The word "reduced" in example sentences

In those cases flashing the name reduced task persistence. ❋ PhD Lucy Jo Palladino (2007)

Because the prison sentence exceeds one year, the rapper will be eligible to get fifteen percent of his term reduced for good behavior. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A man who had been jailed four years for injuring two men in a road rage frenzy today had his term reduced to three years on appeal. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Initially sentenced to three years in jail, he had the term reduced to 12 months on appeal and was released three months early for good behaviour. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Drogba, such an influential figure in the dressing room and unimpressed at being on the bench for last month's visit to Tottenham Hotspur, has understandably seen his impact this term reduced by a bout of malaria. ❋ Unknown (2011)

And I was pleased that violent crime in my state during my term reduced by 7 percent. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Regarding the F-117 stealth fighter, it is a stealth aircraft, or what they call reduced visibility aircraft. ❋ Unknown (2003)

like going from a healthy [young adult] with a job and money to falling in a [downward spiral] with no friends and no home and being reduced to eating [potato chips] and drinking beer while watching wrestling shows, comedy and playing video games ❋ THE TOILET OF LIFE (2008)

"[Why do] you always [act like] your [Reduced]." ❋ TCW00dy (2004)

Though not a violent man, [Aston Villa] centre half [Olof] [Mellberg] knew that unless he dished out a reducer or two, tricky Manchester United winger, cristiano ronaldowould probably take the piss out of him every time the ball was nearby. ❋ Nayson (2005)

Janice: Marcus why the hell you eat my [last piece of cheesecake]! Marcus: aye bro imma need you to reduce fa me alright you don't need to do all that Tina: Oh my gosh Jason! Come here [give me a hug]! Jason: aye yo Tina reduce I don't feel like all that Guy: Aye [waddup] baby lemme buy you a drink Girl: uh nigga reduce please with yo ugly ass ❋ Drizzydrakus (2014)

Have you noticed that [Joyce] is reducing? She now looks [half-way] decent in her tiny-weenie polka-dotted [bikini]. ❋ Richard Black (2005)

This will reduce the [chances] that [someone else] finds a non-defined [word]. ❋ MarComiX (2009)

The [USFG] Should reduce [restrictions] on legal [immigration] into the US ❋ AnthonyAguerosMom (2019)

Bert: Observe the chav with the IQ reducer and [GTI] parked outside the bank. Clearly a cash point cripple [Gert]: [Tosser] ❋ Bushwacka1973 (2011)

[SONIC REDUCER] [THE DEAD BOYS] I don't need anyone Don't need no mom and dad Don't need no pretty face Don't need no human race I got some news for you Don't even need you too I got my devil machine Got my electronic dream [Sonic reducer] Ain't no loser I'm a [sonic reducer] Ain't no loser --------------- Boy: PUNX NOT DEAD girl: Yes it is, rap rules boy: you suck, if nly you would swim away from the mainstream, and into the underground full of sonic reducers! ❋ Xsuite (2006)

[Charles] Riddlesolver [realized] that a [teacher] is an ignorance reducer. ❋ But For (2017)

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