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Refrigeration is a process of removing heat from a low-temperature reservoir and transferring it to a high-temperature reservoir. The work of heat transfer is traditionally driven by mechanical means, but can also be driven by heat, magnetism, electricity, laser, or other means. Refrigeration has many applications, including, but not limited to: household refrigerators, industrial freezers, cryogenics, and air conditioning. Heat pumps may use the heat output of the refrigeration process, and also may be designed to be reversible, but are otherwise similar to air conditioning units. Refrigeration has had a large impact on industry, lifestyle, agriculture, and settlement patterns. The idea of preserving food dates back to at least the ancient Roman and Chinese empires. However, mechanical refrigeration technology has rapidly evolved in the last century, from ice harvesting to temperature-controlled rail cars. The introduction of refrigerated rail cars contributed to the westward expansion of the United States, allowing settlement in areas that were not on main transport channels such as rivers, harbors, or valley trails. Settlements were also developing in infertile parts of the country, filled with newly discovered natural resources. These new settlement patterns sparked the building of large cities which are able to thrive in areas that were otherwise thought to be inhospitable, such as Houston, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada. In most developed countries, cities are heavily dependent upon refrigeration in supermarkets, in order to obtain their food for daily consumption. The increase in food sources has led to a larger concentration of agricultural sales coming from a smaller percentage of existing farms. Farms today have a much larger output per person in comparison to the late 1800s. This has resulted in new food sources available to entire populations, which has had a large impact on the nutrition of society. As quite similar criteria shall be fulfilled by working fluids (refrigerants) applied to heat pumps, refrigeration and ORC cycles, several working fluids are applied by all these technologies. Ammonia was one of the first refrigerants. Refrigeration can be defined as "The science of providing and maintaining temperature below that of surrounding atmosphere". It means continuous extraction of heat from a body whose temperature is already below the temperature of its surroundings..

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Definitions of "refrigerated"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of refrigerate. verb
  • made or kept cold by refrigeration adjective

The word "refrigerated" in example sentences

What works for me when I have perishables that need to be refrigerated is I jot it on a sticky note and stick it onto my timecard.. [Hints From Heloise]

NEW YORK— Ralcorp Holdings Inc. added another twist as it stands in the crosshairs of a buyout offer from ConAgra Foods Inc., agreeing to buy the Sara Lee Corp. unit that makes private-label refrigerated dough in North America for $545 million.. [Ralcorp Deal for Sara Lee Unit Adds Twist to ConAgra Bid]

Then there are the conditions at the plant: working in refrigerated rooms and the constant smell of animal flesh.. [Hot-Dog Maker, Lured for Its Jobs, Now Can't Fill Them]

Requiring that eggs be refrigerated is nanny state paternalism!. [Smoking in Restaurants]

She climbed the corporate ladder, rung by rung, entering the business world when computers were as big as Volkswagens and mollycoddled by highly specialized experts in refrigerated vaults.. [Lalita Tademy biography]

One day the green house was torched. .seems they were growing other things than roses, packing the boxes with roses and other plants, shipping them to Dallas in refrigerated trucks.. [Brown sugar]

Some may be stored in refrigerated warehouses. .cold storage eggs.. [Fresh eggs]

PASCAGOULA, Miss. †Crews are driving around coastal Mississippi, picking up bodies left on sidewalks like garbage and depositing them in refrigerated mobile morgues.. [Hell « BuzzMachine]

A senior Palestinian, Nabil Shaath, accused Israel of carrying out summary executions and removing corpses in refrigerated trucks.. [October 02, 2005]

Foods considered at high-risk for the pathogen include ready-to-eat foods and products that require long-term refrigerated storage.. [Penn State Live]

“The big guys ship prepackaged in refrigerated railroad cars,” Albert said.”. [I Never Was]

The doors were somewhere around 4″ thick, much like the insulated doors you’d find on a walk-in refrigerated case used in grocery stores.. [GERMANY WINS THE 2007 SOLAR DECATHLON! | Inhabitat]

In June 2009, Nestle USA voluntarily recalled refrigerated cookie dough after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control notified us they were conducting an investigation into reported E. coli O157: H7 illnesses that may have been related to consumption of raw cookie dough.. [The Earth Times Online Newspaper]

In June 2009, Nestle USA voluntarily recalled refrigerated cookie dough after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centres for Disease Control notified the company that they were conducting an investigation into reported E. coli O157: H7 illnesses that may have been related to consumption of raw cookie dough.. [New Statesman]

Sales is a sweet spot for Dreyer's new president and chief executive Nestle recalls refrigerated cookie dough Swine flu count hits 547 in. [ - Business News]

Nestle recalls refrigerated Toll House cookie dough. [ - Business News]

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