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In geography, regions are areas that are broadly divided by physical characteristics (physical geography), human impact characteristics (human geography), and the interaction of humanity and the environment (environmental geography). Geographic regions and sub-regions are mostly described by their imprecisely defined, and sometimes transitory boundaries, except in human geography, where jurisdiction areas such as national borders are defined in law. Apart from the global continental regions, there are also hydrospheric and atmospheric regions that cover the oceans, and discrete climates above the land and water masses of the planet. The land and water global regions are divided into subregions geographically bounded by large geological features that influence large-scale ecologies, such as plains and features. As a way of describing spatial areas, the concept of regions is important and widely used among the many branches of geography, each of which can describe areas in regional terms. For example, ecoregion is a term used in environmental geography, cultural region in cultural geography, bioregion in biogeography, and so on. The field of geography that studies regions themselves is called regional geography. In the fields of physical geography, ecology, biogeography, zoogeography, and environmental geography, regions tend to be based on natural features such as ecosystems or biotopes, biomes, drainage basins, natural regions, mountain ranges, soil types. Where human geography is concerned, the regions and subregions are described by the discipline of ethnography. A region has its own nature that could not be moved. The first nature is its natural environment (landform, climate, etc.). The second nature is its physical elements complex that were built by people in the past. The third nature is its socio-cultural context that could not be replaced by new immigrants..

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Definitions of "regions"

  • Plural form of region. noun
  • the rest of the country excluding the capital city or metropolitan region noun

The word "regions" in example sentences

Certain regions will be hit harder than others (non costal areas, not as hard as costal regions is my belief).. [Housing Bubble?, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

The only sign of a government they see in their regions is a tattered flag whipped by the wind.. [Global Voices in English » Blogging About Poverty And Development In The Arab World]

Buying and importing DVD movies from other regions is also legal for personal use, under the Copyright Act 1968.. [Boing Boing: January 29, 2006 - February 4, 2006 Archives]

Newer versions of walkable suburbs can be found in regions that developed later, like Palo Alto, Calif.. [How SoHo Can Save the Suburbs]

"We see little evidence that the reallocation of workers across industries and regions is particularly pronounced relative to other periods of recession," he said, "suggesting that the pace of structural change is not greater than normal.". [How the Fed Is Holding Back Recovery]

The strong ad forecasts in regions including Latin America and Asia have prompted ad companies such as WPP PLC and Publicis to rev up acquisitions there.. [Ad Recovery Picks Up Speed]

The brain regions involved in literacy have been identified in a neuroscience study with an unusual group of volunteers: former guerrillas in Colombia who are re-integrating into mainstream society.. [Literacy News – 45th Edition « News « Literacy News]

The jobs crisis in regions with higher unemployment has mainly stabilized.. [Unemployment Rate Has Grown Faster In Mountain West Than Any Other U.S. Region Over Past Year]

GE's mobile evaporator, which will be available early next year, is expected to be used in regions such as North America, Europe, China and Indonesia.. [GE Mobile Evaporator Will Recycle 'Fracking' Water From Controversial Natural Gas Drilling Process]

This all plays into the responsibility the private sector must take on -- investing in regions where we seek to do business to ensure we address the broader wellbeing.. [Eileen Sweeney: The Importance of Community Engagement in Emerging Markets]

Extrajudicial killings of civilians surged significantly in regions that received the largest increases in U.S. aid, the human rights groups found.. [Curtis Black: The FBI's 'War on Dissent']

Even if the cold traps don't have the huge quantities that some claim, just the normal regolith in the polar regions is 10-100x enhanced in volitalies just due to the much lower temps.. [Dennis Wingo - Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch]

Seats in regions of New York, Virginia, Texas and Louisiana that performed relatively well economically moved into the Republican camp.. [Economy Wasn't Sole Voter Concern]

Every politician promoting English regions is certainly a traitor to the English because regions are the most unpopular option for England's governance as every poll shows.. ["Flipping" George Osborne saves £55000 in tax]

If you are not a party animal or otherwise unable to attend, please go to the Book Aid website (link at start of this post) and consider contributing to this worthy organisation, which carefully selects and sends appropriate books to children and adults in regions where access to useful or inspiring reading is limited or non-existent.. [Current Affairs]

Michael Moe, who led the research team behind the report, based his figures on revenue opportunities in regions, publicly available documents, press releases and articles, and other criteria.. [Analyst: Twitter worth about $600 million]

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