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Registered Registered mail, letters, packets or other postal documents considered valuable and in need of a chain of custody Registered trademark symbol, symbol ® that provides notice that the preceding is a trademark or service mark.

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Definitions of "registered"

  • Having the owner's name listed in a register: registered bonds. adjective
  • Having the pedigree recorded and verified by an authorized association of breeders: a registered golden retriever. adjective
  • Officially qualified or certified: a registered pharmacist. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of register. verb
  • Having had one's name added to an official list or entered into a register adjective
  • Having a mailed item recorded in a register to enable its location to be tracked, sometimes with added insurance to cover loss. adjective
  • Recorded, as in a register or book; enrolled: as, a registered voter (one whose name is duly entered in the official list of persons qualified to vote in an election).
  • listed or recorded officially adjective
  • (of a boat or vessel) furnished with necessary official documents specifying ownership etc adjective
  • (of animals) officially recorded with or certified by a recognized breed association; especially in a stud book adjective

The word "registered" in example sentences

By no Act of Congress can it be determined when an Inspector of Election has received the vote of "_any person not entitled to vote_," or has registered "_as a voter, any person not entitled to be registered_.". [An Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the Charge of Illegal Voting]

Once convicted of either of these offenses, a defendant is subject to any number of sentences including having his name registered in a sex offender hotline; having his name registered with the local authorities and published to the community; or serving the sentence in a center for the treatment of sex offenders.. [Raw Law]

Krenn looked at Koll, but if the phrase registered in the Detached officer's mind, there was no sign.. [The Final Reflection]

The significance of the name registered although Eden seriously doubted that Jacqueline Cochran actually remembered her.. [Silver Wings, Santiago Blue]

The term 'registered' comes from the fact that such investment advisors are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.. [ News]

The word registered, like a flash of light on water, before it spun out of reach.. [The Life You Longed For]

Altham, but when he claimed to have this title registered he was refused by the king-at-arms, 'on account of his nephew being reported still alive, and for want of the honorary fees.'. [Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume V (of 10)]

Cormac didn’t answer, but lifted the record from the turntable and handed it to her, marking her surprise as the names on the label registered.. [FALSE MERMAID]

She couldn’t tell if the name registered with him, but it must have meant something to the other man because he pulled a cell phone from his pocket and dialed, watching her.. [Thieves Like Us]

Not only had he edged toward its tone, but I’d had another call from the White House after the president had ordered the bombing of suspected terrorist installations in Afghanistan and Sudan that were part of a network headed by Osama bin Laden—the first time, I think, that the name registered permanently with me.. [No Excuses]

We cannot “fairly hold Mr. Clemens responsible for ‘Mark Twain’s’ irreverence,” wrote Bret Harte in a famous review of The Innocents Abroad.2 In 1868, Clemens himself wrote jocularly of an “independent Double” who had gone around the country impersonating him and doing things that the respectable Clemens could not get away with.3 Late in his life, Clemens had his alias registered as a trademark.. [Mark Twain]

Symbolics. com, the very first domain registered, was originally owned by a company that developed workstations for object oriented programing but now belongs to a “domain investor.”. [Where Are They Now? The 25 Oldest Dot Coms « Steve Wildstrom on Tech]

We outnumber Republicans in registered voters, but we only count if we vote, and Barrow has ensured that his base is disgusted.. [Think Progress » ThinkFast: March 29, 2010]

Taste it once and it will remain registered in your mind permanently as Kichadi.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

During the election last year, I called registered voters in North Carolina on behalf of the Obama campaign.. [Janet Turley: Going Rogue with Fact Checking]

As a long-term registered Democrat who increasingly identifies as an independent and has weathered a torrid, post-9/11 love affair with conservatism, I am in a good position to judge Democratic prospects this nominating season.. [Heather Robinson: Wake Up Democrats: You Are Hung up on Barack, but Hillary is What You Need]

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TurkishRegistered English to Turkish Translate
(s.) kaydedilmiş, kayıtlı, müseccel. registered letter taahhütlü mektup. registered nurse ABD kayıtlı hemşire. registered tonnage ton olarak bir geminin yük veya yolcu taşıma istiabı, safi tonaj.(s.) kaydedilmiş, kayıtlı, müseccel. registered letter taahhütlü mektup. registered nurse ABD kayıtlı hemşire. registered tonnage ton olarak bir geminin yük veya yolcu taşıma istiabı, safi tonaj.

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