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Definitions of "regular"

  • Customary, usual, or normal: the train's regular schedule. adjective
  • Orderly, even, or symmetrical: regular teeth. adjective
  • In conformity with a fixed procedure, principle, or discipline. adjective
  • Well-ordered; methodical: regular habits. adjective
  • Occurring at fixed intervals; periodic: regular payments. adjective
  • Occurring with normal or healthy frequency. adjective
  • Having bowel movements or menstrual periods with normal or healthy frequency. adjective
  • Not varying; constant. adjective
  • Formally correct; proper. adjective
  • Having the required qualifications for an occupation: not a regular lawyer. adjective
  • Informal Complete; thorough: a regular scoundrel. adjective
  • Informal Good; nice: a regular guy. adjective
  • Botany Having symmetrically arranged parts of similar size and shape: regular flowers. adjective
  • Grammar Conforming to the usual pattern of inflection, derivation, or word formation. adjective
  • Ecclesiastical Belonging to a religious order and bound by its rules: the regular clergy. adjective
  • Mathematics Having equal sides and equal angles. Used of polygons. adjective
  • Mathematics Having faces that are congruent regular polygons and congruent polyhedral angles. Used of polyhedrons. adjective
  • Belonging to or constituting the permanent army of a nation. adjective
  • Ecclesiastical A member of the clergy or of a religious order. noun

The word "regular" in example sentences

We all stand on the shoulders of giants (I forget who said that) and we all also stand on the shoulders of regular people (like our parents and teachers, although I don't consider them as ‘regular').. [Replication Policy Re-Posted « Climate Audit]

He said it is heading to Singapore on what he described as a regular visit.. [China Patrol Ship Heads to Tense South China Sea]

They can try to pass the bills in what we call regular order, go to the floor, get 218 votes in the House and what amounts to 60 votes in the Senate, that's the number that you need to cut off a filibuster.. [Health Care To Dominate Congress In Fall]

DELAY: Show leadership and go through what we call regular order.. [CNN Transcript Jun 21, 2007]

But I have to say that the preliminary appeal, which we've launched, will have to be replaced by what we call the regular appeal, or revised appeal, in the coming days, where the needs will be more precisely evaluated.. [CNN Transcript Dec 27, 2004]

There's a lot of other issues out there that ought to be dealt with, and we ought to go through what we call regular order to make that happen: holding hearings, what is the need.. [CNN Transcript Sep 26, 2001]

The next six will be what they call regular, more or less acceptable.. [Mexico]

Besides these, which he calls the regular practics, there are all the wild herbs to be gathered in.. [The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 108, October, 1866]

When a cow assumes the appearance of what we term a regular buller -- when she is running every day, or every second or third day, or when one or more retire from the herd and assume the habits of the male -- then, and not till then, does the case become utterly hopeless.. [Cattle and Cattle-breeders]

I was never much given to theatrical entertainments, -- that is, at no time of my life was I ever what they call a regular play-goer; but on some occasion of a benefit-night, which was expected to be very productive, and indeed turned out so, Cleora expressing a desire to be present, I could do no less than offer, as I did very willingly, to squire her and her mother to the pit.. [The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 84, October, 1864]

"Look there, by Jove!" cried Charley, with a real interest at last; "now that's what I call a regular thing!". [Stories by American Authors, Volume 5]

She was a woman of what she called regular habits.. [Clara Hopgood]

He had gone off in dudgeon and stayed away, his absence being severely felt in the house, for his task of fetching wood and water had to be placed in Sam German's hands; and as this was not what he called his regular work, he did it in a grumbling, unpleasant manner, which very much raised Aunt Georgie's ire.. [The Dingo Boys The Squatters of Wallaby Range]

Malt said he opened what he termed a regular bank account for "diversification.". [ News]

"Why, Littlebrain," said his messmate, "that is a dose; that's what we call a regular _Nor-wester_.". [Olla Podrida]

The manna itself might not have been so soon loathed, had it been produced in what we call the regular course of nature.. [An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignorance]

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