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What does the word reinsert mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word reinsert in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with reinsert and anagrams of reinsert.

Definitions of "reinsert"

  • insert again verb
  • To insert again. verb-transitive
  • To insert a second time.

The word "reinsert" in example sentences

As in i went to iTunes and "reinsert" the album artwork again, but same problem.. []

But the politics will not be easy to navigate because any reform will have to reinsert price signals into the market—meaning higher premiums for Floridians, at least in the short term, given that Florida is so often hit by hurricanes.. [Waiting for Hurricane Charlie (Crist)]

His impossible task is to reinsert his ego into a life that he claims has dispensed with it.. [Life in the Woods]

So annually I dig them out and try to reinsert them in the annoyingly unco-operative memory.. [Well, it's been a quiet week here at The Inn. . . .]

Cleveland blew most of a 29-point lead in the final period against Detroit's reserves and the Cavaliers had to reinsert LeBron James to restore order before hanging on for a 94-82 win over the Pistons on Tuesday night to take a 2-0 lead in their Eastern Conference playoff series.. [Cavaliers hold off Pistons for 2-0 series lead]

After five days of the IV treatment, I had not developed an infection, nor had I needed to summon Joan or Karen to reinsert the IV.. [Chocolate & Vicodin]

The OpenLeft whipcount now has 30 Democratic Senators on board for the totally obvious step of using reconciliation to pass health care, with an additional 17 officially on board with the Clyburn-tested, Canavan-approved step of using reconciliation to reinsert the public option.. [Thursday Daytime Links « Gerry Canavan]

I twirl my cape, reinsert my fangs, and proclaim, "I won't let you down!". [Harmon Leon: Haunted House A-Boo-Boo]

Joel Ewanick , GM's global chief marketing officer, has been aggressive at trying to reinsert GM's brands, especially Chevy, into big TV events, after the company cut back on its marketing during its crisis.. [GM Signs With NBC for Olympic Broadcasts]

I would expect that troops and assets that are withdrawn from Iraq will be staged within easy reach to reinsert and/or redirected to Afghanistan.. [if the troops pull out of irac will the ammo companys have a lot more for us?]

The bombshell revelation -- combined with a "60 Minutes" profile set to air Sunday -- reinsert Brown into the national political dialogue at a key juncture for him and will undoubtedly add to the political intrigue surrounding the senator.. [The Fix: Is Scott Brown beatable?]

The Joint Chiefs of Staff concurred in the need to develop “an enhanced U.S. capability to rapidly reinsert forces,” advocating “expanded security guarantees” to friendly nations throughout the region.. [Between War and Peace]

It is hoped that pausing trading will provide time for humans to reinsert themselves into runaway automated trading by reassessing strategies and resetting algorithm parameters.. [Automated Trading Leaving Retail Investors In The Dust]

In the end Spitzer's attempt to reinsert himself into the political arena comes off as opportunistic and calculated.. [Eliot Spitzer Leaves The Farm For Wall Street]

Blood and treasure … Aha! the New York Times exclaimed, the president is signaling “a renewed determination to reinsert himself into the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.”. [Ira Chernus: Blood or Treasure? Obama's Crucial Choice in the Middle East]

Senate Dems may also try to reinsert just under $8 billion to help laid-off workers buy health insurance, another provision sacrificed to deficit reduction.. [Twenty One Days Since Congress Allowed Extended Unemployment Benefits To Lapse]

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@Steel_Curtain4 If they can find a bare minimum, middle of the road agreement for the long term. Deal AB. Then spen…


My monitor crapped out. "You get my body back at the power plant, reinsert me into the Matrix, I'll get what you wa…


@40_head: 48. The biggest question is why! And it NEEDS to be answered! Terrorists conspiring to take out MBS? Al-Waleed vying for power…

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Reinsert Word Data

  • Pronunciations(r?`?n*s?rt")
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation re in sert


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