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Rejectionism or rejectionist A policy or attitude of rejection of something Rejectionists, Iraqi insurgent group Rejectionist Front, Palestinian political coalition Arab rejectionism, rejection of the right of a Jewish State to exist Rafida, an Islamic term, "those who reject" Epistemic rejectionism, a philosophical position.

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Definitions of "rejectionist"

  • Having a tendency to reject the plans or proposals of others adjective
  • Such a person or organization noun

The word "rejectionist" in example sentences

First, and foremost, yes, the rejectionist is the new cool.. [Rejectionist is the New Cool]

Now - as a 'rejectionist' - how do YOU interpret it?. [How to Reject a Rejectionist]

They say that no Palestinian who killed Israelis, no Palestinians belonging to the so-called rejectionist groups, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the like, will be released in this first stage until peacemaking has gone much further down the road.. [CNN Transcript Jul 6, 2003]

The "rejectionist" atmosphere also welcomed radical proposals that conflict with fundamental tenets of American society, which were marketed as dramatic departures from the status quo and a means to limit the scope of government.. [Bradford Kane: The Tea Party's Four Themes and Their Antidotes for the November Election]

That Hezbollah, with its Iranian connection, with its connections to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are advancing a version of Islam, which is basically and fundamentally anti-Western, anti-Israel, and seeks to establish the kind of rejectionist hold on the region.. [CNN Transcript Jul 14, 2006]

Predictably, Israel and the US voted in the minority obstructing the application of international law and sticking with decades of willful "rejectionist" policies.. [The Case for a Nuclear Iran]

It turned out that an Iranian group, a kind of rejectionist group, actually exposed the Iranian uranium-enrichment facility at Natanz.. [CNN Transcript Sep 12, 2004]

As a progressive third world movement that has emerged from and inspired many 'social movements' we are also concerned by the 'rejectionist' tendencies of some in the emerging global movement.. [ANC STATEMENT TO THE GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM OF THE WORLD SUMMIT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT]

Assad's sense of himself as the anti-Sadat, the natural leader of the "rejectionist" front that would never come to terms with the legitimacy of Israel's existence, cannot be understood without reference to the peculiarities of Syria's domestic politics.. []

'social movements' we are also concerned by the 'rejectionist' tendencies of some in the emerging global movement.. [ANC STATEMENT TO THE GLOBAL CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM OF THE WORLD SUMMIT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT]

Russia had a long history of stirring up trouble in the Middle East, with a cadre of experienced diplomats who would work with the rejectionist Arab states to keep pressure on Israel.. [The Good Fight]

More broadly, for 35 years the U.S. has led the rejectionist camp on Israel-Palestine, blocking an international consensus calling for a political settlement in terms too well-known to require repetition.. [Noam Chomsky: The Imperial Way]

Vatanka argues that he doesn't see Iran changing its foreign policy any time soon, and that its support for the Palestinian rejectionist camp puts it in direct conflict with Egypt, which is a top U.S. ally and supporter of a negotiated settlement with Israel.. [Iran Reacts Positively to Accord on Resuming Cairo-Tehran Flights]

In opposition in Congress, Republicans in 1993 and 2009 followed rejectionist strategies, while Democrats in 2001-2006 for the most part did not.. [More on 'hardball']

Israel and the US cannot decide for the Palestinians; at most they can help them make their decisions, and that can be achieved by presenting them with alternatives to Hamas' total rejectionist ideology.. [Dr. Josef Olmert: Hamas, bin Laden and Palestinian-Israeli Peace]

Sarah Palin will almost certainly run, but, in the meantime, she will tweet herself into the role of goad and spokesperson for the rejectionist front of the GOP on the Hill.. [What Happens Next? The Complex Post-Election Landscape]

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an oratory is a shaving: rejectionist, not twisting

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The rise of the Five Star Movement, Italy’s ‘rejectionist’ party
The rise of the Five Star Movement, Italy’s ‘rejectionist’ party
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