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Definitions of "related"

  • Being connected; associated. adjective
  • Connected by kinship, common origin, or marriage. adjective
  • Music Having a close harmonic connection. adjective
  • Standing in relation or connection. adjective
  • Being a relative of. adjective
  • Narrated; told. adjective
  • Same as the adjective relative. adjective
  • Fulfilling a relation. adjective
  • Having a relationship with the thing named adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of relate. verb
  • Allied by kindred; connected by blood or alliance, particularly by consanguinity. past-participle
  • Standing in relation or connection. past-participle
  • Narrated; told. past-participle
  • Same as Relative, 4. past-participle
  • Recited; narrated.
  • Allied by kindred; connected by blood or alliance, particularly by consanguinity: as, a person related in the first or second degree.
  • Standing in some relation or connection: as, the arts of painting and sculpture are closely related.
  • In music:
  • Of tones, belonging to a melodic or harmonic series, so as to be susceptible of close connection.

The word "related" in example sentences

“Alexstrasza…” The high priestess stirred at the thought of another name related to the Aspect, that of a second valued ally.. [WORLD OF WARCRAFT STORMRAGE]

Is the title related to Poe's "The Porloined Letter" which is one of the first mysteries?. ["The Purloined Boy" Book One in the Weirdling Cycle by Mortimus Clay (Reviewed by Cindy Hannikman)]

I wonder if the atom hence the title related to nuclear physics feed for this site is set up?. [Archive 2005-10-01]

Evidence, a word related to the Latin videre, means “to see”; in our postreligious, postmythical world, evidence becomes the way to “see” truth.. [Experiencing the Next World Now]

Volume One as opposed to your colloquial use of the term related to SOAP.. [Netvouz - new bookmarks]

Try to use your blog keywords in the title - while it may be hard to always do this, by keeping the title related to the topic, your blog will always be relevant. [Press Releases | Press Release Distribution | Submit Press Release]

The word gay had not yet been coined as a term related to sexuality but I still thought to myself, This is so fucking GAY!!!. [Full Frontal Nudity]

Secondly, underline the concept that failure is a term related to situations, not people.. [What your child doing? Child's Creativity]

"Writing in white heat, revising in cold blood" is the famous term related to swoopers.. [Archive 2008-04-01]

Is there a plausible physical explanation for this, specifically one that does not include a term related to unrecognized UHI?. [A New Leaderboard at the U.S. Open « Climate Audit]

One question was about “backward pairing”- a term related to tests for learning where the order of the reinforcement and the stimulus is reversed.. [Firedoglake » Murray Waas to Join Yearly Kos Plame Panel]

And he is seeking treatment for that and what he calls related behavioral problems and his former colleagues call something else.. [CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2006]

“Rodeo: Largely, a term related to a fraternity practice in which the male is having intercourse with a woman doggie-style, says something intended to offend her immensely and then grabs her hair while trying to maintain penetration with his penis for eight seconds before she can “buck him off.”. [GENERATION S.L U.T.]

This is a term related to fine tunning your query.. [ articles]

So, we always have what we call related actions as a part of all the reports that you can create, so you can get to either another report or to a task you might want to do based on something a report is showing you.. [Independent Information Technology and business analysis from]

This investigation was based on detailed analysis and live debugging of the AX kernel code whilst performing various label related operations, so I hope it can provide some insight into some of the stranger label related issues that might crop up occasionally.. [Site Home]

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