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Relatives can refer to: Kinship Relatives (1985 film), a 1985 Australian movie Relatives (2006 film), a 2006 Hungarian movie.

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Definitions of "relatives"

  • Plural form of relative. noun

The word "relatives" in example sentences

Just about everyone agrees that having a majority of black children growing up with either single mothers, grandparents or other relatives is a problem.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Whitewashing Progressivism]

At the same time, in Saudi Arabia, there was a telethon earlier this week to raise money for what they call the relatives of the martyrs, those killed during operations against Israel, those killed by the Israelis.. [CNN Transcript Apr 12, 2002]

When the mind so considers one thing, that it does as it were bring it to, and set it by another, and carries its view from one to the other — this is, as the words import, relation and respect; and the denominations given to positive things, intimating that respect, and serving as marks to lead the thoughts beyond the subject itself denominated to something distinct from it, are what we call relatives; and the things so brought together, related.. [An Essay Concerning Human Understanding]

My wish list from relatives is full for the next time I travel to Germany.. [Kosher for Passover Coke: It’s the Real Thing Baby]

Anyway, the question is: Should the Masochist/Synth pairing become canon, or should they remain relatives?. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Wings’ Second Review Forum]

Even the first meeting between the long-estranged white and black relatives is somewhat underwhelming, despite the drumbeat build-up by the filmmaker.. [Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat]

Meaghan Patrick, a junior at New College of Florida, a tiny liberal arts college in Sarasota, says discussing immigration with her older relatives is like “hitting your head against a brick wall.”. [Immigration – The New Generational Conflict | Impact Lab]

One of those relatives is Daniel Benally, 73, who says he lives with shortness of breath after working for the Black Mesa mine in the same area for 35 years as a heavy equipment operator.. [Jeff Biggers: Pattern of Violations: Black Cross Movement Calls Out Dangerous Navajo Coal Mines (Photos)]

And I truly hope that none of my relatives is withing shooting rane if that happens .... [Senate rejects concealed weapons bill]

Moving in with relatives is like hairy-carey I would live under a bridge first.. [I’m opening a can of whoop-ass | Johnny B. Truant]

Regardless, this "time off" from UC Santa Cruz, as I choose to phrase it to relatives, is valuable because I now have time to utilize my perfect hindsight to tweak my lifestyle and find a balance of the social and the educational when I (hopefully) return to Santa Cruz next year.. [Sam Raushenbush: Lessons on a Balanced College Life Learned by a Dropout]

I think this is a manipulated poll .. maybe of Palin relatives .. can't imagine otherwise!. [Clinton edges out Palin in 'Most Admired' poll]

Yet a full-bore crackdown on allegedly corrupt officials and their relatives is no longer considered a realistic option for the U.S.. [U.S. Probes Karzai's Kin]

Pissing off war-hero pensioners and grieving relatives is not a particularly brave thing to do. on January 4, 2010 at 8: 21 pm inspectorgadget. [Inspector Gadget In The Sun. Gotcha! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

The neighbors know that Cyrla, sent from Poland for safekeeping with her Dutch relatives, is Jewish.. [My Enemy's Cradle: Summary and book reviews of My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Young.]

Barring funerals, pretty much the only time I hear from my now far-flung McNally relatives is when the Red Sox are doing well at whatever it is they do.. [Archive 2007-10-01]

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Types Of Relatives | Niharika Nm
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