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Definitions of "remote"

  • Located far away; distant in space. adjective
  • Hidden away; secluded: a remote hamlet. adjective
  • Distant in time: the remote past. adjective
  • Faint; slight: a remote possibility; had not the remotest interest. adjective
  • Far removed in connection or relevance: a cause remote from everyday concerns. adjective
  • Distantly related by blood or marriage: a remote cousin. adjective
  • Distant in manner; aloof. adjective
  • Operating or controlled from a distance: remote sensors. adjective
  • Computer Science Located at a distance from another computer that is accessible by cables or other communications links: a remote terminal. adjective
  • A radio or television broadcast originating from a point outside a studio. noun
  • A remote control device. noun
  • At a distance; disconnected. adjective
  • Distant or otherwise inaccessible. adjective
  • Unlikely. adjective
  • Emotionally detached. adjective
  • Short for remote control. noun
  • An element of broadcast programming originating away from the station's or show's control room. noun
  • To connect to a computer from a remote location. verb
  • Removed to a distance; not near; far away; distant; -- said in respect to time or to place adjective

The word "remote" in example sentences

Firstly go into the top level folder for your repository clone and pull down a local copy of all of the remote branches: for remote in ` git branch - r `; do git branch -- track $remote; done. [RubyCorner]

Also, and Smithe would speak more of this later, the Kandakandero seemed to have the ability to access information, events, images, et cetera from great distances, a notion that failed to shock Switters because the CIA had once experimented with a similar psychic technique (under the term remote viewing), and several of the angels had become quite adept at it before opposition from irate Christian hillbillies in Congress had shut the project down.. [Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates]

The term remote control can be contracted to remote or controller.. [Planet Geospatial]

So that farmers and small traders can actually come to a terminal center -- what we call the remote access terminal centers -- and actually, without having to buy a computer or figure out how to dial up or any of those things, simply see the trading that's happening on the Addis Ababa trading floor.. [Eleni Gabre-Madhin on Ethiopian economics]

VERJEE: Democratic Congressman John Turney says the U.S. mission in Iraq needs more than what he called remote control diplomacy.. [CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2007]

See what happens when you're on the couch, both hands clutching the side of your head, and the remote is a good table-length away?. [For Those of You Reading Along]

His short dark hair was combed and neat, his evening dress immaculate, his expression remote.. [A Hopeless Romantic]

Okay, I question whether the shape of this remote is actually very convenient as a remote.. [Lightsaber Remote | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News]

What you were engaged in was what you call remote viewing.. [CNN Transcript Jun 3, 2004]

“You will, hopefully tomorrow,” Holt answered, his expression remote.. [The Rogue]

"It's a little perverse, a little like science fiction, but we realized that we have the technology to grow grass and trees underground," said Mr. Ramsey, 34, an architect who developed what he calls the "remote skylight" technology.. [NYT > Home Page]

Greenspan, after the 2001 recession, slashed the Fed's benchmark interest rate to 1 percent in late June 2003, the lowest since 1958, and held it there for a year in a bid to fend off what he called a remote chance of deflation.. [ -- Top News]

Cannings said anyone who downloaded Android apps is safe thanks to what he called the remote application removal feature.. [The Inquirer]

"Too hard" is also what he calls the remote control, which is why Natal is the next "IT" thing in this age where impatience is key, and everyone tends to prefer the automatic over the manual.. [Xbox 360]

The word remote doesn’t adequately describe the location.. [206 BONES]

England with the kind of stark, chilly beauty I associate with certain remote rural areas and half-forgotten seaside towns.. [A Conversation with Kazuo Ishiguro about Never Let Me Go]

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@honeyboyyunki: the year is 1996. you turn on the television and rearrange the antennas to get better signal. you ran home from school d…


(Si bunso nanunuod ng cartoons) Me: junior lipat mo muna? Panuodin ko lang si kyline Bunso: Kyline? (kinuha remote…


@JNampijinpa: Linda Burney gives zero craps for most marginalised in remote communities where gap is widest - “yes, the issues in remote…


Gonna annoy the Mrs today by putting "Valentines" in front of everything. "Want a Valentines cuppa" "The dog just…

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