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What does the word remoter mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word remoter in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with remoter and anagrams of remoter.

Definitions of "remoter"

  • comparative form of remote: more remote adjective

The word "remoter" in example sentences

During all the time I was at the front I never once remember any P.S.U.C. adherent showing me hostility because I was P.O.U.M. That kind of thing belonged in Barcelona or in places even remoter from the war.. [Homage to Catalonia]

Putting aside for the moment all question as to the respective status of the several parts of the Empire, whether before or after 1926, whether before or after the war, whether now or in remoter years, has not the really essential issue always been for an Empire so diverse, so widely scattered as our own has been, to devise means that policy can be so built up and ordered as to preclude or reduce to a minimum the possibility of disagreement between any of our peoples on any question of capital importance, or on any series of questions leading up to such an issue?. [Canada and Great Britain]

Mars is older than our earth, with scarcely a quarter of the superficial area and remoter from the sun, it necessarily follows that it is not only more distant from time’s beginning but nearer its end.. [The War Of The Worlds by H. G. Wells | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News]

“Thousands of illustrious families,” a newspaper lamented in 1834, “are compelled to take the situation of tenants, or are scattered into factories, and into the kitchens of the rich—or, more happily for them, driven in exile to the remoter West.”. [A Renegade History of the United States]

He was put on the island with four other males because there are too few females among those rescued, and the project did not want to sexually overload the groups that have been reintroduced to the even remoter forest.. [Mike Arkus: Going Ape in Central Africa: Meeting Our Closest Cousins in the Near-Wild Within Easy Reach of Major Cities]

Contracted police trainers often cannot or will not operate in nonpermissive environments, thus confning their training to the capital city or secure areas while leaving unsecured remoter areas of a country without desperately needed police trainers and mentors, as is often the case in Iraq and Afghanistan today.. [David Isenberg: The Liability of Using a PMC to Do Foreign Police Training]

The central idea had come to him the night before, and he was now reveling in the planning of the remoter, minor details.. [Winged Blackmail]

But it was their remoter, complicated desires and mental processes that obfuscated him.. [Chun Ah Chun]

Many of these she has either cared for herself or overseen their care, sometimes even by phone to remoter parts of Aceh.. [Rio Helmi: Robin Lim: Obsessions of a Hero]

He felt that she had become remoter from him by at least a million miles.. [Chapter 1]

Not by reasoning, not by the five senses alone, but by other and remoter and uncharted senses, came the feeling to White Fang that the man was ominous with evil, pregnant with hurtfulness, and therefore a thing bad, and wisely to be hated.. [The Mad God]

Colombia has seen billions of dollars in foreign direct investment since 2002 when a U.S.-backed offensive beat back rebels to remoter regions of the Andean country and opened up new areas to investment, especially in oil and mining.. [Protests rock Colombia oil area, firm halts output]

Most of even the remoter villages here, as everywhere, have lost a good bit of their former bustle and magic.. [Country diary: Staffordshire Moorlands]

They calculated that perturbations in the orbit of Uranus, then thought to be the sun's most distant planet, could only be explained by the existence of another, even remoter world whose gravity was affecting Uranus's path.. [Neptune's first orbit: a turning point in astronomy]

For Big-Tooth also had an other-self, and when he slept that other-self dreamed back into the past, back to the winged reptiles and the clash and the onset of dragons, and beyond that to the scurrying, rodent-like life of the tiny mammals, and far remoter still, to the shore-slime of the primeval sea.. [CHAPTER XI]

Bopi firmly hold himslef with hands, continued spoke, Niceter is a spirit power master and came from a remoter galaxy.. [Mini Star | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

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