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Definitions of "renewed"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of renew. verb
  • restored to a new condition adjective

The word "renewed" in example sentences

Tortolero said not having his term renewed was a "major disappointment," and he called the decision "political.". [ - News]

Peter Tinsley, chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission, did not have his term renewed last fall after ordering public interest hearings into the handling of Afghan prisoners.. [Canadian Online Health News]

The beneficiary of the environmental bond held by Banco de la Produccion S.A. Produbanco has been changed from the Ministry of Non Renewable Resources to the Ministry of Environment, and the term renewed for one year.. [ News Articles]

(Conducting them on land, by the way, is now "kosher.") "I think this is the beginning of what I call a renewed priestly ministry, a more inclusive priesthood, a more inclusive theology," Rue notes.. [Greg Archer: Roman Catholic Female Priests Growing in Numbers: An Insider's Perspective]

Now this president and those who meet with him every day are to be appointed by the supreme council and out of the number of syndics, not indeed for life, but for six months, and they must not have their term renewed but after the lapse of three or four years.. [A Political Treatise]

The Israeli diplomat also suggested that its policy on Jerusalem should not be a sticking point in renewed efforts by the U.S. to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.. [Israeli Amb.: Palestinians need to come to negotiating table]

As when asked previously about the U.S. view of Pakistani cooperation, Gibbs cited what he called the renewed effort that Pakistan has made in recent years to address the extremist threat - one that affects Pakistan and the United States.. [White House Reiterates Support for Pakistan, Afghanistan]

Mohammed Abdullahi Omar welcomed what he described as the renewed U.S. interest after a top official in the Obama administration said Washington wants to strengthen ties with both Somaliland and Puntland, located in the Horn of Africa.. [Somaliland Foreign Minister Welcomes ‘Renewed’ U.S Interest]

Both said they hope to see an eventual Iranian return to negotiations over that country's nuclear program, but that recent Iranian expressions of interest in renewed dialogue have not been followed by any message to that effect to the E.U.. [US Sanctions Iranian Officials for Rights Violations]

Agriculture products, branded consumer goods, automobiles, technology and industrial goods are also in renewed demand.. [The Aviation Boom Market]

Mr. McCain renewed his threat to consider throwing Russia out of the G-8 group of leading industrialized democracies and bar it from membership in the World Trade Organization.. [McCain Slams Obama on National Security - The Caucus Blog -]

Between those dates, a renewal registration was required to prevent the expiration of copyright, however determining whether a work's registration has been renewed is a challenge.. [Boing Boing]

Tim Pawlenty, whose decision not to seek a third term renewed speculation that he may run for president.. [MacManus: Path to the White House runs through the Senate]

His only concern to get this Act renewed, is to protect himself, his family and his rich friends.. [Think Progress » Stumped Again: Bush Can’t Name A Single Mistake]

The latest I hear about the Belize dance to get your 6 month tourist visa renewed is this: They used to just let you get it right at the crossing.. [Tourist visa]

The film provided them with a high profile opportunity to gain renewed support for their agendas and, naturally, their fundraising.. [Life Upon the Wicked Stage—Freedom of Artistic Expression]

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@southpernova we don't know exactly but none of them renewed with ts

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