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Hyphenation ren ne
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Super fine, mixed raced barbiesque. Beast in the gym and nearly perfect in every way. Urban Dictionary

Renne is Kind, Loyal and smart. She is confident in what she believes. She is determined and works hard. She may be shy at first but once you get to know her she is funny and and joy to be around. She can be quit and may seem unapproachable but that’s because she’s a thinker. She thinks a lot and sometimes overthinks. She can be sensitive in good ways. She’s very motivational. She will be always be there. Urban Dictionary

(Girl Version) Rarely a girl because the name Renn or Ren is usually used by guys. A Renn is a hard girl to find. A Renn is a girl who is really quirky and has dyed her hair at least once or really wants to. A Renn isn’t a cringe type of quirky. She doesn’t mention or even thinks that she is quirky until someone tells her so. She is also a great person to just vibe with and is also funny and up to date with memes. She usually has average grades or slightly better than average. Sometimes peaks in their grades. Her extra curricular activites are not very good because the activities she does isn’t the average and common activities. A Renn is also not a very girly girl. She has a unique fashion sense which is more to an edgy style. Is either broke or more than average but not crazy rich. Taste in music is usually mutating to her mood and listens to many genres. She can go from horrorcore to RnB music. A Renn is a great person to talk to. Not to mention very fun to hangout with. She also probably has a nice ass. Urban Dictionary

A Renn is a smart, funny, sporty guy. He is short tempered and loves the people around him. Urban Dictionary

Idrk pano mag start ng letter pero my life has been so great with you, ive been doing so much better when i met u again,it’s been a joyride all through, I will love to step it up to the next level because you will make a perfect wife. I may not tell you everyday that you mean the world to me but you do. The day you stepped into my life you changed it into something so beautiful and meaningful. You made me the happiest person ever since we've met even though sometimes we get into a little becker situation but srsly you always make me valid and respect my perspectives. I have many reasons why id choose you over many girls out there, did you knew how i felt when you confessed to me at Aug 5? It was one of the feelings ive never felt in my whole life. Im very glad i met you again. I feel so special to have known someone like you, you're amazing you complete me i adore you you made me feel you're my safe place I like you so much my Joren Urban Dictionary

A girl with red hair white skin and a fierce personality, when you see her you might think 'i cant trust her', but when you are friends with her you will.she belongs with torak because he is her true love Urban Dictionary

A 1337 gamer, normally found in front of his laptop, TV, or at TGP. (That Gaming Place for you n00bs) (Actually a real persons gamer-tag) ;) Urban Dictionary

Brave like a true warrior he is vivacious. Rennes is extremely charming which makes it difficult to resist him. They are nearly perfect in every way. Spontaneous, expressive, passionate, and generous. They can achieve anything they commit to in life. They are creative, artistic, with musical abilities. There is always an element of originality in everything they do. Rennes’s loyalty knows no boundaries. He is fiercely dignified and will dedicate his time to you. When he walks in a room , people are aware and his presence is known. Admiration is an understatement as others will watch and stare in awe. Rennes will show the upmost respect to their partners. He will be a knight is weathered armor tarnished and blood stained. He was never demolished. Still wearing his heart on his sleeve. Protective of what is his with fire in his eyes and passion in his hands. He will take you over the edge. He is exciting, powerful, and courageous. He will steal your heart and you will never want it back. A Rennes is every woman’s dream. Urban Dictionary

Rennes is an awesome human being, particularly awesome. Urban Dictionary

Nerdy little virgin. He's cute. But that's about it. Urban Dictionary

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The word "renne" in example sentences

Can I vote for renne Montaya/Question back-ups in Detective? ❋ Unknown (2009)

And he had made a conduyt undir erthe, so that the 3 weles, at his list, on scholde renne milk, another wyn, and another hony. ❋ Unknown (2004)

And thenne they dressyd hem on bothe partyes of the felde, & lete their horses renne so fast that eyther smote other in the myddes of the shelde, with their speres hede, that bothe hors and man wente to the erthe. ❋ Bayard Tuckerman (N/A)

It is much to be regretted that this ballad, which from internal evidence (_e. g._ the use of the word ‘renne, ’ 1. 2) is to be attributed to an early age, should have become so incoherent and corrupted by oral tradition. ❋ Frank Sidgwick (N/A)

"§ At lest wise, if it be a poinet of good service, to renne awaie at all times, when the countree hath most neede of his helpe to sticke to it." ❋ Various (N/A)

[33] Right so, if thou be religious, renne thou never ferthere ❋ Unknown (1901)

The proctor and his men I made to renne their ways, ❋ William Carew Hazlitt (1873)

I shall make the dasters [572] to renne [573] into a bag, ❋ William Carew Hazlitt (1873)

It were to be wished, that naturalists, who are acquainted with the renne and elk of ❋ Unknown (1853)

The same Kalm tells us (2) that the black moose, or renne of America, is as high as a tall horse; and Catesby (3) that it is about the bigness of a middle ❋ Unknown (1853)

Perhaps it will be found that there is, 1 the moose, black and gray, the former being said to be the male, and the latter the female; 2, the caribou or renne; 3, the flat-horned elk, or original; 4, the round-horned elk. ❋ Unknown (1853)

But Monsieur D'Aubenton says (1) that the renne of Europe is about the size of a red deer. ❋ Unknown (1853)

He reduces the whole to the renne and flat-horned elk. ❋ Unknown (1853)

[22] In one of the Paston letters, we find the notice of a Spanish knight appearing at the court of Henry VI., "wyth a Kercheff of Plesaunce iwrapped aboute hys arme, the gwych Knight," says the writer, "wyl renne a cours wyth a sharpe spere for his sou'eyn lady sake." ❋ William Hickling Prescott (1827)

It were to be wished, that naturalists, who are acquainted with the renne and elk of Europe, and who may hereafter visit the northern parts of America, would examine well the animals called there by the names of grey and black moose, caribou, original, and elk. ❋ Unknown (1826)

D 'Aubenton says § that the renne of Europe is about the size of a red deer. ❋ Unknown (1826)

The same Kalm tells us ‡ that the black moose, or renne of America, is as high as a tall horse; and Catesby ‖, that it is about the bigness of a middle sized ox. ❋ Unknown (1826)

Girl one: I went [hard in] [the gym] today. Girl two: How hard? Girl one: I did a [Renne]. ❋ Tommytopboy (2016)

Renne was there [for me] [and that]’s why I [appreciate] her so much ❋ Middle School Shy Girl (2019)

Guy 1: Don’t you think Renn is so [quirky]? Guy 2: Yeah, Renn does some things [we would] never [do in] our life or even think about doing it. ❋ Teko1337 (2020)

The Renn [I know] is; Funny, [Cute], Smart and [Sporty]. ❋ Ewanseamusdutton (2019)

helloooee Renn ❋ Jeannejeanjean (2023)

[i can't] [trust] [that girl], she is a renn! ❋ Renn+torak (2010)

Renn [goddamn] your so [1337] ❋ (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (2005)

Kyle: wow, Rennes is a really loyal guy. He’s a very good [role model] [Stevo]: Rennes is very dedicated and an [overachiever]. Holly: How do I get one of those ? ❋ Nighthawk2004 (2019)

[Omg] [I love] my Rennes, he's just [the best]. ❋ Particularyawesomehumanbeing (2018)

[Oh my gosh] [that guy] is [such a] Renn. ❋ Mcdonaldsislyf (2018)

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