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Reprivatization refers to the process of restoring to its former owners properties seized by a government, or to the process of compensating previously uncompensated former owners. This is often a component of larger privatization schemes. The term is most often used in the connection with privatization in former Soviet Bloc countries or in reference to settlements concerning the property of murdered or displaced European Jews. The difference between reprivatization and privatization is that only state (nationwide) property can become the subject of the transaction, but not municipal property. The economic content of these concepts also has differences: the privatized property is obtained due to the costs of the state, but the reprivatized property previously belonged to individuals who received income from its exploitation, they also created it. Reprivatization is often sought by members of the old nobility or their descendants who desire the return of the traditional family home for sentimental and/or financial reasons; by Holocaust survivors, their descendants, or survivors of persons who died in Nazi death camps and whose property was confiscated by the Nazis or by later Communist states and disposed of in various ways; and by corporations or other parties whose property was nationalized. It is very difficult to work out a one-size-fits all regime for property restitution, and it is often pursued on an ad hoc basis in the courts with varying degrees of success in different jurisdictions. A significant barrier to reprivatization is created by larger political questions, which vary by country. In Eastern Europe, there is frequently a desire to avoid the inflammation of ethnic tensions and the ostensible reversal of Potsdam conference policies; see Federation of Expellees. Outstanding reprivatization issues can sometimes be a barrier to foreign investment, as investors are wary of investing in a property to which the title is disputed or faulty..

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  • The process or an instance of returning to private ownership. noun

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Why haven't we seen an ammendment suggested that would help pull us out of this crisis and help the notion of reprivatization that said, "If you are a too-big-to-fail institution, and you have to rely on government asset purchases, government debt guarantees, access to the Fed window for more than a 60 day period, etc., your board members and your executives will all be considered to be working under a supervisory action, immediately, replaced as soon as possible, and your board and senior officers will all be prohibited from working for a regulated financial institution for a period of five years.". [Housing Doom]

Accordingly, this office recommends a new corporate strategy: Whatever Mr. Obama says, GE should do the opposite, starting with investing in coal-burning power-plants and health care reprivatization.. [What GE Was Thinking in 2011]

That will minimize costs (which will still be large) and reprivatization will allow the government to recoup some of the upside.. [Matthew Yglesias » Rich Bankers: We Want Trillions of Dollars]

And I think, as I said earlier, we're not going to see any more no-strings bailouts, and we're hopefully a lot closer to the kind of recievership - and-reprivatization process that should have been done from the start.. [House Passes The AIG Bonus Tax]

Reading about the Tolyatti "business dispute," the pressure on the courts, and the purported role of the presidential administration reminded me of the scandalous interview that formerly Kremlin-connected fund manager Oleg Shvartsman gave to "Kommersant" in November 2007 in which he cast some light on the "voluntary-compulsory" measures that Putin insiders (he named especially First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin) in order to implement a "velvet reprivatization.". [Robert Coalson: The Myth Of Putin's Popularity]

Just six months after the Orange Revolution brought a pro-democracy team to power in 2005, moderate, avidly pro-Western President Viktor Yushchenko dismissed Mrs. Tymoshenko from the post of prime minister, in part because she was pushing for wide-scale reprivatization of assets of Ukraine's wealthy businessmen she believed were bought at sharp discounts through political connections.. [Ukraine's Chief Picks Big Targets]

The Argentine congress approved the repurchase plan only after removing a clause allowing for the airline's future reprivatization.. [Airline Grab Gains Ground in Argentina]

The governing coalition agreed to the reprivatization of farmlands.. [1990, Jan. 5]

Komorowski, who is aligned with Tusk's governing Civic Platform party but is elected separately from the government, also acknowledged what many critics frequently note - that Poland is the only young democracy from the former East Bloc that hasn't passed any reprivatization or recompensation law.. [The Seattle Times]

In the world after the crisis, how can we move toward reprivatization?. [AMERICAN.COM -- A Magazine of Ideas, Online]

TARP and Leviathan, "how the United States can move back towards reprivatization after the financial crisis, and says of the housing bubble,". [AMERICAN.COM -- A Magazine of Ideas, Online]

Neo-liberal ascendancy in the decades of globalization seemed to roll back the state in the West, just as the collapse of the Soviet Union meant reprivatization in the East.. [TELOSscope: The Telos Press blog]

POLITICAL OBSTACLES The process of nationalization and reprivatization went amazingly well in Sweden partly because it was remarkably free of political interference.. [news | WM |]

Nationalization is merely a tactic for addressing bad asset removal and subsequent quick reprivatization, nothing more.. []

[1: 50: 00] … Are we going to get to the reprivatization, or, as Michael suggested, just to the expansion of more of the same?. [Housing Doom]

Alex Pollock: OK, we've got to stop there, and I'm going to take that as a question about how do we (in the reprivatization), how do derivatives fit in, and this notion of a putting derivatives on exchange, one, and then see if anybody else has comments on the consumer income, OK?. [Housing Doom]

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What is REPRIVATIZATION? What does REPRIVATIZATION mean? REPRIVATIZATION meaning & explanation
What is REPRIVATIZATION? What does REPRIVATIZATION mean? REPRIVATIZATION meaning & explanation
Reprivatization of RBS bank 'unrealistic' in next five years: UK minister
Reprivatization of RBS bank 'unrealistic' in next five years: UK minister
What does reprivatization mean?
What does reprivatization mean?

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