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Definitions of "reprocessing"

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of reprocess. verb

The word "reprocessing" in example sentences

This reprocessing is what we usually regard as "interpretation.". [Principles of Literary Criticism]

The same justification that spread plutonium around so thickly in Karen Silkwood's apartment before they murdered her that reprocessing is still an inside joke and nobody in this country is allowed to do it.. [A Pat on the Back for Matzke]

Making things more complicated, the U.S. has announced plans to begin reprocessing spent nuclear fuels, a practice suspended there since 1977.. [Nuclear Power Play]

To mitigate the waste problem, the nuclear establishment is advocating "reprocessing" -- in which plutonium is separated out and recycled as nuclear fuel.. [The Waste Problem]

£400 million project which will play a key part in Sellafield's longer term reprocessing future.. [Whitehaven News headlines]

The panel also dismissed the idea of reprocessing the waste, a method used in Europe, and said it would be premature for the U.S. to follow suit.. [Panel Urges Quick Action for Nuclear Waste Plan]

And there are two ways to do that: Through what's called reprocessing and through enrichment.. [CNN Transcript May 15, 2005]

The threat is, of course, a threat of reprocessing, which is a critical step in terms of developing nuclear weapons.. [CNN Transcript Apr 20, 2003]

If, as I indicated, for example, we can understand by that, and they are prepared to confirm that they will not engage in reprocessing, that is, the separation of plutonium from the fuel rods that are not in the pond, and they will not refuel the reactor and they will continue to accept IAEA continuity of safeguards inspections, then that's an interpretation that would provide a basis for a third round.. [Briefing By Assistant Secretary Of State Robert Gallucci]

The reprocessing is a possible move towards producing weapons-grade plutonium.. [BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition]

Even Secretary Powell's presentation to the U.N. this week made evident that they are some years away from getting a nuclear weapons capability, while from North Korea we face the real prospect, the prospect that the Clinton administration was prepared to use military force over in a matter of weeks, namely the reprocessing of the key nuclear ingredient, plutonium, that the North Koreans have now pulled out of the inspection, and they've hidden, and we don't know where it is.. [CNN Transcript Feb 9, 2003]

It also says Iran has signed a pledge to ship all the spent uranium fuel from Bushehr back to Russia for reprocessing, meaning none of it could be used to make nuclear weapons.. [Russia to load fuel for Iranian reactor]

Opponents of reprocessing emphasize the proliferation risks because (1) established processes produce separated plutonium that has to be very carefully accounted for and guarded, particularly at MOX fabrication plants and in transport from reprocessing plants to fabrication plants — all potential sources of diversion for subnational groups, and (2) safeguards at bulk-handling facilities, such as reprocessing plants and MOX fabrication plants, will be much more difficult to apply than at reactors.. [Nuclear safeguards (non-proliferation)]

THAT's their idea of "reprocessing" nuclear waste, and they want to bring this awful concept to America in the form of something called GNEP, which stands for Global Nuclear Energy Partnership because America will be the cesspool of the planet, accepting nuclear waste from anywhere.. [Nuclear Power Kills; here's how. (16 dirty nuclear secrets.)]

Now U.S. officials fear that North Korea may begin "reprocessing" the rods into weapons-grade plutonium, which would allow Pyongyang to produce nuclear bombs or sell the material to terrorists or terror-supporting states.. [Crisis Manager]

This kind of reprocessing-of-obsessions is what writers do, whether they intend to or not.. [Publication Blues]

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