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A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president. noun

A nation that has such a political order. noun

A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them. noun

A nation that has such a political order. noun

A specific republican government of a nation. noun

An autonomous or partially autonomous political and territorial unit belonging to a sovereign federation. noun

A group of people working as equals in the same sphere or field. noun

The commonwealth; the state. noun

A commonwealth; a government in which the executive power is vested in a person or persons chosen directly or indirectly by the body of citizens entitled to vote. noun

Common weal. noun

A state in which the sovereign power resides in the whole body of the people, and is exercised by representatives elected by them; a commonwealth. Cf. Democracy, 2. noun

The collective body of literary or learned men. noun

A state where sovereignty rests with the people or their representatives, rather than with a monarch or emperor; a country with no monarchy. noun

A state, which may or may not be a monarchy, in which the executive and legislative branches of government are separate. noun

One of the subdivisions constituting Russia. See oblast. noun

A form of government whose head of state is not a monarch noun

A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them noun

A state where sovereignty rests with the people or their representatives, rather than with a monarch or emperor; a country with no monarchy.

A state, which may or may not be a monarchy, in which the executive and legislative branches of government are separate.

One of the subdivisions constituting Russia. See oblast.

A system in which the public "votes in" a few puppets to look like they're running the government, who are actually put in by the 10 or so people that control everything people read or see on TV, and convince them they're not being fucked as hard as they feel. Urban Dictionary

NOT a democracy. A nation with elected leaders. Could be a fascist dictatorship, left-wing utopia, or Marxist-Leninist socialism. Urban Dictionary

A system of government ran by ellected officials. Not a rare system of government at all. Republic by definition does not imply a concern for human rights or an inclusive democratic system. It just means that a governing body (aristocracy, military, general population, etc) ellected a head of state. Republics are by no means rare and are not necsessarily short lived. In fact, of the almost 200 currently existing soverign states in the world currently, roughly half of them are republics. And the republic of San Marino has had a life span of roughly 1700 years. Urban Dictionary

If these aren't my dying words~ Urban Dictionary

To fuck over those who have less than you do. Urban Dictionary

1. A system of government involving the election of representatives and no hereditary offices. 2. A word used by certain political groups to refer to a government that does what they want. Urban Dictionary

Contrary to right-wing propaganda, a Republic is indeed a form of representative Democracy in which ordinary people elect officials to represent them in a legislature or parliament. Simply put, a Republic is the "what" and a Democracy is the "how." It's been that way since the Roman Republic was established in 509 B.C. The notion that Democracy is a mob-rule involving direct citizen voting on every issue is a distortion spread by idiots like Tom Tancredo and radical ideologues like Pat Buchanan. They don't like the term "Democracy" because it reminds them of the Democratic party. The opposite of a Republic is a Monarchy, not a Democracy. Urban Dictionary

Representative form of government pioneered in Greece but sophisticated in the Roman Republic. Involves districts with populace voters who elect their representative officials. United States is a Republic. Urban Dictionary

A Republic is an indirect form of government in which the people of a nation elect represenitives to make decisions. The first Republic was that of ancient Rome, up until Julius Cezar, than it became and empire. The United States of America is the best living example of a Republic, although (as all goverments are) it is rather corrupt. Urban Dictionary

When Gatecrasher was cool, it was called Republic. Had the funky postcode of S1 1DJ. Urban Dictionary

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The word "republic" in example sentences

Star Wars the old republic * not knight of the old republic* little on WoW and empire total war my pc specs is hp pavilion p6110y dual core processor 2. 6ghz ❋ Unknown (2010)

Now, I know why Beck uses the term republic. it makes tea bagger proud ❋ Unknown (2011)

Those fighting for the term republic have a distinctly different view of the role of government than those fighting for democracy. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Across the road, a white banner with the word republic fluttered from the front fence of an equally small dwelling. ❋ Malla Nunn (2010)

The word republic comes from the Latin rêspْblica: rês, “thing” (or more broadly “the will”) + pْblica, the feminine of pْblicus, meaning “of the people.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

This empire, he was obliged to say, for the term republic had gone out of fashion. ❋ Unknown (1844)

How far the term republic was applicable to the Spartan form of government I will not pretend to say, but when Lycurgus was called upon to re-construct its legislation, his first act was to make the necessary third power, and he appointed a senate. ❋ Frederick Marryat (1820)

Indeed, it must be acknowledged, that the term republic is of very vague application in every language. ❋ Thomas Jefferson (1784)

With an Augean assist from public education, modern politicians and their allies in academia and the press have, over the course of a few generations, put over the fallacy that the term republic is synonymous with democracy, and so republic, to the ignorant and the ignorance-mongers, means majority rule, too. ❋ Edward Cline (2010)

But the term republic is as foreign to our representatives as the term wendigo. ❋ Edward Cline (2010)

The book (The End of Kings, 1983, 2000) begins with a discussion of this long-lived American misconception that a republic is a “representative democracy” and that a republic and a democracy are somehow incompatible, a misconception that goes back to Federalist 10 by James Madison (who, like most of the Founders, was a republican who was very leery of democracy). ❋ Unknown (2010)

WHEREAS, a republic is a government of law, not of man, which is why the United States Constitution does not contain the word democracy and mandates that “the United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”; and ❋ Unknown (2010)

No good citizen can hold back his tears over the unhappy state to which the republic is abandoned. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Def: The view that a republic is the best form of government ❋ Unknown (2005)

BRODER: Well, I think the folks who wrote the constitution of the United States were probably a lot smarter than most of us in this generation and they were very clear in their minds that what they created at the Constitutional Convention was what they called a republic in which we would govern ourselves through elected representatives who would be accountable to us, the voters, at election time. ❋ Unknown (2000)

First, we need all the talent we can find for the military task at hand -- we cannot afford to leave any portion of it untrained; second, we need to demonstrate that this republic is anxious to approach more nearly to the ideal of a nation without caste. ❋ Unknown (1942)

But what right, may I ask, have you, who believe in state sovereignty, you, a citizen of what you term the republic of ❋ John Hill (1862)

We're all [taken care of] in a republic! ...except [THOSE guys]..[oh and] THEM too... ❋ Pawnshop (2003)

[Not all] republics are "[free]." ❋ Victor (2004)

[The United States of America], [the People's Republic of China], [etc]. ❋ Gayreginageorge (2013)

[Commander] [Thorn]: ([being awesome]) FOR THE REPUBLIC ❋ Starwars10101 (2022)

[Trump] is [republicing] the [country]. ❋ Doug105 (2018)

1. The United States is [governed] by elected representatives and has no King or Queen so it is a [republic]. 2. Many [conservatives] talk about bringing back the "republic" and think the United States is not one because in their fantasy world the word "republic" means government that follows their beliefs. ❋ Truthshiner (2010)

"You know we have a Republic, [not a Democracy], right?" "You must be an [intern] at [Fox News]." ❋ Peter Kobs (2010)

"This aint a [democracy] [you idiot], its a [republic]" ❋ Jordon (2003)

[Ancient Rome] was the best Republic ever. [The United States Of America] is a Republican state, [not a democracy]. ❋ Ice Cold Anarchy (2006)

[Shall we] go to Republic? [At least] the [beers] cool. ❋ Dj_monged (2004)

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