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  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of republish. verb

The word "republishes" in example sentences

Maria Paula Romo republishes a beautiful poem from the author, I Believe in my Country [es] and for those interested in social networks there is also a Facebook page where one can read commentaries about Jorge Enrique Adoum's passing.. [Global Voices in English » Ecuador: The Passing of Writer Jorge Enrique Adoum]

Bloggers continue to pay their respects: Dying in Haiti republishes Fr. Jean-Juste's obituary by The New York Times, and remembered his many good deeds …. [Global Voices in English » Haiti, U.S.A.: Remembering Fr. Jean-Juste]

Vamos a Cambiar el Mundo [es] republishes an article written by Silvia Cuevas-Morales.. [Global Voices in English » Ecuador: The Legacy of Indigenous Leader Mama Tránsito]

Barbados blog Bajan Dream Diary has been following the Trinidad and Tobago mainstream media reports and republishes two stories - one which suggests that T&T citizens are unimpressed with the amount of money being spent on the Summit, and the other which speculates about a possible devaluation of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar post-Summit.. [Global Voices in English » Americas: The 5th Summit Gets Underway]

Unheard Voices, a Bangladeshi human rights blog republishes Senator Edward Kennedy's report to the US Senate which articulates the plights of the refugees.. [Global Voices in English » Bangladesh: Mourning Senator Edward Kennedy]

On the other side of the story, Esteban Arce republishes his column for the Mexican newspaper Récord in his blog Yo soy Aquél [es] and questions the right of both artists to comment on the political situation:. [Global Voices in English » Mexico: Foreign Artists Commenting on Internal Matters]

In another post, Repeating Islands republishes Padel's statements:. [Global Voices in English » Caribbean, UK: Padel resigns from Oxford post]

UPDATE: (January 6) Blogger brebis noir republishes an article based upon an interview with Lhasa that she did in 2004 -- well worth reading.. [Lhasa de Sela: 1972-2010]

He steals dozens of pictures every day and republishes them on his blog without even any credit given.. [Matthew Yglesias » Intellectual Property Gone Mad]

Every few seconds, one of the service's 106 million users posts a 140-character message — either an original note or a message that highlights or republishes another person's link.. [Tweet Your Way To a Better Career]

To mark her visit, Comic Riffs today republishes its profile of her husband, author Michael Chabon, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his nostalgic comics-industry-of-yore novel, "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.". [The Riffs Interview: 'Kavalier & Clay's' MICHAEL CHABON: In truth, he's Washington D.C.'s own]

In the weak form, which is no less exasperating, the plagiarist essentially republishes your paper, citing it as reference “12j” – i.e., burying it in the middle of a list of 50 references, without mentioning it explicitly in the running text – with his experimental data, prominently citing the original references that you relied upon to deduce the answer, and then appending your conclusion.. [The Harvard Law legacy of plagiarism (and Kagan and Obama and Tribe and Ogletree and Dershowitz…and Tom Lehrer)]

So to mark her acceptance of the nation's top humor prize tonight, Comic Riffs republishes this earlier post on comedy and eight things that humorists -- including cartoonists -- can learn from Tina Fey.. [Tonight's Twain Prize: Eight Things You Can Learn From TINA FEY]

For those who don't know it, the site is an aggregator Dutton founded that collects and republishes an amazingly eclectic group of articles, book reviews, essays and columns on an impressively wide range of subjects.. [Denis Dutton's digital legacy]

The site has been disabled in most jurisdictions, but the New York Times and The Guardian still spoon feed the leaks to the public and the rest of the Internet republishes them.. [Diane Francis: WikiLeaks Is the New Journalism]

Small Wars Journal republishes an interview Mansoor did with the Consortium for Complex Operations, which you may remember from a TWI piece a couple months ago.. [I Can’t Live With Or Without You | ATTACKERMAN]

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