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What do we mean by reputably?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word reputably. Define reputably, reputably synonyms, reputably pronunciation, reputably translation, English dictionary definition of reputably.

Taylor swift's best album Urban Dictionary

To put again. Urban Dictionary

Character as seen or judged by others - can apply to an individual or an organization. Urban Dictionary

Taylor swift's 6th studio album perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, iconic and powerful comebacks of all time. the lead single, look what you made me do, has one of the greatest music videos in music video history. reputation, despite its cultural impact and status, did NOT get nominated for any Grammys. reputation contains a lot of gay subtext. taylor herself confirmed this when during the Reputation Stadium Tour show in chicago, she gave a pride speech about coming out while wearing a rainbow dress. she finished the speech and said "its all just really....delicate". delicate is track 5 on reputation and the song is very applicable to the queer experience. it does not use gender specific pronouns and is widely regarded as a gay anthem. in the music video for delicate, the last scene features taylor walking into a bar and no one notices her. she looks around for someone and looks disappointed. then all of a sudden everyone at the bar turns around and looks at her. the camera goes back onto taylor and she seems to make eye contact with the 5th person along the bar, a woman. she smiles. the end. not going to give an entire explanation as to why reputation is gay on urban dictionary, but the evidence is very...evident so please do some searching and its quite startling if you care. THE END. REPUTATION DESERVED AOTY REPUTATION 2ND BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE US TOUR OF ALL TIME REPUTATION SKIPLESS ALBUM REPUTATION GAY TAYLOR SWIFT GAY THANK YOU Urban Dictionary

A word which, depending on the context, can imply sluttiness. If someone says a girl has a 'reputation' there's only one thing they can be talking about. Urban Dictionary

The act of listening to Taylor Swift’s album, reputation, on a continuous loop for the rest of your existence. Urban Dictionary

Reputation is a album by Taylor Swift. Swift’s fans have said that this album is where she announces that she doesn't care what you think Urban Dictionary

No matter what anyone else says or does to try to ruin your reputation, you will always know the truth, not letting anyone bring you down. Urban Dictionary

The best comeback in music history Urban Dictionary

American singer Taylor Swift’s best album Urban Dictionary

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The word "reputably" in example sentences

As Ben Franklin (reputably) said, It is not possible to make a man understand something his continuing income depends on him not understanding; (some attribute the line to H. L.Mencken but maybe he was quoting Franklin). ❋ Unknown (2009)

The city reputably has a very good movie museum, but alas, it was closed the day we were there. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's "the clash of a supposedly immovable object and reputably irresistible force," CQ says. ❋ Unknown (2009)

True, she can be reputably difficult, especially in her relationships with men. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Even if the publisher does accept unagented submissions, a (reputably) agented book will be seen much much faster than an unagented one. ❋ Redplasticglass (2007)

The pub is reputably haunted so any building work had better be sympathetic to those former members of Gods Waiting Room who still hang around the premises. ❋ FIDO The Dog (2009)

Franklin also said that the widow managed the business with "such success that she not only brought up reputably a family of children but at the expiration of the term was able to purchase of me the printing house and establish her son in it." ❋ Maggiemac (2008)

A Koi (Japanese coloured carp, relative of the Goldfish) was reputably 226 years old when it died. ❋ Unknown (2006)

There is no justification or legality in taking 15% of the Serb's nation, namely Kosovo and handing it moreover to Thaci - an indicted war criminal and the person named as being chiefly involved in the murder for organs war crime from which he reputably profited personally very handsomely. ❋ Unknown (2008)

A diesel truck is reputably very reliable, so breakdowns shouldn't be an issue (we hope). ❋ Unknown (2006)

Mrs. Micawber; and where, by throwing out a bow – window, or carrying up the roof another story, or making some little alteration of that sort, they might live, comfortably and reputably, for a few years. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Such things as could be said for him were said, — how he had taken to industrious habits, and had thriven lawfully and reputably. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Lucretius, Memmius, and a few other such men, might live very reputably together; this we see in all countries; philosophize as much as you please among yourselves. ❋ Unknown (2007)

reputation is [coming]. [1989] who? ❋ Officialts6 (2017)

I had to reput the [items] [back on] [the shelf] after he moved them. ❋ Hl2dmnutz (2010)

"With enough [courage], you can do without a reputation." -- [Rhett Butler], [Gone with the Wind] ❋ Atlanta's Burning (2011)

"reputation man...that shit is GAY" "so true !! she did not write the line'wear you like a necklace' for people to call it straight" "reputation is the most powerful comeback of all time, argue with the wall.....who else gets cancelled by the whole world, gets forced into hiding, gets hated on by the media and the general public, has a very influential group of people actively attacking them, THEN RELEASES AN ALBUM THAT GOES ON TO HAVE A $[220] MILLION [GROSSING] TOUR?? NO ONE. APART FROM TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT, THATS WHO !! " "[so true bestie]" ❋ Shawtygotthafatty (2021)

At my [old school] I had a reputation but I'm going to try to keep [my legs] [closed] here. ❋ Yupp395178 (2012)

Someone just [asked] me what I’m doing this [weekend]…….. and….. the word that actually came out of [my mouth]….. was…. “reputating.” ❋ Kitty Committee (2017)

[Emily]: Hey, did you hear [Taylor Swift]’s new album? [Rebekah]: reputation right? Emily: Yeah! Rebekah: Yeah I heard it! It’s great! ❋ Reputation (2021)

Character is greater than [reputation]. I hold [the truth], you don't have the power to [affect] my mood. You are confusion, and at most confused within yourself. ❋ TheePhilosopher (2013)

person 1 - What's your favorite [Taylor Swift] [album]? person 2 - Reputation! person 1 - [Fuck yeah] ❋ (2023)

reputation [best] [album] ❋ Ppeater13 (2022)

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