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Definitions of "reputing"

  • Present participle of repute. verb

The word "reputing" in example sentences

She has tried to rewrite everything to her advantage and even when Obama conceded delegates that by no means did he have to in the spirit of Unity, she has her crazy Harold Ickes out reputing them.. [Vilsack says it's over]

MALDEF posted a video on You Tube reputing what it calls inaccuracy and bias in the CBS reporting and brought me into the story as well.. [CNN Transcript Apr 30, 2008]

So delicately was he perfumed with odorifferous savours, and so compleate of person in his spangled garments, that she could do nothing else, but wonder at his rare behaviour, reputing her felicity beyond all Womens in the world, and utterly impossible to be equalled, such was the pride of her presuming.. [The Decameron]

It is my part therefore, to entreat thee, to comfort her long languishing desires: but if thou persist in thy harsh opinion, in stead of reputing thee a wise and fortunate yong man, I shall confesse thee to bee an ignoraunt Asse.. [The Decameron]

As to the pleasures of the bed, men use these in the dark, reputing the use thereof shameful and beastly as well as the total disuse of the pleasures of the table.. [Essays and Miscellanies]

Lisana, whose lookes were dyed with a vermillian tincture, or rather converted into a pure maiden blush, reputing the Kings desire to be her owne; in a low and humbled voyce, thus answered.. [The Decameron]

Messer Conrado hearing these words, stood as one confounded with admiration, reputing him to be a man of loftie spirit, and his affection most fervent to his Daughter, which was not a little to his liking.. [The Decameron]

Come? quoth Egano, Yes Wife, he came, but deerely to my cost: for hee verily taking me for thee, hath beaten me most extreamly, calling me an hundred Whores and Strumpets, reputing thee to bee the wickedst Woman living.. [The Decameron]

When the religious man perceived, that nothing more was to bee confessed by Master Chappelet; he gave him absolution, and his owne benediction beside, reputing him to be a most holy man, as verily beleeving all that hee had said.. [The Decameron]

The Page delivered the message to the Bride, who, being a woman of honourable disposition, and reputing him to be a Noble Gentleman, to testifie that his presence there was very acceptable to her, shee commanded a faire Cuppe of gold (which stood directlie before her) to bee neately washed, and when it was filled with excellent Wine, caused it to bee carried to the stranger, and so it was done.. [The Decameron]

But they finding all his speeches to be utterly false; and reputing him to bee a drunken jealous foole; all the blame and disgrace falleth on himselfe.. [The Decameron]

And hence we must say that if grace be understood as the will of God gratuitously doing something or reputing anything as well-pleasing or acceptable to Him, the union of the Incarnation took place by grace, even as the union of the saints with God by knowledge and love.. [Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition]

If any one among ye seem to himself to be wise, let him become a fool that he may be wise; let him shew his humility by reputing himself ignorant.. [The spiritual guide which disentangles the soul / by Michael de Molinos ; edited with an introduction by Kathleen Lyttelton and a note by H. Scott Holland.]

But yet I require a more excellent thing of you, viz., that you place yourself not only below all men in your heart for God's sake, but also below each creature, reputing yourself as most abject dust, esteeming yourself unworthy to tread on the earth or to enjoy the benefit of light.. [A Mirror for Monks.]

Next he considered that the highest, or more properly speaking, deepest degree of humility is that of taking pleasure and even delight in humiliations, reputing them to be in truth the greatest of honours, and of being just as much ill-content with honours as vain persons are with contempt and contumely.. [The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales]

He reputes himselfe lowe, because there is some one higher, in stead of reputing himselfe high, because there are a million lower.. [A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier]

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