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Definitions of "resegregated"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of resegregate. verb

The word "resegregated" in example sentences

I want to point out that predominately black schools (incorrectly called "resegregated" schools) would only be inherently inferiority if there were something inherently inferior about black people.. [Ed Whitfield: What Studies Might Show]

In fact, this has been exactly the experience in Oklahoma City as the schools quickly resegregated.. [The Conservative Assault on the Constitution]

At CHA he backed a Plan for Transformation which -- as resident leaders predicted at the time -- has resegregated public housing residents far from downtown areas in the poorest neighborhoods, and which has fallen far short of its goals.. [Curtis Black: Real Leadership for Chicago: The Reformer v. the Players]

The belated coming-together is a rare occurrence, say school experts, noting that many schools are becoming resegregated because of housing patterns and school district boundaries.. [2 schools' students 'integrated' after 50 years]

But two weeks after Brown, Birmingham voters resegregated baseball, among other sports, by a margin of 3–1.. [WILLIE MAYS]

Carter arrived at Harvard in 1926, after Harvard president A. Lawrence Lowell had controversially resegregated student housing with regards to Jewish and African-American students.. [Tempo e tempi]

Around the middle of that, the federal government was resegregated by a Democratic president (Wilson), after having been desegregated by a Republican president (Lincoln).. [I had to do it.]

The party that was founded by slave owners, tried to leave the Union in order to maintain slavery, implemented Jim Crow throughout the South after that slavery was abolished, resegregated the White House after Lincoln had desegregated it, provided all except for one of the votes in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 including Al Gore Sr., and has a former Klan officer as its President Pro Tem of the Senate.. [Rahm on the Republicans: "These guys will roll over, they're afraid of being called the party of No. Believe me, I know them. They'll be easy."]

In "Academic Watch" are Cleveland and Lorain, as well as East Cleveland and Warrensville Heights, two inner suburbs that have resegregated.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

Ostensibly to raise test scores in these resegregated schools for the urban poor, there has emerged a curriculum caste system based predictably, once more, on family income and wealth.. [Archive 2009-07-01]

Woodrow Wilson, a hero to all sorts of historians, slips in his estimation because Wilson resegregated parts of the federal government, locked up citizens for opposing American involvement in World War I, and arrested and deported thousands of people (often on hearsay evidence) as part of a postwar "Red Scare.". [John Fund: New Book Reopens the Presidential Rating Game]

No right-thinking person wants to see Hollywood resegregated.. [Why Can't A Black Actress Play The Girlfriend?]

In Judge Roberts��� America, our public schools would have been ���resegregated��� under a scheme he fought for when he advised the Justice Department about their dispute with the US Commission on Civil Rights.. [Karen Russell: Why The ���Strict Constructionist��� Crowd Makes Me Really Nervous]

What the U.S. Supreme Court has done is resegregated the Seattle schools.. [Balkinization]

“Downtown Brooklyn is becoming very monolithic and resegregated.”. [Brooklyn Magic!]

But I'm worried that if Charlotte is divided up into precincts or sections and people choose the schools they want to go to that Charlotte is going to get resegregated.. [Oral History Interview with Ned Irons, March 16, 1999. Interview K-0170. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

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@k_scotch6795 @RyanAFournier Heck wilson resegregated the government and fired all black federal workers. But Obama was the worst


LBJ’s love-child has his anti-democrat schtick so he’ll elide any inconvenient data but Wilson DID resegregated the…


First of all Constance Zimmer is absolutely right! I adore you & your skill!!!! If the Nation doesn't do something…

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