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Pronunciations /ɹɨˈzɔɹsɨz/

Definitions and meanings of "Resources"

What do we mean by resources?

Something that one uses to achieve an objective, e.g. raw materials or personnel.

A person's capacity to deal with difficulty.

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The word "resources" in example sentences

A WAG, reading in one of Brigham Young's manifestoes, "that the great resources of Utah are her women," exclaimed, "It is very evident that the prophet is disposed to _husband his resources_." ❋ Mark Lemon (1839)

Switching is the way the link transmission capacity and Node resources (e.g. CPU, buffers, internal switching resources*) are allocated for the transfer of information. [email protected](networkingcentral (2010)

The big worry is that a private, for-those-with-the-money system will drain resources from the public system; that the rich will get first-class care and everyone else will get the leftovers. ❋ Unknown (2005)

The term resources is not defined in the Act, but we consider it to include the total of a charity's financial assets, as well as everything the charity can useto further its purposes, such as its staff, volunteers, directors, and its premises and equipment. ❋ Suzanne (2006)

Yet Canada, abundantly rich in resources, is technology-_ poor. ❋ Unknown (1985)

In my mind keeping people concentrated into urban areas and out of the areas that produce our resources is a far more worthy goal as it is far more difficult to grow F.S.C. lumber in a housing development than in the woods. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The contention that "all of the people of Canada" should benefit from the inequitable distribution of mineral and other resources is at best a political euphemism for centralized control of fiscal policy, and hence the ultimatum in Mr. Turner's budgets of last May and November. ❋ Unknown (1975)

Finally, a branch of the federal government which I must mention for its research on the development and wise use of our resources is the National Research Council. ❋ Unknown (1956)

One factor towards off-setting the smallness of her population and the limitation of her resources is her membership in the British Commonwealth and in the Anglo-American group of Nations. ❋ Unknown (1946)

Since this kind of resources is quite new, there seems not many libraries having them catalogued. ❋ Tom Peters (2004)

I checked it as Marcos, sub O kept going on how rich the State of Chiapas was in resources, it is the poorest in the Union. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Tripling, or at least the arguable overreaction to the public perception of a slow response resulted in resources being thrown at the spill in general rather than being targeted in an efficient way," the commission staff wrote. ❋ Stephen Power (2010)

In the meantime, the government will continue to argue that such an inquiry would divert resources from the fight against terrorism during a period of cuts. ❋ Mark Townsend (2010)

May outlined the top-priority threats facing the country as a significant rise in resources devoted to cyber warfare, intelligence-gathering and special forces is due to be confirmed in a national security strategy document being unveiled this afternoon. ❋ Hélène Mulholland (2010)

Many of these can be linked to the growing differences in resources, quality and status between the various categories of institution: private and public, research and non-research, selective and non-selective. ❋ Roger Brown (2010)

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