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Response Call and response (music), a common musical structure Reaction (disambiguation) Request–response Output or response, the result of telecommunications input Response (liturgy), a line answering a versicle Response (music) or antiphon, a response to a psalm or other part of a religious service Response, a phase in emergency management Response rate (survey).

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Definitions of "responses"

  • Plural form of response. noun

The word "responses" in example sentences

But the direction of the responses is almost always consistent with the way polls and general opinion moves in the days following a debate.. [What Sayeth the Undecideds? - Swampland -]

The secret to creating fake tag responses is to generate the two sideband frequencies, and use them to send back properly-encoded responses, that are synchronized with the RFID reader’s clock signal.. [Boing Boing: December 3, 2006 - December 9, 2006 Archives]

All fair enough questions, but I have answered all of them in responses to earlier comments.. [A Few Last Words]

The deadline for test audience responses is January 15th.. [John Brown – the author’s official site » Blog Archive » Behold, the Opening Chapters of CURSE OF A DARK GOD]

For example, to be a valid measurement, the survey has to gather responses from the people who received the service.. [John Brown – the author’s official site » 2010 » February » 10]

I was hoping for an answer that incorporated any feedback and responses from the Smithsonian 2.0 event - the tweets had a lot of comments about 'curators are this, that', but I didn't get a sense of whether that was based on comments at the event or a general impression of what curators are like.. [Clay Shirky on 'mass internet collaboration' at London's ICA]

It may behard to believe that the publicist has so few responses from the media.. [2010 January 14 « The Book Publicity Blog]

Takehome messages: research into geoengineering responses is no longer “all or nothing” – there are incremental efforts that can be undertaken now.. [2009 April | Serendipity]

These TYPES of people always attend meetings, their shrill call for a personalized service informs the neighborhood policing charade which informs yet more, beside the point, responses from the aforementioned promotion hungry cretins.. [Welcome ‘Times’ Readers « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

The public will see the allegedly "obscure" mercury and sulfur rules in the same way they have already seen proposed coal-ash rules, a process that garnered more than 200,000 responses from the public.. [EPA Rulemaking to Be Transparent]

It would be trivial to add cutscenes that mimic mature movies (we could just steal scenes if we wanted), but actually modeling realistic emotional -- or intellectual -- responses is extremely difficult.. [Speaking Of Maturity]

We already have medical proof that homosexuals have similar brain responses and reaction to thesame gender as we attribute to heterosexuals and the opposite one, it would seem to be important to take those medical facts into consideration.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Light at the End of the DADT Tunnel]

If living organisms were designed then gene duplication followed by a function gaining mutation would be a design mechanism - just as Dr Spetner said thirteen years ago. (think targeted search - perfectly natural - built-in responses to environmental cues - Dr Spetner). [Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information]

An example of "built-in responses to environmental cues"?. [Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information]

"Built-in responses to environmental cues" means things evolve via some internal program - directed by that program just as spellchecker is directed by a program.. [Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information]

If living organisms were designed then gene duplication followed by a function gaining mutation would be a design mechanism - just as Dr Spetner said thirteen years ago. (think targeted search - perfectly natural - built-in responses to environmental cues - Dr Spetner) nickmatzke:. [Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information]

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