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Definitions and meanings of "Responsory"

What do we mean by responsory?

A chant or anthem recited or sung after a reading in a church service. noun

Containing answer.

In liturgics: A psalm or portion of a psalm sung between the missal lections. noun

A portion of a psalm (originally, a whole psalm) sung between the lections at the canonical hours; a respond. Also responsorium. noun

Containing or making answer; answering. adjective

The answer of the people to the priest in alternate speaking, in church service. noun

A versicle sung in answer to the priest, or as a refrain. noun

An antiphonary; a response book. noun

A chant or anthem recited after a reading in a church service noun

A chant or anthem recited after a reading in a church service

A book of liturgical responses; a responsorial.

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The word "responsory" in example sentences

Here's one labeled "TENEBRAE FACTAE SUNT, Responsorio ambrosiano" an Ambrosian responsory, that is, I believe for Good Friday, but will look more at this: ❋ Bls (2009)

During the singing of the fourth responsory the Pope, instead of incensing only the altar, opened the fenestella confessionis with a golden key and went into the empty space, which can still be seen between the tomb of the apostle and the altar. ❋ John (2009)

The second nocturn has seven psalms, followed by the Passion of St. Mark, with a responsory, the Passion of Saint Luke, with a responsory, and the Passion of St. John, precede by chapter 13 and the first six verses of chapter 14 of the same Gospel. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The first nocturn has eleven psalms, and a homily of St. Augustine, divided into three readings; following the normal Ambrosian custom, there is a responsory after the first and second, but not the third. ❋ Unknown (2009)

At the conclusion, entering the sanctuary, the choir sang the responsory, "Gaude Maria Virgo" or the prose, "Inviolata" or some other antiphon in honour of the Blessed Virgin. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The procession enters the church singing the responsory Ingrediente, followed by the verse Cumque audissent: the organ peals out, and the Lenten veil is drawn back. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Every year on St Paul's day, while the soloist on the ambo sang the melodies of the fourth vigiliary responsory, the Pope, entering, as we have said, into the camera confessionis, withdrew the censer - which had been let down through the hole on to the tomb of the apostle at this same Office in the preceding year, and introduced another also full of burning incense. ❋ John (2009)

We then proceeded to learn chant for the reformed Roman rite and in the evening, we gathered for first Vespers of the Baptism of the Lord, using the new antiphons from the Solesmes antiphonal and the responsory, 'Hodie in Iordane'. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This mass is based on a responsory chant found in just one mid-fifteenth-century source. ❋ Bls (2009)

Here's the original Latin version of the responsory: ❋ Bls (2009)

Then, Lauridsen talks about the Christmas matins responsory, O Magnum Mysterium, comparing it with de Zurbarán's painting, and then discusses his own composition using the same Latin text: ❋ Bls (2009)

The Latin text for the Christmas Day matins responsory, "O Magnum Mysterium," also celebrates the Virgin Mary as well as God's grace to the meek: ❋ Bls (2009)

In this mass setting, the lowest voice sings the melody of the responsory chant, while the upper voices unfold two independent lines to form the polyphony. ❋ Bls (2009)

I'm starting to get quite a few of the usual seasonal hits for this wonderful Lenten responsory that I first heard sung in procession at St. Thomas Fifth Avenue; according to TPL, it's a Mozarabic hymn from the 10th century. ❋ Bls (2009)

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What does responsory mean?

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