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Definitions and meanings of "Retirers"

What do we mean by retirers?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word retirers. Define retirers, retirers synonyms, retirers pronunciation, retirers translation, English dictionary definition of retirers.

A myth. Something hard working people look forward to all their working lives, only to be disappointed by the fact that they can't afford to live off there substantially small pensions for the rest of their lives. Urban Dictionary

Retireation is the process of retiring and being on full time vacation. I’m in retireation since my company gave me the golden handshake! Urban Dictionary

Throwing away a machine or human after it is decided that they are so worn out or used up that there is no value left. the human gets a small pension that is not enough to live on, the machine is junked. Urban Dictionary

Looking forward to retirement Urban Dictionary

When it is no longer necessary to suck up to Corporate America in order to earn a living. This means giving up crowded airports, unnecessary meetings, a Sales Manager that is 20 years your junior telling you how badly that you suck, Action Plans, Quotas, more meetings, a business suit, white shirt and tie, ulcers and stomach cramps. Being genuinely retired means that you began long ago to plan for the future and can now tell everyone except Mother Nature and Father Time to 'kiss ass' Urban Dictionary

1) To quit working while financially fit. Retirees usually receive pension. 2) To put out (baseball). 3) To go to bed (outdated). Urban Dictionary

A euphemism for retarded, as gosh is a euphemism for God and darn is a euphemism for damn. Urban Dictionary

Retirement is when a robot that strongly resembles a human is killed. Because humans do not consider robots to be "alive" in the first place, killing a robotic servant of mankind is seen as "retiring" a machine and not murder. The term originated in the openning scrawl of the science fiction film masterpiece, "Blade Runner", desribing what Blade Runners do to "Replicants" (robots so advanced they are indestinguishable from humans): "Special police squads - BLADE RUNNER UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant. This was not called execution. It was called retirement." Loosely, the is often used in scifi circles to refer to any instance when a (usually) humanoid robot that is designed to look human is terminated by a human, such as on the 2004 Battlestar Galactica with the new humanoid Cylons (the new Cylon models are very similar to Replicants, and Edward James Olmos appears in both Blade Runner and BSG). Urban Dictionary

When your tired one day and your tired again the next. This is called being retired. Urban Dictionary

The one time in your life that you actually get a break. Urban Dictionary

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The word "retirers" in example sentences

At a seasonally-adjusted annual rate, financial institutions were net issuers of equity to the tune of $1.4 trillion in the last year's fourth quarter while nonfinancial corporations were net "retirers" of $450 billion of equity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But is it true that Vienna is the home of purity, of early retirers, of phlegmatic and virtuous souls? ❋ George Jean Nathan (1920)

(Thursday afternoon) fred:Tomorrow marks the day of my [retirement] Boss: Nice how did your [investment] in the [401k] plan turn out fred:What is that? Boss:See you on Monday fred ❋ Billzilla (2010)

I’m in retireation [mode] since my company gave me [the golden handshake]! Life is better [under the Sun] when you are in retireation. ❋ PKMoore (2019)

retirement like [death] comes to [us] all. ❋ Knowman (2009)

"[Mrs. Clark] is suffering from [retiritis] and using all 30 of her personal days in one year, " [frowned] the principal. ❋ Red Baron 2017 (2016)

[I am] retired, so [leave me alone]. ❋ Cosmicstargoat (2004)

1) He retired from work at age 67. 2) [Durazo] was retired on a [pop-up] to Spiezio. 3) It's getting late, so I'm going to [retire]. ❋ Phil Errup (2004)

"[I think] she [might be] [retired]." ❋ Skalator (2009)

"Have you ever retired a human by mistake, Mr. [Deckard]?" "The report read "Routine retirement of a [replicant]." That didn't make me feel any better about shooting a woman in the back." "Cally just retired Boomer!" (Cally has just shot and "killed" Boomer, who was revealed as a Cylon sleeper unit). "[Commander Adama] retired Leoben by beating him with a flashlight" "Starbuck's retirement of Simon was very graphic" "Cally should get a medal for retiring that Cylon whore Boomer" ❋ Ricimer (2005)

I was tired yesterday and i'm retired today. My friend is retired,he has been his [laying] on his [couch] for [two days] straight. ❋ Punkybruster17 (2010)

[Yay] im [retired] time to sleep for the next [15] years. ❋ Reeeeeeee.exe (2019)

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