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Definitions of "retook"

  • Past tense of retake. verb
  • Simple past of retake. verb

The word "retook" in example sentences

When the Muslim Saladin retook Jerusalem 90 years later, there was no slaughter.. [Think Progress » Embedded TIME Reporter: Bush Lied In Speech Yesterday About Iraqi Security Forces]

French ship, which he retook from the English, after she had been three days in their possession.. [The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. I]

After that, dead silence: and the poor devil left in the trenches to digest that "retook"!. [Coming Home.]

In the town of Jisr al-Shaghour, witnesses complained to Arab satellite channels that security forces have arrested and beaten young men who returned after government forces retook the town early this week.. [Casualties Mount as Syrian Protests, Crackdown Intensify]

Despite restarting hostilities, the Russians proved unprepared when a Chechen offensive in August, led by Basayev, swept back and retook Grozny.. [The Return]

The largest, Yifran, is 45 miles 70 kilometers southwest of Tripoli and had been occupied by government troops for weeks when rebel fighters retook it on June 3.. [HRW: Libya rebels detained pro-Gadhafi civilians]

Ethnic Berber fighters, who have joined the anti-government rebellion, retook Yafran, about 100 kilometers southwest of Tripoli, on Monday.. [Libyan Rebels Retake Western Mountain Town]

Argentina invaded the islands, which it calls Las Malvinas, in 1982 and held them for two months until British forces retook control.. [Argentina Protests British Military Exercises on Falklands]

Those numbers stand in contrast to the state of the electorate in the fall of 1994 -- less than two months before Republicans retook control of Congress with a message built on the public's distaste for government.. [Voters still want pork in their home districts]

That's how it has been ever since the combative Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), once a mentor to Boehner, became House speaker in 1994, the last time the GOP retook Congress from the Democrats.. [What kind of speaker will John Boehner be?]

Isaac overcame the lost time from the fuel miscalculation, and retook the lead.. [Steve Lehto: Daytona in July: Forty Years Ago]

As a student she got a D in maths GCSE but retook the exam at the same time as pupils to get an A*.. [Teaching awards honour unusual approaches and remarkable individuals]

Alan West , a former head of the Royal Navy and security adviser to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and other senior naval officials say the U.K. wouldn't be able to mount the sort of naval operation that retook the Falkland Islands from Argentina in 1982.. [Sun Setting on British Power]

Ibrahim, trained as an engineer, had taken up arms to defend the city early in the uprising, but went underground when Gadhafi's forces retook the town.. [Libyan rebels say they are attacking Tripoli]

Opposition forces seized Zawiya in March before pro-Gadhafi fighters retook the city.. [Libyan Rebels Claim Advances in Western Mountains]

That would be similar to the political terrain at the beginning of the George W. Bush administration, before most of the neocons were purged from the Bush Administration and Democrats retook the House.. [Robert Naiman: An Iran Policy for the 99%: Yes to the Medical Nuke Deal]

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