Character 13
Hyphenation re tro act ive ly
Pronunciations /ˌɹɛtɹoʊˈæktɪvli/

Definitions and meanings of "Retroactively"

What do we mean by retroactively?

Done after the fact; applying to events that have previously transpired.

A commoner of the second-hand lifestyle not limited to or apart from thrift stores,used CD's tapes and especially 12" vinyl; also close corellation with founders of "fly". retro active Urban Dictionary

Retroactive jealousy is sometimes known as retroactive jealousy OCD, as it’s obsessive overthinking about sexual and/or romantic events, people and encounters from a partner’s past. Urban Dictionary

A legal medical procedure for the taking of ones life regardless of their age. Urban Dictionary

Falling in love after the relationship has ended Urban Dictionary

The act of eliminating people that should not be on the planet. Urban Dictionary

A threat made by someone who has already been doing what they are treatening to do, but wants to make you think it's a new threat. Urban Dictionary

The intense physical exercise you engage in the day following a night of excessive eating/drinking. Urban Dictionary

A special case of a strawman argument in which, after being criticized for being hypocritical, one intentionally mischaracterizes the criticism as being an additional layer of hypocrisy. Urban Dictionary

When you call someone out who's wronged you and they try to use your response, anger, or retaliation to justify what they did. Urban Dictionary

The act of making your next product so bad that it actually encourages people to buy your previous product Urban Dictionary

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The word "retroactively" in example sentences

It didn't always make sense, but you could tell that the writers were sincere about laying the longterm groundwork, or at least successful in retroactively paying off random moments from the earlier films. ❋ Scott Mendelson (2010)

I'm not a lawyer, but I think the concept of applying a law retroactively is contrary both to the letter and the spirit of our laws and Constitution. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Earlier this year, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said he was considering changing terms retroactively — meaning the government could extract better terms on previously assigned leases. ❋ Charles Levinson (2010)

For a second day in a row, police bring out the K-9 units to search a heavily wooded area near little Caylee ` s home, police now honing in on specific days just after Caylee last seen, Father ` s Day weekend, attempting to ping or trace mom, Casey ` s, calls retroactively, this while yet another family jailhouse visit is canceled. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I told myself that they changed the project name retroactively so they could pretend they saw it coming. ❋ Unknown (2004)

As Jesse got closer to its being a book and seeing the actual pages before him, he got less enthusiastic about having a book, and I think that's what was it -- it took me a while to figure it out, and I only figured it out retroactively, which is a shame, because we spent a lot of money which we need not necessarily have spent on writers. ❋ Unknown (1999)

Earlier this year, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said he was considering changing terms retroactively-meaning the government could extract better terms on previously assigned leases. ❋ Unknown (2010)

BSG was good, but as pts says, the ending was so bad (after so much buildup) that it kind of retroactively renders the rest of the show mediocre. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But it wasn't applied retroactively, meaning anyone sentenced before June 19, 1998 is exempt from truth-in-sentencing. ❋ Will Guzzardi (2011)

The duties are set retroactively, meaning an exporter could face a sudden jump in the amount owed a year or two after making a shipment. ❋ James R. Hagerty (2011)

The rules apply retroactively, meaning that many stores, including thrift stores, may have to empty their shelves. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Marketers have slashed fees by 5% to 30%, some retroactively, meaning companies are being paid less for work they have already done. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They were finally granted the status of veterans in 1978, though not retroactively, meaning they did not receive benefits for the period when they were denied. ❋ Victoria Janssen (2009)

"neutral," but Jasper's paraphrase retroactively changes the significance of the original speech: the grammar and pronunciation of Black English, nonstandard and socially stigmatized, remind us that Tom is using the conventional grammar and rhetoric of the empowered class. ❋ Unknown (1987)

But the surveillance court has rejected just five of the nearly 19,000 requests for warrants it has received since 1979 and the warrants can be applied retroactively, meaning that the administration can begin a domestic spy operation and take up to 15 days to file a warrant request with the court. ❋ Unknown (2005)

[Sandy] is not only an employee at [goodwill] [sh'e] also a customer; she's retroactive. ❋ Michael W. Brown Aka. Blublood (2005)

Boyfriend: Oh I forgot to tell u, I [bumped into] [Rosie] my ex in the mall yesterday Girlfriend: * passive aggressively* oh, wow nice why did u stop and talk to her wasn't it too awkward ? Boyfriend: Not at all, she was really sweet Girlfriend: *thinks about this for the rest of her life* *[googles] why she’s so jealous of her boyfriends ex* *diagnoses her self with retroactive jealousy* ❋ Iwishiwasntjealousofmybf’sex’s (2019)

Joe is such a [loser] and [disliked] by so many people that he is the perfect [candidate] for a retroactive abortion. ❋ Tellitizaman (2010)

Mikey: Man, why don't you just [get over her]. It's been [3 weeks] since you broke up and you barely seemed to like her. [Ezekiel]: Not sure, Mike. It must be retroactive love. ❋ Antonius (2004)

Stupid [religious] fucks [deserve] to be retroactively [aborted]. ❋ Britchick (2004)

Person 1: If you don't work with me and [help me out] right now, I'm not going to ever help you again! Person 2: (sarcastic voice) Woah! Is that a [retroactive threat]?!?! You haven't helped me out the last 6 times I've asked you. You're so [lame]. ❋ Thegranitehills (2010)

Man, I drank like [thirteen] beers last night and had seventeen [bagel bites]. I need to do a major retroactive workout today to [burn off] all those calories. ❋ Proboscidae0hey (2010)

Person A) "It's pure hypocrisy that after being so concerned with Hillary's private emails, Republicans are shrugging after we find out [Ivanka] Trump has been sending official White House business emails from a [private account]." Person B: "Oh, what? So you were perfectly fine with Hillary doing it, but you care all of a sudden when Ivanka does it? It's YOU who's a hypocrite." Person A: "Don't pull that [retroactive hypocrisy] on me. I didn't say anything about my own approval or disapproval of either Hillary or Ivanka." ❋ Bwseventytwo (2018)

Person A: "I only [lied] because I knew you'd [react] like this!" Person B: "That's some [retroactive justification] bullshit! That's not how time works. The cause happens BEFORE the result, dumbass!" ❋ Gaius315 (2022)

[Windows 8] is an example of [retroactive promotion]. It was so bad, it made people go out and buy [Windows 7]. ❋ Fluffypenis (2018)

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