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A man with many tail-feathers from the rhinoceros hornbill (_buceros rhinoceros_) stuck into his rattan cap seated himself on a crude platform which had been built on upright poles over the water.. [Through Central Borneo; an Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of Head-Hunters Between the Years 1913 and 1917]

Jun. 9th, 2010 02: 36 am (UTC) 'The rhinoceros is all that's left of the unicorn.. ["This whole world is wild at heart...and weird on top."]

In Sao Paulo's city council election in 1959, the top vote getter among hundreds of candidates was Cacareco - a rhinoceros from the zoo.. [Brazil in Grip of Historic Vote]

James had visited the San Diego Zoo and thought rhinoceros is the coolest animal on the planet.. [Subhankar Banerjee: Youth Across North America Are Fighting For Their Future Climate]

A new rhinoceros from the lower Miocene of the Bugti Hills, Baluchistan, Pakistkan: the earliest elasmotheriine.. [Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’?]

No doubt the old rhinoceros is making trouble, but it is hard not to sympathise with him when he says of Ming Campbell:. [Kenneth Clarke "We must turn to the Liberals"]

Cocoa-nut trees fringe the river bank for some distance, and there are some large, spreading trees loaded with the largest and showiest crimson blossoms I ever saw, throwing even the gaudy Poinciana regia into the shade; but nothing can look very attractive here, with the swamp in front and the jungle behind, where the rhinoceros is said to roam undisturbed.. [The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither]

The jungle seems to be full of wild beasts, specially tigers, in this neighborhood, and the rhinoceros is not uncommon.. [The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither]

"A quarter of a century ago there was not a huge amount of interest in Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cups, but things have changed rather a lot since then.". [BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition]

In some countries this insect is described as the rhinoceros beetle, and is said to belong to the _Dynastidæ_ species.. [The Philippine Islands]

"In this island, too, is a kind of wild beast, called rhinoceros -- it is a huge beast with a single horn, thick, in the middle of its head, and it lifteth the great elephant upon its horn.". [A Book of Discovery The History of the World's Exploration, From the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole]

Next to the mighty elephant, the rhinoceros is the largest and strongest of animals.. [New National Fourth Reader]

Though clumsy and apparently very stupid, the rhinoceros is a very active animal when attacked or otherwise alarmed, dashing about with wonderful rapidity.. [New National Fourth Reader]

In that island too is a kind of wild beast called the rhinoceros which pastureth there like oxen and buffaloes in our country; but the bulk of that wild beast is greater than the bulk of the camel, and it eateth the tender leaves of trees.. [Nights 537-566. The Second Voyage of Es-Sindibad of the Sea.]

Owing to his size, his powerful armament, and his incredible quickness the rhinoceros is a dangerous animal at all times, to be treated with respect and due caution.. [The Land of Footprints]

Throughout the whole course of our journey the rhinoceros was the most abundant of the larger animals.. [African Camp Fires]

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@RoarWN: Zimbabwe: The seven Chinese nationals charged with illegal possession of more than 20kg of rhinoceros horn pieces worth $1 mill…




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