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Definitions and meanings of "Rhombuses"

What do we mean by rhombuses?

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The word "rhombuses" in example sentences

We had been talking about rhombuses, and suddenly, Yolanda was solemnly pontificating on her grandfather's funeral last year. ❋ Kimberly Ann Southwick (2011)

Biological essentialism treats tapirs and rabbits, pangolins and dromedaries, as though they were triangles, rhombuses, parabolas or dodecahedrons. ❋ RICHARD DAWKINS (2009)

Romanticism is dead; the continents of the future will be outlined with clean straight lines and re-shaped into conic sections and rhombuses; the old geological must be replaced with a world of geometry. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Two white stars on red and black rhombuses are the only emblems on his wide shoulders. ❋ Unknown (1972)

They fabricate a great many white mats, which are strong, with many red stripes, rhombuses, and other figures, interwoven on one side; and often pretty large. ❋ Robert Kerr (1784)

LONDON, April 16, (RTRS): Jockey's cap, clam shells and velvet rhombuses stitch together the tales of 19th century women convicts sent to Australia, modern-day male prisoners, the persecuted and the privileged alongside a couple of Britain's most famous artists in a new show. ❋ Siraj Mohammed (2010)

These insets form rhombuses so that the overall compositions recall constructivism, the modernist style rejected by the Soviet state. ❋ Unknown (2010)

LONDON (Reuters) - Jockey's cap, clam shells and velvet rhombuses stitch together the tales of 19th ❋ Unknown (2010)

A collection as whimsical as it is minimal, featuring suits, shirts, and trousers festooned with fabric rhombuses and trapezoids; models sporting bouffants shellacked with OPEC-grade amounts of grease; and a few inflated puffer jackets here and there for good measure. ❋ Unknown (2010)

All internal intersections of rhombic faces were carefully eliminated by cutting away parts of rhombuses. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Metasquema 354 (Metastructure 354), 1958, vibrating grids and wandering rhombuses in gouache on paper resonate with the artist's belief that "absolute plasticity and Suprematism are drives toward life," always leading back to a rediscovery of the body. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Op ene Complete the chart on your handout for parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, and squares. ❋ Mbetzel (2009)

He should have done rectangles and squares and rhombuses like JP -- body-shaped? ❋ Unknown (2009)

My next post will be about clothes or Velma or chickens or the theory of everything or meerkats or Thumper or triskaidekophobia or Upper Volta or rhombuses or schnitzel or Mark Fidrych or cheese or milk or Milk & Cheese or trombones or german board games or pinball or cigarettes or an uneasy feeling about that lump on the side of my neck or snow peas or gibbons or colorless, odorless, swiftly fatal poisons or cubism or whiskey or anything at all but the election. ❋ Baldanders (2000)

(To make the edges of the rhombuses match, the width of the rhombus should be a multiple of four pixels and the height should be one pixel less than ½ width. ❋ Unknown (2009)

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