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Definitions of "rhythm"

  • Movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions: the rhythm of the tides. noun
  • The patterned, recurring alternations of contrasting elements of sound or speech. noun
  • Music The pattern of musical movement through time. noun
  • Music A specific kind of such a pattern, formed by a series of notes differing in duration and stress: a waltz rhythm. noun
  • Music A group of instruments supplying the rhythm in a band. noun
  • The pattern or flow of sound created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in accentual verse or of long and short syllables in quantitative verse. noun
  • The similar but less formal sequence of sounds in prose. noun
  • A specific kind of metrical pattern or flow: iambic rhythm. noun
  • The sense of temporal development created in a work of literature or a film by the arrangement of formal elements such as the length of scenes, the nature and amount of dialogue, or the repetition of motifs. noun
  • A regular or harmonious pattern created by lines, forms, and colors in painting, sculpture, and other visual arts. noun
  • The pattern of development produced in a literary or dramatic work by repetition of elements such as words, phrases, incidents, themes, images, and symbols. noun
  • Procedure or routine characterized by regularly recurring elements, activities, or factors: the rhythm of civilization; the rhythm of the lengthy negotiations. noun
  • The variation of strong and weak elements (such as duration, accent) of sounds, notably in speech or music, over time; a beat or meter. noun
  • A specifically defined pattern of such variation. noun
  • A flow, repetition or regularity. noun
  • The tempo or speed of a beat, song or repetitive event. noun
  • The musical instruments which provide rhythm (mainly; not or less melody) in a musical ensemble. noun
  • A regular quantitative change in a variable (notably natural) process. noun
  • Controlled repetition of a phrase, incident or other element as a stylistic figure in literature and other narrative arts; the effect it creates. noun

The word "rhythm" in example sentences

Phoenix's offense was in rhythm from the start as the Suns jumped out to a 27-22 lead after the first quarter.. [National Basketball Association - Lakers vs. Suns]

And when its co-founder, Herb Abramson, was called up by the Army in 1953, Erte­gun drafted Jerry Wexler, who'd coined the term "rhythm and blues" in the first place, to replace him as a partner.. [NYT > Home Page]

Clapping to keep the rhythm is also beneficial in this exercise.. [English as a Second Language Teaching Tips « Esl Articles « Articles « Literacy News]

` ` And come playoff time, you're in prime time, so you're going to have a little more focus, a little more energy, and your rhythm is there.. [USATODAY.com - Basketball - Dallas vs. Golden State]

An insult's got a certain rhythm and flow to it that you haven't quite picked up yet.. [Official: Now everybody admits Enterprise finale sucked]

I was feeling fine, didn't have any pain, any stiffness, so when that happens, you've really got to stretch it out as much as you can and try to get in rhythm as much as you can, and that's what I'm trying to do, Bryant said.. [Charlie Crist's first pitch strong on comedy if not accuracy]

Everyone's yelling the words at top volume, jumping and bouncing in rhythm, clapping.. [Kate Quarfordt: When Kids Own Education]

Buck Privates (1941) Abbott and Costello are a lesson in rhythm every time they open their mouths.. [Larry]

You can find out what your natural rhythm is by using timed writings, which are 5-20 minute periods of writing as fast as you can on a given subject.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Listen to YOUR Voice]

I got off to a good rhythm from the start, and just carried it on.. [Nilsson leads Saint-Omer Open by four shots]

His great sarcastic rhythm is always spoiled for me by its total lack of a serious underlying point.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Fortunately, Pregnant Women Can Easily Get A Big Mac]

“With me!” he called to the thalamites and paced and felt the zygites pick up another stroke so he adjusted and they were in rhythm and the thranites matched … and they were flying across the water.. [The One Handed Rower of Myonnesus « A Fly in Amber]

Astrology suggests how to live in rhythm with the seasons and cycles of life, including when to plant specific seeds of inner growth at the right time.. [Why You Need to Know Why You Write « Write Anything]

Next, I climb the stairs in rhythm with the French words of Joyeux Anniversaire!. [se reposer sur ses lauriers - French Word-A-Day]

The title didn't give us any clue ... everything was quite, and then, a date on the calendar precipitated the pace, and the 2 important words came bouncing in rhythm at the end.. [se reposer sur ses lauriers - French Word-A-Day]

The young man said to that: you are just out of tune. your rhythm is off - you may say the word and phrase correctly, but your song is sour.. [Best Tips for Learning French - French Word-A-Day]

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